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Aluminum Vacuum Chambers

Aluminum Vacuum Chambers Aluminum Vacuum Chambers Aluminum Vacuum Chambers
No. 1590-70
shown with optional stand
includes 1" (25 mm)-thick acrylic
viewing window
No. 1590-60
shown with optional stand
No. 1590-68
includes 1" (25 mm)-thick acrylic viewing window
  • Small sizes (0.5" wall thickness) ideal for degassing samples and materials, and transporting items sensitive to moisture or particles
  • Larger chambers (1" wall thickness) vacuum-process large components and assemblies
  • Durable powder-coated aluminum construction ensures a long service life under heavy service
  • One-inch wall thickness sustains vacuum levels to 29.9"Hg
  • Optional castered powder-coated steel stand supports chamber and pump
  • Call to discuss custom sizes and applications, including installation of cable feed-throughs
No. 5235-34 shown with 6" x 6" acrylic viewing window.

Terra's Aluminum Vacuum Chambers provide an optimal environment for vacuum testing and processing to one atmosphere (29.9" Hg), in a range of convenient chamber sizes.

The aluminum walls provide the strength necessary for sustained vacuum service without warping, which can lead to vacuum leaks. Benchtop models below (5235 series) feature 0.5" (13 mm)-thick walls; larger models (1590 series) feature 1" (25 mm)-thick walls. Optional castered powder-coated steel stands allow convenient transport of the larger chambers and vacuum pump. Chamber includes pre-installed dual metering valves and a 0 – 30" Hg vacuum gauge.

Aluminum vs. Plastic
Terra offers chambers in both materials. Which is right for your application?

Acrylic Chambers
Economy: Lower material cost translates into a less expensive chamber.
Full visibility: You can add windows to an aluminum chamber, but nothing beats the 360-degree visibility offered by acrylic.

Aluminum Chambers
Chemical resistance: Aluminum stands up to Spor-Klenz®, alcohol and other sterilants, making it preferable in many bio/pharmaceutical applications. In addition, because many joining and sealing compounds are designed for use with metals, they may degrade acrylic and result in leaks or chamber failure.

Greater machining versatility: Aluminum allows easier addition of feed-throughs to accommodate power and data cords, electrodes and other accessories. These add-ons are more feasible on aluminum than acrylic chambers, which are more prone to cracks that develop into leaks over time. For such applications, an aluminum chamber is a wiser long-term processing solution.

More effective moisture barrier: Acrylic, because it is hygroscopic, allows moisture penetration on a molecular level. Under vacuum, these water molecules are released from the surface and may require several vacuum cycles to remove. These issues don’t occur with aluminum and other metallic moisture barriers.

Greater dimensional versatility: Due to greater strength, aluminum is more appropriate than acrylic for larger chamber sizes.

Aluminum Vacuum Chambers with Acrylic viewing window
Outside Dimensions
W" x D" x H" *
Inside Dimensions
W" x D" x H"
Vacuum Chamber Corresponding Stand
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
9 x 9 x 9.5**
(229 x 229 x 241)
8 x 8 x 8.5
(203 x 203 x 216)
29.9" Hg 5235-32 Price
12 x 12 x 10.5**
(305 x 305 x 267)
11 x 11 x 9.5
(279 x 279 x 241)
29.9" Hg 5235-30 Price
13 x 13 x 7.5**
(330 x 330 x 191)
12 x 12 x 6.5
(305 x 305 x 165)
29.9" Hg 5235-31 Price
16 x 10 x 11.5**
(406 x 254 x 292)
15 x 9 x 10.5
(381 x 229 x 267)
29.9" Hg 5235-33 Price
17 x 17 x 13.5**
(432 x 432 x 343)
16 x 16 x 12.5
(406 x 406 x 318)
29.9" Hg 5235-34 Price
26.5 x 11 x 12.5**
(673 x 279 x 318)
12 x 10 x 11.5**
(305 x 254 x 292)
29.9" Hg 5235-35 Price
31.4 x 25.4 x 18.8
(798 x 645 x 478)
29 x 23 x 16.25
(737 x 584 x 413)
29.9" Hg 1590-60 Price 1590-61 Price
32.1 x 33 x 42.4**
(815 x 838 x 1077)
30 x 30 x 40
(762 x 762 x 1016)
29.9" Hg 1590-70 Price 1590-71 Price
37 x 37 x 37.5**
(940 x 940 x 953)
35 x 35 x 35.5
(889 x 889 x 902)
29.9" Hg 1590-68 Price 1590-69 Price

* Excluding stand.
** Includes 1" (25 mm)-thick acrylic viewing window. No. 5235-35 includes two chambers, each one 12" x 10" x 11.5".

Nitrogen generator Nitrogen Generators give you a reliable point-of-use supply of up to 99%-pure nitrogen. Eliminate the drawbacks of canisters and 3rd-party suppliers! You control volume, purity and rate; all you need is a clean compressed-air feed. Terra's three sizes of maintenance-free membrane generators meet several capacity requirements are are ideal for back-filling or continuous flow into desiccators, glove boxes, vacuum chambers and incubators. 

Recommended Pump and Accessories — See Sample Pump Configuration
Chamber Model Pump Type Ilmvac # Cat. # Price
1590-70 DuoSeal
full specifications
1374B-01 7906-21 Price
1590-68 DuoSeal
full specifications
1374B-01 7906-21 Price
1590-60 High-Flow Diaphragm Pumps
full specifications
MP1801Z 7906-26 Price


cord pull through
Cord or Cable Feed-Through
  • Power cords
  • Sensor cables
  • Data lines
  • Thermocouple connectors

Terra installs feed-throughs for a wide range of applications. Just provide us your choice of feed-through fitting and a sample of the cord or cable, and specify the desired location(s). All chambers equipped with cord/cable feed-throughs are leak tested to ensure that performance remains within your specified vacuum range.

Call Terra for a quote on a
feed-through for your application!
Cat. # Price
5235-15 call TUI
Vacuum Control Module
Allows automatic vacuum control. Includes a vacuum gauge with set point controller and on/off switches for built-in vacuum solenoid and pump (order pump separately).
  Cat. # Price
110VAC, 50/60Hz 1681-75 Price
220VAC, 50Hz 1681-75-220 Price
Vacuum Pump Connection Kits
For Pump Type Tubing in. (mm) Cat. # Price
High-Flow Diaphragm Pumps 1/4 (6) 5400-24 Price
DuoSeal 1-5/8 (41) 5400-25 Price
Click here for full specifications.
Exhaust Filter
For Pump Ilmvac # Cat. # Price
DuoSeal 1374B-01 1417P-20 7906-35 Price

Other configurations available;
call with your requirements
  Air-cooled Vacuum Pump   Chamber modified for  nitrogen backfill  and thermocouple output.   Chamber modified for
nitrogen backfill
and thermocouple output.
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