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Sole Cleaner™
Automatic Contamination-Control Mat

Sole Cleaner Automatic Contamination Control Mat
Order the sticky-mat cartridge separately.
Custom Designs Available!
Terra Universal will manufacture a Sole Cleaner™ system to meet your requirements—call for a quotation.
  • First-of-its-kind system automatically maintains a sticky surface that removes particles from shoe soles as personnel enter the changing room or cleanroom
  • PLC controller counts foot passes and replaces sticky surface as it becomes soiled
  • Self-regenerating design eliminates monitoring and maintenance costs, ensures absolutely reliable sticky surface at all times
  • Economical cartridges provide nearly 50 surface changes, are fast and easy to replace
  • Take-up roller draws particle-laden surface inside housing to minimize contamination and simplify disposal
  • Low-profile, wide-access design allows easy passing of carts and other equipment
  • 304 Stainless steel external surfaces are durable, easy to clean
  • Easy to move from one location to another—requires no fixed installation

Conventional contamination-control mats serve an essential cleanroom function by limiting the number of particles tracked into a contamination-controlled area.

Unfortunately, their need for constant maintenance and replacement makes them costly welcome mats! More importantly, the need for continuous monitoring by a human operator places cleanroom conditions under subjective control. How can you be sure that mats are replaced when they need to be? Worse—what happens when no one is there to oversee their upkeep?

Sole Cleaner™: Taking Contamination-Control One Step Further!

Terra Universal's new Sole Cleaner™ minimizes the hassle, expense and uncertainty of cleanroom contamination control.

Like other mats, it features an adhesive surface that seizes particles from the bottoms of shoes and carts as they pass into a changing room or cleanroom.

Unlike other mats, it incorporates a PLC-Controlled transport mechanism that automatically replaces the sticky film surface as it becomes soiled. Instead of individual mats, which must be cleaned or peeled off, the Sole Cleaner uses a continuous sheet of adhesive mat material mounted on a cartridge roll. An infrared beam monitors passing feet, and a counter displays total passes. When the total count exceeds the threshold you select, the transport system automatically unrolls a new sheet of sticky surface and resets the counter.

Lower Costs, Improved Performance

This automatic take-up system both reduces operating expenses and improves contamination control.

By automating mat replacement, it ensures that the mat surface remains as sticky as you need it. Rather than relying on subjective decisions about when a surface is too dirty, you can determine the number of passes acceptable for your application and leave the rest to the Sole Cleaner. In less critical environments (such as changing rooms), this threshold might run in the hundreds; for a Class 10 cleanroom it might be several dozen. In either case, the Sole Cleaner replaces the surface when (and only when!) it needs to.

During mat regeneration, a red warning light glows and audible alarm is activated. The mat will not move, however, as long as the sole cleaner is occupied.

As it replaces a length of soiled mat, the machine draws it onto a take-up roller, where embedded particles are trapped and contained in a closed housing. Rather than accumulating hundreds of crumpled sheets day by day in a cleanroom waste receptacle (which always needs to be emptied!), you replace a single cartridge that is easy to recycle.

Each 180-foot (54.8 m) roll typically yields about 50 surface changes. Considering the related handling and maintenance costs associated with other contamination mats, these rolls offer convenience and value. Cartridge replacement is a 30-second operation that requires no tools.

Durable Design Ensures Reliable Operation Under Real-World Conditions

The Sole Cleaner is designed to stand up to high-volume foot traffic without compromising either safety or cleanliness.

Made of 304 stainless steel, it features safety handrails and a low, sloped profile that won't pose a tripping hazard. Its wide passageway allows 36" (914 mm) of side-to-side clearance for easy passage of carts and other large equipment. The sticky film rests on a vacuum pad that protects against rips, eliminates slippage, and enhances particle pickup.

The side housings swing up to permit access to the mat cartridges and the transport mechanism, which uses a minimal number of moving parts to enhance system reliability. The PLC Controls include an LCD readout of the number of passes, the selected count limit and the number of passes since the last roll change. Multiple preset limits can be stored to allow simple system updating if the Sole Cleaner is moved from one location to another. A touch panel allows easy programming. The UL-listed take-up motor includes a safety overload shutoff that halts mat replacement as long as an object (or person) is on the Sole Cleaner.

The Sole Cleaner requires no special installation—simply place it directly on the floor, plug it in, enter the desired number of passes, and it's ready for operation. It can be moved from one location to another, and requires no maintenance other than occasional cartridge replacement.

Overall Dimensions
Single-door: 63.5"W x 48"D x9.5"H (1613 mm x 1219 mm x 241 mm), housing/35"H (889 mm), rails
Sticky Surface: 8 mil polyethylene
Single-door: 36"W x 34"D x .625" (914 mm x 864 mm x 16 mm) sloped profile
Weight: 230 lbs. (104.3 kg), Without cartridge
Motor: Belt-driven 1/20 HP, runs on 115 or 230VAC, 50/60Hz; includes thermal protection and overload shutoff (will not replace mat occupied by personnel or heavy object); UL listed.
Counter: PLC Controller with LCD touchpad operator interface; count, preset and function modes
Motion Detector: Infrared beam positioned 4" (102 mm) from mat surface
Construction: All 304 stainless steel exterior surfaces (rails and housing)
Sole Cleaner™
110VAC/60Hz 220VAC/50Hz
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
2010-50 $ 29,310 2010-50-220 $ 29,309
Sticky Mat Cartridges
Each features 180 feet (54.8 m) of 36" (914 mm)-wide 8 mil polyethylene film, yielding about 50 changes. Film is not damaged by shoes or casters and does not slip on Sole Cleaner support pad. Quantity discounts available. Weight: 39 lbs. (17.7 kg)
Adhesion Cat. # Price
(7 to 10 oz./sq. in.) 2010-52 $ 446

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Video Sole Cleaner
Seizes particles from the bottoms of shoes and carts to promote cleanliness and meet ISO requirements.
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