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Smart™ Desiccator Plastic
Benchtop Storage Desiccators

Also Available in Stainless Steel
Features Key

A Select acrylic or dissipative PVC
B RH Control/Display Module
  Automatic RB Valve
  Humidity set point controls
  Stainless steel shelves
  Nitrogen Generator (not shown)
CE Mark All plastic and stainless steel Smart™ Desiccator cabinets
CE Declaration
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Program desired set point in a matter of seconds!  
humidity level critical
  • First-of-its-kind Smart™ Desiccator cuts nitrogen expenses by up to 78%
  • Automates clean, dry benchtop storage to eliminate moisture-related degradation and optimize yields
  • Ideal for semiconductor components, biological and pharmaceutical samples, and other sensitive materials
  • Fully integrated turnkey system takes 30 seconds to install!

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Smart Plastic Desiccators
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Smart Module with LED Display
Automatically monitors and maintains low-RH set point to protect delicate samples while conserving N2 gas.
Beveled Exit Slots
Stainless Steel Door Frame
Ensures tight seal between door and frame, minimizing contamination influx and gas leakage.
New hinge design
Eliminates hinge and door damage caused by the twisting and turning and applies uniform pressure to the entire door gasket.

Refer to charts below for nominal dimensions. Note: All dimensions are nominal. See "Clearance Dimensions" illustration at right.

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Plastic Desiccators Hardware Clearances

Hardware Clearances (add to nominal dimensions)

*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.
Smart™ Desiccator: Select Acrylic or Dissipative PVC* (select options below)
Chambers Dimensions
W" x D" x H"
Acrylic*** Dissipative PVC
Cat # Price Cat # Price
1 17.125 x 18 x 13.25
(435 x 457 x 337)
15.875 x 10.75
(403 x 273)
15.375 x 17.5 x 12
(391 x 445 x 305)
1911-45A $ 1,281 1911-46A $ 1,641
1 22.625 x 18 x 13.25
(575 x 457 x 337)
21.375 x 10.75
(543 x 273)
20.875 x 17.5 x 12
(530 x 445 x 305)
1911-43A $ 1,392 1911-44A $ 2,109
1 23.5 x 24 x 13.25
(597 x 610 x 337)
21.375 x 10.75
(543 x 273)
20.875 x 23.5 x 12
(530 x 597 x 305)
1911-41A $ 1,483 1911-42A $ 1,994
2 17.125 x 18 x 25.25
(435 x 457 x 641)
15.875 x 10.75
(403 x 273)
15.375 x 17.5 x 12
(391 x 445 x 305)
1911-16D $ 1,576 1911-22D $ 2,139
2 22.625 x 18 x 25.25
(575 x 457 x 641)
21.375 x 10.75
(543 x 273)
20.875 x 17.5 x 12
(530 x 445 x 305)
1911-17D $ 1,702 1911-23D $ 2,366
2 23.5 x 24 x 25.25
(597 x 610 x 641)
21.375 x 10.75
(543 x 273)
20.875 x 23.5 x 12
(530 x 597 x 305)
1911-18D $ 1,905 1911-24D $ 2,585
*Add “-220” to the part number for 220VAC
**Width is less than lip clearance because shelf racks protrude slightly beyond the edge of the door lip.
*** Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents

Nitrogen generator Nitrogen Generators give you a reliable point-of-use supply of up to 99%-pure nitrogen. Eliminate the drawbacks of canisters and 3rd-party suppliers! You control volume, purity and rate; all you need is a clean compressed-air feed. Terra's three sizes of maintenance-free membrane generators meet several capacity requirements are ideal for back-filling or continuous flow into desiccators, glove boxes, vacuum chambers and incubators. 

Terra Universal's Smart™ Desiccator maximizes yields of sensitive materials by automatically maintaining a user-determined humidity set point.

Its quick-response feedback system continuously monitors the cabinet's relative humidity level and activates a purge of dry nitrogen only when it is needed. The system thus economizes on gas consumption and minimizes overpressures that can stress cabinet seals. Comparison testing reveals that the Smart™ Desiccator maintains a low relative humidity level using only 22% of the nitrogen required by a flowmeter-based system of the identical size (see comparison chart below).
Miniaturized LED monitors humidity and displays set point
Miniaturized LED monitors humidity and displays set point

The miniaturized LED display and sensor module eliminate the need for external control boxes. This design also simplifies installation—operation requires only one gas and one low voltage power connection.

304 stainless steel door frame restricts the door from flexing or bending, thereby preventing the cracks and fatigue that occur in all-plastic cabinets. The rigidity of the door also ensures a tight seal between door and frame, minimizing contamination influx and gas leakage. A specially designed lift latch eliminates hinge and door damage caused by the strain of twisting and turning conventional latch systems. The SmartDesiccator also incorporates a one-piece, nonadhesive, nonoutgassing gasket specially formulated to retain sealing integrity in extreme low humidity. Because it won't sag or migrate, it extends the service life of the cabinet.

Prices include the humidity control module, sensor, and Automatic RB® Valve, which ensures safe pressure release. Nitrogen inlet fitting for .25" (6mm) OD plastic tubing, regulated at 100 psi. All models also include stainless steel-plated wire racks that accommodate adjustable shelving (one shelf included). Systems are available in acrylic or transparent static-dissipative PVC, which helps control static charges and the particles they attract.

Ambient Humidity: 60% RH
Temperature: 70°F (21° C)
RH Setpoint: 10% RH
Test Period: Achieve setpoint and then maintain it for 24 hours
Chamber Access: Door opened once every 30 minutes; remains open for one minute
SmartDesiccator Nitrogen Consumption
Smart™ Desiccator (blue line on chart)
To achieve setpoint: 85 cubic feet (2.4 cubic meters). Required 30 minutes @ 170 CFH (4.81 m³/hr) on high flow.
Maintain for 24 hrs: 40 cubic feet (1.1 cubic meters)
Total N2 Consumed: 125 cubic feet (3.5 cubic meters)
Desiccator with 0 - 20 SCFH flowmeter (red line on chart)
To achieve setpoint: 85 cubic feet (2.4 cubic meters). Required over 4 hours @ 20 CFH (0.57 m³/hr). Note: setpoint measured with a hygrometer, since this set up does not monitor humidity level.
Maintain for 24 hrs: 480 cubic feet (13.6 cubic meters)
Total N2 Consumed: 565 cubic feet (16 cubic meters)
Smart Performance—and Big Savings!
Testing demonstrates the cost benefit of the SmartDesiccator's automated nitrogen control system.

The test at right was conducted on a desiccator equipped with a flowmeter and then with a Smart™ Desiccator control system, under the condition specified in the chart.

Smart™ Desiccator uses 22% of nitrogen consumed by standard cabinet—a 78% saving!

Why is Electropolishing Critical?
Removes iron and other surface impurities that cause corrosion
Draws chromium and nickel to form a hard, protective finish
Removes irregularities (pits and burs) for an ultra-smooth surface that's easy to clean
More on Terra's electropolishing procedures...
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents.
Smart™ Desiccator: Corresponding Options (for plastic chambers)
Corresponding Desiccator Dimensions
W" x D" (mm)
Perforated Stainless Steel Shelf (one included)
Cat # Price
17.125 x 18 (435 x 457) 1976-02 $ 161
22.625 x 18 (575 x 457) 1977-02 $ 179
23.5 x 24 (597 x 610) 1978-02 $ 191
RH/Temperature Data Logger
RH/Temperature Data Logger
Provides a convenient record of storage conditions! Placed in a desiccator or glovebox, this compact device accumulates humidity and temperature data at specified intervals for hours, days, weeks, even months. USB connection lets you import and display data in several formats.
Cat. # Price
9500-10 $ 240
Looking for Stainless Steel SmartDesiccators? See product choices here.

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video Smart Desiccator Set-Up
Complete installation and programming in under a minute!
White Paper (PDF) On-Site Nitrogen Generation: Cheaper, Easier, More Reliable
Learn how on-site nitrogen generation saves money by not having to order canisters of inert gas for desiccators, glove boxes and analytical instruments. You can make your own purified nitrogen from compressed air using a sophisticated membrane module (find out how it works!).
Tech Resource (PDF) Why Desiccator Storage?
A technical overview to how desiccators extend shelf lives and increase product yields.
Tech Resource (PDF) Why Terra Desiccators?
Compare the many design and fabrication features that make Terra desiccators the most efficient and durable cabinets available.
Tech Resource (PDF) Why Use Nitrogen?
A guide to how nitrogen purging protects moisture-sensitive materials.
Tech Resource (PDF) Desiccator Installation and Cleaning
Recommended cleaning techniques and agents for various desiccator materials.
Tech Resource (PDF) Which Nitrogen Control System?
A comparative guide to Terra’s control system features and benefits.
Manual (PDF) SmartDesiccator: Doc. # 1800-16
This manual contains installation and operating instructions for plastic and stainless steel SmartDesiccators.
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