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Wire-Bond Strength Tester Inspection Station and Accessories

Wire-Bond Strength Tester Inspection Station and Accessories
  • Provides cost-effective, on-line destructive and nondestructive testing
  • Delivers smooth motion throughout pull cycle
  • Stereo microscope increases precision and reliability
  • Variety of pull gauges provide a wide pull range, allow accurate wire-bond strength measurement
  • Optional accessory chuck height adjusts to fit many types of packages
  • Meets MIL-STD 883C

This inspection tester package combines cost-effectiveness and operator convenience in a reliable, precision instrument.

Complete Packages:

Wire-Bond Strength Test Inspection Station with Eyepieces
The complete package consists of one tester with microscope and your choice of eyepieces, base/stand, four pull gauges (35g, 50g, 100g, and 150g) with one hook for each, four calibration weights (15g, 25g, 50g, and 75g), and an accessory chuck.
Cat. # Price
9101-17 $ 6,296
Spare Eyepieces
  Cat. # Price
10X 9101-24 $ 309
20X 9101-25 $ 342

Wire-Bond Strength Tester Inspection Station, with one gauge only
Includes one tester with microscope and eyepieces, base/stand, one gauge of your choice with a pull hook. Note: The accessory chuck and appropriate calibration weight must be ordered separately.

With 10X Eyepieces With 20X Eyepieces
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
With 10-100 gram gauge 9101-43A $ 3,162 9101-47A $ 3,205
With 15-150 gram gauge 9101-44A $ 3,162 9101-48A $ 2,669

Stereo Microscope Enhances Flexibility

It offers all of the advantages of a standard test but also incorporates a lightweight stereo microscope that delivers deep focal fields and high resolution. This feature allows an operator to perform much more delicate wire-pull tests—including microscopic hook positioning—than would otherwise be possible with a less sophisticated wire-bond strength tester. The exceptional light gathering capability of the system allows even high-magnification applications with just normal room light.

Allows Destructive and Nondestructive Testing

This system’s precise adjustments allow both destructive and nondestructive testing. In nondestructive testing, you simply set a predetermined pull strength to be applied to the unit under test. In destructive tests, the system applies pull force until the wire bond breaks, allowing you to measure precisely the strength of the bond.

Calibration weights are available for every pull range so that you can perform checks of the tester’s accuracy. For reliable results, calibration checks should be performed frequently. To ensure that a gauge is in good working order, simply hang the correct weight onto the pull hook, drop the swing bracket until the pull arm is horizontal, and then compare the gauge reading with the weight number. All calibration weights are manufactured and inspected in accordance with MIL-STD 45662.

The unit is available for purchase with a single gauge (with hook) of your choice, listed below. Calibration weights, additional gauges and optional accessory chuck sold separately.

For those requiring ultimate testing versatility, Terra Universal also offers a complete package consisting of all five weights (with hooks), five calibration weights, and an accessory chuck.

All units come standard with your choice of 10X or 20X eyepieces.

Additional hooks and calibration weights are available for any wire or gauge size.


Calibration Weights

Calibration Weights
Inspected and verified by calibrated weights, all in accordance with MIL-STD-45662.
Note: Select a weight that matches the mid-scale of the dynamometer scale in use.

  Cat.# Price
15 grams 9101-07 $ 212
25 grams 9101-08 $ 168
50 grams 9101-15 $ 177
75 grams 9101-53 $ 184

Adjustable Accessory Chuck

Adjustable Accessory Chuck
This magnetic chuck holds the sample in place during testing, 2"H x 1.75"
diameter (51 mm x 44 mm); 6.4 oz.(181 g.). Chuck height adjusts to fit many types of packages.

Cat. # Price
9101-60 $ 409

Tester Gauges with Hooks

Tester Gauges with Hooks
Each comes with one hook; accessory chuck and calibration weights must be ordered separately.

  Cat.# Price
4-35 grams 9101-03A $ 457
5-50 grams 9101-04A $ 457
10-100 grams 9101-34A $ 457
15-150 grams 9101-35A $ 457

Replacement Dash Pot
Delivers smooth motions throughout the entire pull cycle and allows adjustment of the pull rate.

Cat. # Price
9101-14 $ 114

Spare Pull Hooks

  Cat.# Price
4-35 grams 9101-12 $ 25
5-50 grams 9101-13 $ 20
10-100 grams 9101-50 $ 20
15-150 grams 9101-51 $ 20

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Wire Bond Strength Test Inspection Station: Doc. # 1800-61
Manual (PDF) Wire Bond Strength Tester Doc: # 1800-61
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