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Acid Fume Scrubber

acid fume scrubber
Wafer etching and cleaning processes result in the production of hazardous fumes. Acidic chemicals used in wet processing benches, fume hoods, plating stations and cleaning stations need safe removal to protect personnel and equipment. Exhaust and ventilation systems remove dangerous gasses, but equipment called "scrubbers" takes it one step further to neutralize corrosive fumes.

Scrubbers use packing media to mix contaminated air with a reagent that dissolves fumes on contact and creates water-soluble mist and droplets, thus rendering the acid harmless and removing it from the exhaust system. Terra's Acid Fume Scrubber uses media made of plastic or ceramic, designed with a large surface area to give the fumes maximum opportunity to dissolve in solution. This process is 99% effective at removing harmful emissions.

The wet-packed media is uniquely designed with flow-through channels that prevent breakdown of the media in case of large particle clogs. Pressure remains uniform, and both packing change-out and cleaning need to occur less often. Acid Fume Scrubber water consumption is reduced by recirculation and pH control. These features result in lower maintenance costs.

Fume scrubbers double-containment chambers as an additional safety feature, and are made of UV-protected, black polypropylene with a NEMA (National Electric Manufacturers Association) 4 electrical control cabinet. Included are a convenient bottom drain and demister.

Air handling capacity ranges from 500 to 25,000 CFM. Operators control the fume scrubber with flow and pressure gauges, water level control, and metered water discharge. Ask for available structural and seismic certifications, and speak with a Terra Product Specialist to find out how we can customize the Acid Fume Scrubber to meet your specific needs.
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