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Ionizer; Static-Sensing, 43", Keyence
  • Operating distance: 1.97” to 78.74” (50 to 2000mm)
  • Configuration: 16 Tungsten electrode probes
  • 5 times faster than conventional ionizing bars
  • Dual I.C.C.  (Ion Current Control) system adapts to temperature and humidity
  • Power voltage: 24 to 36 VDC ±10%
  • Current consumption: 500 mA (at 24 VDC)/350 mA (at 36 VDC)
  • I.R.G.  (Insert Ring Ground) structure doubles the coverage area compared to conventional ionizing bars
  • Reduces static charge to ±30V; no calibration required
  • Low maintenance costs and energy-efficient
  • Sensors are built-in for easy setup and installation
  • Applications: ESD-Sensitive Areas, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Cleanrooms, Film Manufacturing, Coating Processes
  • Required Parts: 10-pin Power Cable

Type: Ionizer

Length: 43"

Number of Emitters: 16

Unit of Measure: EA

Electrical Specifications: PWR SUPLY

Weight, Product: 4 lb

Dimensions, Product: 42.5" W x 1.5" D x 2.66" H

Weight, Shipping: 6 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 49" W x 8" D x 9" H

Package Type: Box

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Features and Benefits

Static-Sensing Ionizer by Keyence

Static-Sensing Ionizer

Static-Sensing Ionizer
  • Fastest static elimination bar in the world
  • I.R.G. structure doubles the coverage area compared to conventional ionizing bars
  • Fully automatic ionizer reduces static charge to ±30V; no calibration required
  • Minimal required air flow cuts maintenance costs and saves energy by preventing particle buildup on electrode probes
  • Sensors are built-in for easy setup and installation
  • Dual I.C.C. adapts to environmental changes, such as temperature and humidity
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Applications: ESD-sensitive areas, semiconductor manufacturing, cleanrooms, film manufacturing, coating processes
  • 1-year manufacturer limited warranty

The Static-Sensing Ionizer discharges ions across a wide area and eliminates static charges from all types of surfaces. The new I.R.G. (Insert Ring Ground) design dissipates static five times faster than conventional models, while the Dual I.C.C. (Ion Current Control) system senses static conditions in the environment and automatically adjusts the ion output.

Static-Sensing Ionizer
World’s Fastest Static Elimination Bar

The SJ-H Series speeds up static elimination by integrating a ring-shaped GND plate into the body of the Ionizer. Conventional ionizing bars use external GND plates that divert ions away from their target, resulting in slower static dispersion rates.

Covers Wide ESD-Sensitive Areas

The built-in GND plate produces a ring-shaped electric field that provides double the static elimination area of conventional models, making the SJ-H series optimal for wide target areas.

Automatically Adapts Ion Flow to Regulate ESD Conditions

The SJ-H series adopts the dual I.C.C. system that automatically adjusts both the applied voltage and the pulse width. When a statically charged surface is detected, the Ionizer instantaneously increases the production of either the positive or negative ions to eliminate the static charge.

Static Elimination Test Results
  • +1000v to +50v: 0.5 seconds
  • -1000v to -50v: 0.3 seconds
  • Description of Test Set-Up
    • Each ion emitter was tested independently
    • Emitter positioned 6” above test plate; aimed at center
    • 80 fpm (0.41MPa) downward air flow
    • Power Supply connected to 120V AC grounded outlet
    • Module not connected to ground (grounding may enhance decay performance)
  • Description of Test
    • Timer set to stop when static charge of test plate decays from +1000v to +50v
    • Repeated test for -1000v to -50v
1HZ Setting
±1000 V to ±100 V
Downward air flow: 59 fpm (0.3 m/sec)
Max Air Purge
±1000 V to ±100 V
No downward air flow

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