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Pass-Through Convenience Windows

Pass Through Convenience Swing Door Glass sliding door with white polypropylene frame and lipped shelf
Cat. #1702-72 Pass-through Window with Tempered Glass Swing Door Cat. # 1702-82 Pass-through Window with Tempered Glass Sliding Door 

Terra's pass-through windows are ideal for pharmacies, offices or labs where users need a fast, easy way to transfer materials and documents from one room to the next. These pass-through windows streamline the workflow and communication in areas that do not require strict control of airflow or differential pressure.

  • Conveniently transfer finished products, materials and documents between rooms
  • Cleanroom-grade materials are smooth, durable and easy to clean
  • Both swing doors and sliding windows can be opened from either side
  • An adjustable door stop can be positioned to prevent opening the door in either direction
  • Ideal for facilities where strict environmental control is not required
  • Reinforced shelf gives users a place to set materials or documents
    (models available without shelf)
  • All pass-through windows and doors can be customized to fit your application
  • Door and windows can be made of clear tempered glass, static-dissipative PVC or opaque polypropylene, allowing you to choose between privacy or visibility
  • Pass-throughs for fire-rated walls are also available
  • Applications: Medical offices, general laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, manufacturing operations

Please Note: The sizes and pricing shown in the ordering charts below are for standard walls 4" to 4.5" thick; wall thickness must be specified when ordering. For custom window dimensions or wall thicknesses, please contact a Terra representative for pricing.

Swing-Door Pass-through Windows

The swing door design can be pulled/pushed open from either side. A removable/reversable door stop (included) is used to prevent opening the door in either direction. For instance, if the door opens toward the shelf, items could be pushed onto the floor. When opened more than halfway, the swing door will stay open until manually pushed closed. For use between rooms with cascading room pressures, the doors (when closed) will maintain differential pressure of up to 0.5" WC even with some leakage around the door perimeter.

Doors are 0.5" thick and are made of either opaque polypropylene, static-dissipative PVC, or clear tempered glass, allowing for either privacy or complete visibility between the adjoining rooms.  The frame is built from 304 stainless steel for durability and features chrome-plated hardware for cleanliness. For transferring carts or similar items, floor-level versions are available as well. 

Tempered Glass Swing Door, Pass-through Convenience Window*
Overall Dimensions
(W x H)
Window Clearance
Dimensions (W x H)
With Shelf Without Shelf
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
15" x 15"
(381 x 381 mm)
11" x 12"
(279 x 305 mm)
1702-70A $ 1,777 1704-70A $ 1,520
21" x 27"
(533 x 686 mm)
17" x 24"
(432 x 610 mm)
1702-71A $ 2,616 1704-71A $ 2,387
27" x 27"
(686 x 686 mm)
23" x 24"
(584 x 610 mm)
1702-72 Call TUI 1704-76 Call TUI
27" x 39"
(686 x 991 mm)
23" x 36"
(584 x 914 mm)
1702-73 Call TUI 1704-73A $ 3,602
Floor-Mounted Versions (windows are 0.5" clear polycarbonate)
39" x 37.5"
(991 x 953 mm)
35" x 36"
(889 x 914 mm)
--- 1704-74A $ 4,616
39" x 49.5"
(991 x 1257 mm)
35" x 48"
(889 x 1219 mm)
--- 1704-75A $ 5,435
*Specify wall thickness when ordering, These prices cover pass-throughs made for walls 4" to 4.5" thick.

Vertical Sliding Pass-through Windows

The vertical sliding window design fits best in facilities with high ceilings, but where horizontal wall space is constrained.  These sliding windows can be opened from either side using the easy-to-grip handles fastened directly onto the window. The vertical tracks feature a counterweighted pulley system that makes the door easy to open and keeps the door open once it passes the halfway point. One side of the sliding window features a reinforced 12" deep shelf where users can set samples, supplies or paperwork until a user on the opposing side is ready to receive them. It can also be used as a handy writing surface.  The durable frame is constructed of 304 stainless steel and the static-dissipative PVC window prevents particle buildup due to static cling.

Vertical Sliding Pass-through Convenience Window Vertical Sliding Pass-Through Convenience Window
Counterweighted rollers provide smooth gliding action when raising or lowering the door A 12"-deep reinforced shelf is included on one side of the door to hold items waiting for pickup

Vertical Sliding Door, Pass-through Convenience Window
Overall Dimensions
(W x H)
Window Clearance Dimensions
(W x H)
Static-Dissipative PVC Sliding Door
Cat. # Price
16.25" x 70.5"
(413 x 1791 mm)
12" x 32"
(305 x 813 mm)
1702-86 $ 3,295
28" x 70.5"
(711 x 1791 mm)
24" x 32"
(610 x 813 mm)
1702-87 $ 5,287

Horizontal Sliding Pass-through Windows

The horizontal sliding window design operates similarly to the vertical version, using a counterweighted pulley system for ease of operation.  Instead of stainless steel, the horizontal sliding model uses white polypropylene for the frame and door tracks, with a choice of either glass or white polypropylene for the window (0.75" standard window thickness). The integrated 12"-deep shelf also features a small lip around the edge to prevent objects from rolling off. Polypropylene stands up well to most chemicals and provides a nice aesthetic touch for use in office-type settings as well as laboratories.
Horizontal Sliding Pass-through Convenience Window Horizontal Sliding Pass-Through Convenience Window
The white polypropylene frame fits in well with the aesthetics of most medical offices and small labs The shelf  features a slight lip to help prevent objects from rolling or being pushed off the edge
Horizontal Sliding Door, Pass-through Convenience Window
Window Dimensions
(W x H)
Window Clearance
Dimensions (W x H)
Tempered Glass Sliding Door
Cat. # Price
12" x 12"
(305 x 305 mm)
10.5" x 10"
(267 x 254 mm)
1702-80A $ 1,917
18" x 24"
(457 x 610 mm)
16.5" x 22"
(419 x 559 mm)
1702-81A $ 2,746
24" x 24"
(610 x 610 mm)
22.5" x 22"
(572 x 559 mm)
1702-82 $ 3,554
24" x 36"
(610 x 914 mm)
22.5" x 34"
(572 x 864 mm)
1702-83A $ 4,407

Fire-Rated Door
UL logo

Fire-Rated Convenience Door
Terra’s self-closing, fire-rated door is rated for 1.5 hours according to UL-10B (maximum temperature rise to 250°F (121°C) in 30 minutes). This pass-through features a 2.56"-thick, uninsulated stainless steel door with a recessed pull handle. The stainless steel frame can be mounted on any typical wall material.

Model shown: 1993-82A.

Ordering information...

Fire-Rated Door Testing Standards
UBC 43-7
UL 10B
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