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Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers

Roll-up Door Pass-Through
Shown: #6705-31C
Features Key

A Touch panel controls feature an emergency stop and pass-through lock-out functionality
B Side viewing window (static dissipative PVC)
C Safety circuit halts door motion if path is obstructed

Iris reader or security card system available for operational security

ULPA-filtered air shower dislodges particles

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Note: For equipment transfer only (not for personnel entry/exit)
  • Roll-up door design requires no door clearance; optimizes valuable cleanroom floorspace
  • Touch-activated control panel offers a smooth, cleanable surface as well as emergency stop and lock-out capabilities
  • Bi-directional motor and disc brake ensure smooth, accurate door motion and full braking power in the event of a power failure
  • Electronic key-switch door interlock prevents cross contamination
  • Safety circuit stops door motion if path is disturbed
  • Several sizes available, including walk-through models for large carts or other processing equipment
6705-30C Roll-Up Door Pass-Through
Shown: #6705-30C
(with BioSafe Cleanroom Ladder)

6705-13C Roll-Up Door Pass-Through
Shown: #6705-13C

This unique, space-saving pass-through features dual-side segmented access doors that automatically roll up and down at the push of a button. This design eliminates door clearance requirements and makes it easy for gloved personnel to open and close doors while holding parts.

Clean, Safe and Secure
Motorized lifters are sealed inside a noncontaminating housing, and doors slide up and down a track. The segmented access doors are made of powder-coated insulated aluminum. The door rolls into a stainless steel housing located at the top of the unit. Pressure-sensitive safety circuits on each door automatically stop door motion and return door to full open position if an object hits the door bottom.

Optional ULPA-Filtered Air Shower
The optional air shower, available on the smallest chamber, includes a blower isolated inside the control unit above the access doors. When a door is closed, the unit activates the blower, which forces intake air through an ULPA filter into dual vertical stainless steel exhaust manifolds inside the pass-through chamber. Openings in these manifolds provide a cleansing wash of clean air to remove loose particles from items before they enter the cleanroom. Air exits the Pass-Through through exhaust vents on the “dirty” side. A time delay maintains air shower operation for 60 seconds after the door is closed.

Due to the intermittent operation of this unit, the ULPA filter is rated for over five years of operation under normal conditions.

6705-10C Roll-Up Door Pass-Through 6705-12C Roll-Up Door Pass-Through
Shown: #6705-10C Shown: #6705-12C

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Roll-Up Door Pass-Through
Alt Text
Safety Pressure-Sensors
Closing doors will stop and reverse back open when the pressure-sensor detects an object in the way.
Beveled Exit Slots
Automatic Electronic Interlock
Only one door can be opened at a time, protecting the controlled environment from accidental cross-contamination.
New hinge design
PLC Touch Panel
One-touch controls allow personnel to easily operate the pass-through even when carrying parts or equipment.
Alt Text
Door Position Sensors
Lasers mounted on the ceiling of the chamber monitor the position of the doors to ensure proper interlock operation.
Beveled Exit Slots
Interlock Override Switch
The interlock can be disabled for cleaning and maintenance using the key-switches located inside the pass-through.

Extra Door Clearance
Standard and custom sizes are available to accommodate all types of equipment and speed up your workflow!

Ordering Information

Please note the following:
  • Add -220 to the Catalog # for the 220V version
  • All models are constructed of 304 stainless steel
  • Includes floor ramps
  • Includes mounting brackets (Requires 1/4" clearance between wall cutout and pass-through)
  • For custom orders, please contact a Terra representative.
High-speed roll-up or bi-parting cleanroom doors are also available.
Roll-Up Door Pass-Through With Air Shower
Outside Dimensions
W x D x H
Door Clearance
W x D x H
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
44" x 30" x 62.5"
(1118 x 762 x 1588 mm)
29" x 28" x 44"
(737 x 711 x 1118 mm)
6705-12C $ 14,734 6705-12C-AS $ 17,205
63.5" x 50" x 87"
(1613 x 1270 x 2210 mm)
52.75" x 48" x 69"
(1340 x 1219 x 1753 mm)
6705-10C $ 22,235 --- ---
82.5" x 50" x 78.75"
(2096 x 1270 x 2000 mm)
68" x 48" x 61.25"
(1727 x 1219 x 1556 mm)
6705-13C $ 25,196 --- ---
63.75" x 50.125" x 104.875"
(1620 x 1275 x 2665 mm)
52.75" x 48" x 84"
(1340 x 1220 x 2135 mm)
6705-30C $ 29,202 --- ---
82.75" x 50.125" x 104.875"
(2105 x 1275 x 2665 mm)
72" x 48" x 84"
(1830 x 1220 x 2135 mm)
6705-31C $ 33,054 --- ---
Air Shower Accessories
  Cat. # Price
Replacement ULPA Filter
3333-35 $ 235
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Learn about the twelve ways Terra cleanroom pass-through chambers can help overcome your operational challenges such as maintaining cleanliness, reducing cost, and transferring over-sized items into the controlled environment.
Video Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chamber
Watch the operation, and learn about features of roll-up door pass-through chambers, which are ideal for moving carts and other large equipment into the cleanroom without contaminating the controlled space. These transfer chambers allow convenient movement of large objects between rooms.
Tech Resource (DOC) Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers: Specifications
Features, designs and performance specifications useful for architects and general contractors.
Manual (PDF) Roll-Up Door Pass-Through: Doc. # 1800-53
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