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Semi-Automated Wafer Processing Benches

IPA dryer in clean room
Semi-automated wet processing bench components increase wafer fabrication efficiency. Robotics offer consistent results with precise control over critical applications including etching, developing, cleaning and plating. Get the time-saving and uniformity benefits not available with manual stations. Mechanical modules have three degrees of freedom and are controlled by graphical-interface software using a touchscreen monitor.

Based on the needs of your business, Terra Universal will assemble a turnkey station with processing modules and software tailored to your specifications and manufacturing needs. Drawings and design input are submitted for review and approval before work begins.

wafer fabrication equipment fully automated station 2
Robotic arm moves wafers and lifts them in/out of baths.
Our semi-automated wet stations comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements. Technicians are protected from strong chemicals, fumes, high temperatures and electrical hazards.

wafer fabrication equipment fully automated station 2
Stainless steel wafer bench, for working with solvents, includes standard CO2 cylinder for fire suppression.
Standard safety features include a mushroom-button emergency power switch (EPO) connected to a Photohelic® differential pressure gauge, wiring to meet NEC requirements for electrical installation and industrial machinery, PVC safety shields and rear exhaust baffles.

Wet processing work stations are made from application-appropriate materials: white polypropylene for work with acids and bases, and stainless steel for processes involving solvents. Replace or upgrade the modular station components with ease. Modules include baths, sinks, tanks, faucets and Teflon spray guns.

Other Standard Components:
  • Convenient overhead control panels
  • Continuous-flow deionized (DI) water manifold
  • Process, etching and cleaning modules are designed with a one-inch lip exhaust
  • Nitrogen head-case purge
  • Casters and leg levelers
  • One-year warranty
System Options Include:
  • Data logging
  • Remote access maintenance
  • Pneumatic servo motor
  • In-house SolidWorks® simulators with reports, drawings, 3D models
  • Factory Mutual 4910-rated PVC-C (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) fabrication material
  • Third-party certification: NFPA 70 and 79, CE, Seismic Zone 4 structural
  • Counter-balanced safety shields
  • Drains to carboy meeting DOT containment for hazardous spills
  • Fire-suppression system (applies to solvent benches)
  • Overhead lighting
  • 3-color light tower
  • Lift station
  • Counter-balance safety shields
  • Rear access

Work with your Terra Product Specialist to configure an Automated Wafer Processing Bench that's perfect for your lab and workflow. See our selection of processing baths, tanks, sink components, controllers and other station accessories. Open our Quick Quote to start listing some of your specific requirements. We'll design a bench that's just right for you.
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