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Containment Glove Boxes:
Sample Applications

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Carbon Monoxide Sensor Calibration Chamber   Pharmaceutical Powder Packaging Chamber
Toxic Chemical Repackaging Chamber   Anaerobic Test Chamber
Chemical Mixing Ventilation Chamber   Stable Temperature/Humidity Containment Glovebox
Radioactive Material Handling Chamber    
Carbon Monoxide Sensor Calibration Glove Box
Carbon Monoxide Sensor Calibration Chamber

In this application, potentially lethal CO gas is fed into a large chamber at precise concentrations to allow accurate sensor calibration.

A gas mixing system maintains a ratio of 2% CO/98% air during calibration. To meet requirements for high-humidity sensor performance, a Humex™ humidifier raises the moisture level inside the chamber to 95% RH. A process gas heater and cooler provide two precise calibration temperatures: 68°F and 120°F. Circulation fans ensure uniform temperature and humidity throughout the main chamber.

Upon completion of calibration, an emergency ventilation system evacuates the CO/air mixtures from the main chamber and air locks through an exhaust line plumbed vertically to the facility ceiling. The 740 CFM (1257 m³/hr) fan requires less than 20 seconds to reduce the CO concentration to safe levels.

Because the large chamber size precludes easy access to the air lock, sensors are loaded and unloaded on a trolley conveyor. The air lock pneumatic doors are opened and closed by means of an easy-access control mounted outside the chamber.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor Calibration Chamber   Carbon Monoxide Sensor Calibration Chamber

Application Requirements

  • Temperature: Stable, ± 1°F (±18°C) for 30 min. HOLD temperatures at 68°F and 120°F (20°C and 49°C)
  • Humidity: Ambient to 95% RH
  • Process Gas: 2% CO/95% air mixture
  • Pressure: On-demand emergency ventilation (chamber environment purged in less than 20 seconds)
  • Access: Pneumatic access door (externally activated) with trolley conveyor Neoprene gloves

Full-View Toxic Chemical Repackaging Glove Box
Full-View Toxic Chemical Repackaging Chamber

Model shown: Series 500 Full-View Glove Box
This 304 stainless steel containment chamber features dual-side static-dissipative PVC viewing windows. It is used for repackaging toxic chemical solids, mounted on a 3" (76 mm)-diameter mandrel, for subsequent disposal.

Side doors slide open to allow insertion of the support mandrel, which contains one or two chemical containers. Doors then slide shut to seal around the mandrel. A constant negative pressure inside the isolation chamber, generated by a remote ventilation system, draws fumes into an exhaust line in the chamber ceiling. This exhaust system protects operators as they repackage the chemical solids in disposal containers. Pressure safety valves ensure that negative pressure remains below 2" WG, protecting chamber and glove seals.

Disposal containers are removed from the chamber through a trap door on the chamber floor, and the side doors are then reopened to allow removal of the mandrel.

Application Guidelines

  • Pressure: Negative pressure to 2" WG (main chamber)
  • Access: Neoprene gloves. Rapid-access sliding side doors. 8" x 12" (203 mm x 305 mm) disposal trap door
Full-View Toxic Chemical Repackaging Chamber Chambers are easily joined to accommodate multiple operators
Full-View Toxic Chemical Repackaging Chamber  


Chemical Mixing Ventilation Chamber
Chemical Mixing Ventilation Chamber
Model shown: Series 200 Negative-Pressure Glove Box

This Glove Box allows safe mixing and handling of fuming chemistries. Half-inch thick acrylic chamber walls support a negative pressure of up to 5" WG, typically more than adequate for ventilating the Glove Box with either a vacuum pump or an exhaust fan. Ductless exhaust applications include an activated charcoal filter for safe removal of specific chemicals from the exhaust flow.

Arm port caps are opened when the chamber is being ventilated to allow influx of make-up air, and closed during purge operations to permit precise regulation of the negative pressure. A built-in pressure safety valve automatically opens at negative pressures in excess of 5" WC to protect the chamber.

A negative pressure air lock, with .25" (6 mm) vacuum line fittings and pressure safety valve, is specified for low-level negative pressures (to 5" WG), and a cylindrical pass-through vacuum antechamber is specified for processing at full vacuum.

Application Requirements

  • Pressure: Negative pressure to 5" WG (main chamber), 29.9"Hg (vacuum antechamber)
  • Access: Negative-pressure air lock or vacuum antechamber; arm ports with sealing port caps
Negative-pressure air lock
Negative-pressure air lock includes safety bleed valve
Negative-pressure air lock Ductless ventilation module includes charcoal filter for chemical vapor removal
Vacuum antechamber Remote filter/fan unit
Vacuum antechamber supports full vacuum (29.9" Hg) Remote filter/fan unit ventilates either the main chamber or the negative-pressure air lock

Radioactive Material Handling Glove Box
Radioactive Material Handling Chamber

This 12-gauge 304 stainless steel isolation glove box is designed for safe handling of radioactive materials used in medical applications. It features two chambers connected by a vacuum port. Three-sixteenth-inch safety glass allows full viewing from the front and top. One-piece gaskets and heavy-duty counter-balanced port hatches ensure a low leak rate of 0.5% of the volume of the total enclosure per hour (tested under 5" WG of vacuum).

The chambers include flanges for connection to a ventilation system and utility ports for introducing power and vacuum service. Both chambers are rated for 10" WG vacuum. All seams feature radius corners for easy wipe-down. Removable glove ports allow fast glove change-out.

Application Requirements

  • Pressure: Negative pressure to 10" WG (both processing chambers)
  • Access: Bag-in, Bag-out Port Vacuum port hatches with O-ring seals Removable glove ports
Radioactive Material Handling Chamber
Radius corners Radius corners simplify cleaning, eliminate seams and cracks
Bag-in, Bag-out access port Bag-in, Bag-out access port allows safe handling of packaging containing radioactive materials

Pharmaceutical Powder Packaging Glove Box
Pharmaceutical Powder Packaging Chamber
Model shown: Series 100 Polymer Glove Box
Static-Dissipative PVC chamber helps control static charges and the particles they attract.

This containment chamber allows safe handling and packaging of chemotherapy powders and other hazardous materials.

A filter/fan unit mounted on the chamber ceiling draws air through a HEPA filter (99.99% efficient @ 0.3µm particles). Exhaust air is drawn through a second HEPA filter and then ventilated through a 4" (102 mm)-diameter conduit to a remote secondary filtration unit. Filter port covers enable the operator to seal the chamber when the filtration system is turned OFF, allowing weighing or handling of fine powders in a still-air, contamination-free environment.

A right-side air lock is provided for passing material in and out of the chamber. In addition, swing-up viewing windows allow convenient front loading of scales, sealers, and other larger processing tools.

Application Requirements

  • Particle Control: Open-loop filtration module with dual HEPA filters (@ less than or equal to 4 air changes/minute)
  • Access: Right-side pass-through air lock. Glove ports for two operators. Swing-up access window for front loading equipment.
Tilt-up access window
Tilt-up access window allows convenient transfer of large equipment.
Hinged port caps
Hinged port caps allow fast, easy glove change-out without contaminating internal environment.
Open-Loop Filtration Module   Closed-Loop Filtration Module

Open-Loop Filtration Glove Box
For safe indoor exhausting
A 740-CFM (1257 m³/hr) impeller blower, mounted in an acrylic housing, draws air through an inlet filter into the glove box. This filter (HEPA or ULPA) removes particulates, aerosols, spores, and other contaminants to ensure a clean processing environment. A HEPA or ULPA filter removes contaminants from the exhaust gas to make it safe for indoor release. Both filters are enclosed in a disposable acrylic housing for safe, easy handling and disposal.


Closed-Loop Filtration Glove Box
Continuous recirculation exceeds Class 10 requirements
A 740-CFM (1257 m³/hr) impeller draws air into the glove box through an inlet HEPA, ULPA or charcoal filter. HEPA and ULPA filters remove particles, aerosols, spores and other contaminants to ensure a clean process environment. The charcoal filter removes common organic vapors. A 4-position PVC diverter valve determines the percentage of fresh make-up air entering the chamber (100%, 50% or 0%).

Stainless steel chamber Stainless steel chamber is durable and easy to wipe down. Available with radius corners for aseptic applications. Stainless steel chamber

Chamber Shown:
Series 300 Stainless Steel Glove Box

Anaerobic Test Chamber

Anaerobic Test Chamber

Anerobic illustration


Designed for drug efficacy and dosing studies in anaerobic environments, this automated, dual-level testing chamber maintains an oxygen concentration down to 0.1% at a selected temperature. Computer-controlled electronic interlocks and rapid purging antechambers allow transfer of test samples without disturbing the test environment. These interlocks, in coordination with programmable UV sterilization and HEPA filtration cycles, prevent microbe contamination of the outside environment during sample/equipment extraction.
Other features include touch screen control panel, programmable presets, pneumatic doors leading into the main chamber, rear access panels for large equipment maintenance and end-of-cycle cleaning.

Applications: Extremely Drug-Resistant (XDR) Tuberculosis Therapy Trials

Stable Temperature/Humidity Containment Glovebox

Temperature stability  
Swing-up door for easy access and cleaning

This glovebox safely contains potential biohazards while providing a stable environment over a broad range of temperatures (-2°C to 36°C) tested at various humidity levels between 0 and 75% RH. The stainless steel chamber features 2" (51 mm) of insulation and internal dimensions of 33" x 33" x 33" (838 mm 838 mm x 838 mm), overall dimensions: 37"W x 37"D x 52"H (940 mm x 940 mm x 1321 mm). A high-capacity air conditioner holds a stable temperature down to -2°C, and a 4000W heater integrated into the evaporator coil achieves temperature stability to 36°C. The dry nitrogen feed gas provides a low %RH; an ultrasonic humidifier provides elevated RH to 74% without moisture condensation. The chamber includes a bag-in/bag-out port that can be used for transferring waste out of the chamber. The large swing-up access door allows easy cleaning of the chamber.

Bag-In/Bag-Out Port
9" (229 mm)-dia. port with closure operated from glovebox interior. Specify for any Terra glovebox.

  Cat# Price
Bag-in_bag_Out Port 1694-43 Price
Bags: Package of 10 12-mil PVC bags 1694-44 Price

File Type File Name Publication Date
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