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Minuteman® Maxi-Guard
Mercury Recovery System Vacuum

Minuteman Maxi-Guard Mercury Recovery System Vacuum
  • Portable and highly maneuverable
  • Excellent for emergency mercury clean-up

The Maxi-Guard is a specially designed critical filter vacuum that provides safe, affordable clean-up of liquid mercury and mercury contaminated soil and air. The compact, easy to handle system features a charcoal filter for eliminating toxic mercury vapors during the clean-up process, effectively cleaning small spills and decontaminating confine areas. Excellent for emergency mercury clean-up in technical laboratories, medical and dental labs, control rooms, research laboratories, and instrument manufacturing facilities. Tool kit included. Not available in 220V.

MRS-6 Minuteman Part # Cat. # Price
115 Volt 01768506 1001-72 $ 2,370

Replacement Accessories Minuteman Part # Cat. # Price
Charcoal Canister Assembly 01723502 1001-73 $ 381
Disposable Bags (10/pkg) 384003PKG 1001-55 $ 31

Dry Capacity: .34 cu. ft.
(0.0096 cu.m.)
Charcoal Filter Area: 552 sq in
(0.4 m2)
Static Lift: 88" (2238 mm)
Air Flow: 95 CFM
(161.5 m³/hr)
Power: 1480 watts
Voltage: 115
Cord: 50’ (15.3 m)
Dimensions: 25"H x 21"W
635 mm x 533 mm
Weight: 24.5 lbs (11.1 kg)
Tank Size: 6 gal (26.4 liters)
Tank Material: Stainless Steel

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video Minuteman- Mercury Recovery System
Brochure (PDF) Mercury Recovery Vacuum Systems, Minuteman
A guide stating all the key features, accessories, and applications for the Mercury Recovery System Vacuums.
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