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100-240V HG Pro 120 6920.15.012 ISO 8 12 bar (174 psi) 120 cc/min 7200-50 81749 Request Quote ..... 2
100-240V 180 cc/min HG Pro 180 6920.15.018 ISO 8 12 bar (174 psi) 180 cc/min 7200-51 81766 Request Quote ..... 3
100-240V 260 cc/min HG Pro 260 6920.15.026 ISO 8 12 bar (174 psi) 260 cc/min 7200-52 81767 Request Quote ..... 4
100-240V HG Pro 350 6920.15.035 ISO 8 12 bar (174 psi) 350 cc/min 7200-53 81768 Request Quote ..... 5
100-240V HG Pro 500 6920.15.050 ISO 8 12 bar (174 psi) 500 cc/min 7200-54 81817 Request Quote ..... 6
100-240V HG Pro 700 6920.15.070 ISO 8 12 bar (174 psi) 700 cc/min 7200-55 81819 Request Quote ..... 7
HG Pro 900 6920.15.090 ISO 8 12 bar (174 psi) 900 cc/min 7200-56 81821 Request Quote ..... 8
100-240V HG Pro 1100 6920.15.105 ISO 8 12 bar (174 psi) 1100 cc/min 7200-57 81823 Request Quote ..... 9
100-240V HG Pro 1300 6920.15.130 ISO 8 12 bar (174 psi) 1300 cc/min 7200-58 81831 Request Quote ..... 10
100-240V HG Pro 1500 6920.15.150 ISO 8 12 bar (174 psi) 1500 cc/min 7200-59 81833 Request Quote ..... 11
Flow Rate
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H2 Flowrate
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Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
Product Details
  • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 8
  • HG Pro PEM Hydrogen Gas Generators in 10 flowrate capacities feature a long-life multilayer electrolytic cell with a polymeric membrane
  • High flowrate up to 1500 cc/min
  • High pressure 12 bars (174 psi); optional 16 bars (232 psi)
  • Maintenance-free Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) drying system provides continuous operation 24-hours a day
  • Features a 3-liter internal tank, touchscreen LCD interface, auto refill and a 99.99999% H2 purity
  • Applications: Carrier gas for GC and GS-MS, GC-FID / GC-NPD / GC-FPD / THA, ICP-MS collision gas, refilling metal hydride tanks for use with fuel cells
  • Features:
  • PEM electrolytic cell eliminates the need for acids and alkaline solutions
  • High Purity: 99.99999% (<-75°C (< -103°F), Atmospheric Dew Point (ADP))
  • Gas drying system: two-column PSA with automatic regeneration ensures maximum grade of hydrogen purity
  • On-board CPU: constant control of parameter guarantees full safety and automatically checks for internal leaks
  • Connects up to 20 units in parallel with the use of an external control box (sold separately)
  • Intuitive touchscreen LCD interface manages all unit functions
  • High pressure GLS electronically controlled (patented)
  • Communication: standard RS-232, USB, RS-485 and digital I/O; optional LAN
  • Software: parallel model (ready on board), standard automatic tank refill and Fill Hydride canister function
  • Water:
  • Quality Required:  Deionized, ASTM II, <0.1uS
  • Supply pressure: Min. 0.1 bar (1.45 psi), Max 0.5 bar (7.25 psi)
  • Supply flow rate: Min. 0.2 l/min, Max 1.5 l/min
  • Internal tank capacity 3 L
  • External tank capacity 5 or 10 L (optional)
  • Connection type: IEC 320-C14
  • Hydrogen outlet: 1/8" compression fitting
  • Water: Quick release push-in fitting
  • Operating/Storage Conditions:
  • Working Temperature: 5-40°C (41-104°F) (H2 purity could be less with temperature > 35°C (> 95°F))
  • Storage Temperature: 1-50°C (34-122°F)
  • Humidity (max, non-condensing): 70%
  • Noise: < 35dB(A)
  • IP rating: IP20
  • Pollution degree rating: 2 (with no aromatic compounds)
  • Altitude: < 2000m
  • Options and Consumables for HG Pro PEM models:
  • LAN
  • 16 bars (232 psi)
  • 5L or 10L external tank
  • Deionizer water filter #6930.00.091
  • Speak to a Terra Product Specialist for details

ISO Class: ISO 8

Available ISO Ratings: ISO 8

Unit of Measure: EA of 0

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Features and Benefits

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