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120Advanced ProtocolStainless Steel2.3Ambient +5°C to 105°CDual ConvectionHeratherm51028066 1798-37 64606 $2,66110-20 Days2
120Advanced ProtocolStainless Steel3.7Ambient +5°C to 105°CDual ConvectionHeratherm51028067 1798-48 54339 $3,52110-20 Days3
120Advanced ProtocolStainless Steel6.3Ambient +5°C to 105°CDual ConvectionHeratherm51028068 1798-49 54340 $4,08910-20 Days4
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Product Details
  • Heratherm Advanced Protocol Microbiological Incubators feature dual convection technology
  • Gravity and mechanical convection modes with an adjustable fan from 0-100%
  • Wide temperature range maximizes application usability and delivers excellent temperature uniformity
  • Stainless steel interior with rounded corners prevents contaminant accumulation
  • Intuitive digital interface features an adjustable timer
  • Advanced digital timer allows specific time settings: weekly/ real time or hourly cycles
  • Includes: two removable shelves (additional shelves sold separately)

  • Heratherm Advanced Protocol Microbiological Incubator - 6.7 cu. ft. Heratherm Advanced Protocol Microbiological Incubator - 6.7 cu. ft.
  • Heratherm Advanced Protocol Microbiological Incubator - 2.3 cu. ft. Heratherm Advanced Protocol Microbiological Incubator - 2.3 cu. ft.
  • Heratherm Large Capacity General Protocol Microbiological Incubators Heratherm Large Capacity Microbiological Incubators
  • Features demonstrated in short video of the Microbiological Incubator from Thermo Scientific Thermo Scientific Microbiological Incubators
Features demonstrated in short video of the Microbiological Incubator from Thermo Scientific
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

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Dual Convection Technology of Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security Incubators

Heretherm Gravity Convection Diagram
Gravity Convection

Gravity convection introduces heated air into the bottom of the incubator and gravity causes the warmer air to rise and be distributed throughout the incubator. With less air being displaced, there is no need for a fan because gravity provides the force needed to distribute the warm air that gently heats samples. This convection mode prevents samples from drying out during incubations. Gravity convection technology is ideal for incubation of bacterial and eukaryotic cell cultures, but is limited by the degree to which air can be heated and the time it takes for an incubator to recover after the door is opened.

Heretherm Mechanical Convection Diagram
Mechanical Convection

Mechanical convection utilizes a fan that delivers heated air throughout the incubator creating a uniform temperature distribution throughout the unit. This method provides optimal temperature uniformity and stability due to the rapid distribution of air, which is ideal for bacterial cultures. In addition, mechanical convection is capable of quickly warming samples that have been transferred directly from the refrigerator to the incubator. Many laboratories choose mechanical convection incubators during sample drying to prevent the evaporation of growth media.

Applications for Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security Microbiological Incubators
  • Clinical and Medical labs: microbiological diagnostic testing
  • Pharmaceutical: quality control testing, safety and testing efficacy of manufactured products
  • Food: screening for bacterial contamination
  • Research and biotech labs: bacterial growth, gene expression studies, production of recombinant proteins
Part Number510280665102806751028068
Chamber Volume2.3 cu. ft. (66L)3.67 cu. ft. (104L)6.3 cu. ft. (178L)
External Dimensions22.2"W x 20.9"D x 28.3"H 
(565 x 530 x 720 mm)
25.2"W x 32.3"D x 22.2"H 
(640 x 820 x 565 mm)
25.2"W x 36.2"D x 29.1"H 
(640 x 920 x 738 mm)
Internal Dimensions14.5"W x 13.9"D x 20"H 
(368 x 354 x 508 mm)
18.3"W x 23.9"D x 14.5"H 
(464 x 608 x 368 mm)
18.3"W x 27.9"D x 21.4"H 
(464 x 708 x 543 mm)
Footprint3.2 sq. ft. (0.3m2)3.9 sq. ft.(0.9m2)5.1 sq. ft. (0.47m2)
Rated power600 Watts840 Watts1020 Watts
Max Current5 amps7 amps8.5 amps
Energy Consumption 
at 37°C
23 Watts30 Watts36 Watts
Number of Shelves2 included (13 max)2 included (16 max)2 included (19 max)
Max Shelf Load55 lbs. (25kg)55 lbs. (25kg)65lbs. (30kg)
Temperature RangeAmbient 5 °C to 105 °C
Convection TechnologyDual Convection (Gravity and Mechanical)
Spatial Temperature Deviation± 0.6°C at 37°C (uniformity)
Electrical (plug standard)100 - 240 50/60hz (NEMA 5-15)
Temperature Deviation Over Time (Stability)± 0.1°C
MaterialStainless steel interior (AISI 304) for corrosion resistance
Certifications/CompliancecCSAus, CE
WarrantyTwo-Year Manufacturer Warranty
FeaturesDual convection, interior socket, 6-speed fan, rounded corners, microprocessor control, automatic overtemperature alarm, access port, stackable, RS232 interface, internal glass door, easy calibration, timer(weekly/daily/real time), stackable

Large Capacity Heratherm Microbiological Incubator Small, Left Access Port

Small Access Left Port (0.94” diameter) compatible with Heratherm Large Capacity Microbiological Incubators by Thermo Fisher Scientific: 1711-46 Large Access Left port with 2.28” diameter also available.

Heratherm Large Capacity Microbiological Incubator Top Access Port

Top Access Port for Heratherm Large Capacity Microbiological Incubators.

Rounded Inner Chamber Corners

Heratherm Microbiological Incubators by Thermo Fisher Scientific feature a corrosion-resistant stainless steel inner chamber with rounded corners for easy cleaning

Adjustable Shelving System

Thermo Fisher Scientific designed Heratherm Microbiological Incubators with an adjustable shelving system for optimum storage capacity; additional stainless steel perforated shelves are sold separately.

Fluorescent Vacuum Display

Heratherm Series Microbiological Incubators by Thermo Fisher Scientific feature a vacuum fluorescent display that shows temperature setting and timer

Internal Duplex Outlet

Internal socket connects electrical devices such as stirrers and shakers.

Catalog of CE-Marked Products

Terra offers over 1,700 CE-marked products configured for international voltage requirements
Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
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  • SS Perforated Shelves for Heratherm Microbiological Incubators

    2.3 cu. ft. Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security Microbiological Incubators accommodate a maximum of 13 shelves with a 55 lb. shelf load; additional shelf sizes available.
  • Particle filter for External Sample Sensor

    Particle Filter for External Sample Sensor ensures compliance by providing independent verification of sample temperatures; compatible with all Heratherm Advanced Protocol Microbiological Incubators.
  • Fresh Air Particle Filter for Heratherm Microbiological Incubators

    Fresh Air Particle Filter reduces contaminants and maintenance by filtering fresh air into Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security Microbiological Incubator prior to heating.
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