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Fully Automated Wafer Processing Benches

Wet Benches fully automated station 7 Silicon wafer processing involves multiple steps, performed repeatedly and in a specific sequence. Manufacturers needing the highest, most consistent yield should consider fully-automated chemical processing stations. They offer greater control and efficiency than manual or semi-automated benches, with walk-away operation. Automation means fewer mistakes, fewer safety incidents, and greater control over chemical formulations. Greater up-front cost is offset by a reduction in man-hours and scrap.

Terra will work with you to determine the best turnkey solution for your manufacturing facility. Processing modules, controlled by proprietary software, are assembled into a work station designed to your specifications. Drawings and design input are delivered to your team for inspection and approval before work begins. Performance testing is completed prior to bench shipment.

wafer fabrication equipment fully automated station 2
Stainless steel wafer bench, for working with solvents, includes standard CO2 cylinder for fire suppression.
These stations also help manage chemical waste to comply with environmental regulatory demands. Wafer fabrication employs some caustic chemicals, so neutralization and disposal necessitate careful handling. Terra's fully-automated wafer processing benches are designed for potassium hydroxide (KOH) etching, buffer-oxide etching (BOE), nitride etching, ozone etching and cleaning, organic and particle/residue cleaning (SC1, SC2, RCA), ultrasonic cleaning, developing, plating and more.

Work stations comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) directives. Personnel are protected from accidents resulting from strong chemicals, fumes, high temperatures and electrical hazards.

Wet Benches fully automated station 6
Graphical-interface software, accessed by a touchscreen monitor, control robotic modules featuring three degrees of freedom. Integrated servomotors communicate with encoders to provide feedback to the system. The optional SolidWorks® Simulation lets you model your workflow to correct mistakes and ensure repeatability before full production with expensive supplies and materials.

Standard safety features include a mushroom-button emergency power switch (EPO) connected to a Photohelic® differential pressure gauge, wiring to meet NEC requirements for electrical installation and industrial machinery, PVC safety shields and rear exhaust baffles.

Wet processing work stations are made from application-appropriate materials: white polypropylene for work with acids and bases, and stainless steel for processes involving solvents. Upgrade or retrofit the station’s modular components as your throughput demands. Deck modules include baths, sinks, tanks, faucets and Teflon® spray guns.

Other Standard Components:
  • Convenient overhead control panels
  • Continuous-flow deionized (DI) water manifold
  • Process, etching and cleaning modules are designed with a one-inch lip exhaust
  • Nitrogen head-case purge
  • Casters and leg levelers
  • One-year warranty
System Options Include:
  • Data logging
  • Remote access maintenance
  • Chemical management interface
  • On-line support
  • Pneumatic servo motor
  • In-house SolidWorks® simulators with reports, drawings, 3D models
  • Factory Mutual 4910-rated PVC-C (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) fabrication material
  • Third-party certification: NFPA 70 and 79, CE, Seismic Zone 4 structural
  • Counter-balanced safety shields
  • Drains to carboy meeting DOT containment for hazardous spills
  • Overhead lighting
  • 3-color light tower
  • Fire-suppression system (applies to solvent benches)
  • Lift station
  • Counter-balance safety shields
  • Rear access

Work with your Terra Product Specialist to configure an Automated Wafer Processing Bench that's perfect for your lab and workflow. See our selection of processing baths, tanks, sink components, controllers and other station accessories. Open our Quick Quote to start listing some of your specific requirements. We'll design a bench that's just right for you.
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