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Sub-Ambient Filtered Etch Bath
for Buffered-Oxide Etch (BOE) Applications

F Series Subambient Filtered Etch Bath
Ensures purity of NH4, HF, BOE, CH3, COOH, and HNO3 positive-resist developer

F Series Subambient Filtered Etch Bath
  • Continuously filters process chemistry to increase purity and maximize product yield
  • Reduced acid consumption generally pays for bath in three months
  • Select semiconductor-grade natural polypropylene or PVDF seamless process tank
  • 360° serrated overflow weir enhances particulate removal
  • Pump/filter assembly is easily removed for quick filter change
  • Uniform flow return system ensures a consistent laminar flow across every wafer at every location—no turbulent eddies or dead spots
This F Series filtered bath is ideal for buffered oxide etching (positive resist develop) and other processes using HF (Hydrofluoric) acid. Its recirculating system continuously filters the process chemistry to ensure purity and reduce consumption. Chemical flow is uniformly diffused across wafer surface, preventing defects. Depending on 10" (254 mm) cartridge filter selected, these systems provide 10 µ to 0.2 µ particle filtration.

The process bath is made of virgin, natural polypropylene or PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride). The bath includes a nitrogen-purged process pump, and the 360° weir minimizes particle entrapment; easily remove for cleaning. By usign the RCe Temperature Control Recirculating Module, there is excellent temperature control between 15°C and 40°C.

Temperature-control coils and a thermocouple maintain programmed conditions; monitor and control temperature using the digital display. The thermocouple is isolated within Teflon® to ensure longevity. Operate the Filtered Etch Bath within 10°C -40°C using "L" models, and 10°C -80°C using H models.

Options for the Filtered Etch bath include high- and low-temperature flow sensors, alternative micron filters, pneumatic pump (remote pump available), timer and stainless steel construction. Baths for various capacity and wafer wises are available; talk to a Terra Product Specialist for details.

Terra offers a comprehensive range of constant temperature baths, etching baths, and dump rinsers to meet other size and temperature requirements. Call a Product Specialist to discuss your application.

Recirculating Heater/Chiller

RCe Recirculating Heater/Chiller The RCe Series controls circulating chilling and heating in the F Series Filtered Etch baths. Applications include etching, plating and developing. Sensors continuously monitor the system for maximum efficiency. It includes a low-watt density heater for a long, reliable life and improved efficiency.

The unit operates on CFC-free 134A Freon and coolant running through corrosion-resistant, all-stainless steel tubing and fittings (polypropylene available); use of deionized water is acceptable. A low-volume de-aerating reservoir, made of stainless steel or plastic, lowers the cost of ownership through shorter fill-up and air-purge times.

RCe Series features a convenient display monitor and is available in several heating and cooling capacities, for either 120-2208VAC or 230VAC operation. Use with remote controller C21b or equivalent. Temperature range: 18°C - 40°C. Call a Terra Product Specialist for complete ordering information.

Filtered Etch Bath installed in:
Manual Wafer Processing Bench
Semi-Automated Wafer Processing Bench
Fully Automated Wafer Processing Bench

Processing Module
Model below accommodates single wafer cassettes. Other sizes and configurations are available; talk to a Terra Product Specialist.
Installation charged separately; will vary based on the complexity of the processing station.

Cat. # Price
F Series Filtered Etch Bath, 4" to 6" single cassette* 7018-31 $ 7,480
Corresponding Control
Heat Cool Liquid
Timer Over/
Cat. # Price
C21b x x x x x x x

7018-37 $ 2,452
*Selection of RCe module provides optional heating/cooling capabilities to the A or F Series modules. Model listed is polypropylene; PVDF also available.
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