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Cleanroom; Softwall, Extended ValuLine, 10' x 24' x 8'

• 7'H available upon request, but not stocked

• Customize ISO rating


• Steel frame – posts and beams of 2.5” (280 mm) square tubing, powder coated

• Steel ceiling grid – joists and cross members 3” (76 mm) T-bars

• Steel reinforcing gussets – two on each corner post

• Pre-mounted GripTrack for curtain panels and strip shield doors

• Curtain Panels – 40 mil anti-static PVC, corner notched, precut, hangs from GripTrack

• Strip Shield Doors – up to 4’ 60 mm SDPVC, alternating Clear/Frost strips, pre-cut, hangs from GripTrack, on each end


• LED Light Modules – 48 W, 4500 lumens, 120-277 VAC, as required to meet rating

• Power Supply Unit – Switched supply to six-receptacle unit, 20W 120 VAC, as required to power FFUs and lights

• Ceiling Panel -- 2' x 2 -- 2' x 4', polypropylene, white, as required to complete ceiling grid

• Order number of HEPA Fan/Filter Units separately to meet desired ISO cleanliness rating

• All electrical components UL and UL-C listed

• Requires UL Listing Declaration (order separately) for customized cleanroom electrical system, which helps meet municipal and other permitting requirements that may apply

• Formed by combining two 10'W x 12'D cleanrooms, with strip shield entries on opposite sides

Frame Material: Powder-Coated Steel

Height: 8'

Depth: 24'

Width: 10'

Overall Dimensions: 10' x 24' x 8'

Panel Material: Anti-Static Clear Vinyl

Unit of Measure: EA

Dimensions, Product: 120" W x 288" D x 96" H

Weight, Shipping: 3,108 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 120"W x 35"D x 45"H

Package Type: Crate

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Features and Benefits

Softwall Customization
Customized Softwall Cleanroom Layout with Nitrogen Tanks

Affordable customization to unique requirements!

  • Terra’s modular designs allow versatile configurations using standard components, whether you need a small equipment enclosure or a multi-suite processing facility
  • Versatile plug-and-play Power Distribution Modules allow addition of ceiling fan/filter units and lights to meet any cleanliness requirement or to upgrade ISO levels or lighting levels after installation
  • Modular frame and panel designs, in several application-specific materials, adapt to unique floor plan requirements
  • Extended-depth models allow you to double standard ValuLine sizes, with next-day delivery
  • Terra’s full engineering services adapt designs to accommodate unique equipment or facility integration challenges

Call or submit a QuickQuote Form for assistance with a modular cleanroom tailor-made to your application!

WhisperFlow® Cleanroom Fan Filter Units

Design features internal baffling and an aluminum diffuser to provide quiet operation along with uniform air speed for ISO-compliant laminar flow.

Cleanroom LED Light Panel

LED panels mount flush on ceiling grid, have longer life, and use less energy (emitting less heat) than conventional fluorescent lights.

Easy Install, Rigid Structure

Stocked for fast delivery, the sturdy frame of the ValuLine Softwall Cleanroom can be quickly installed and easily relocated.

Cleanroom LED Light Panel with Emergency Power Supply, 2' x 2'

Cleanroom LED lights are equipped with emergency back-up batteries to ensure continued operation in the event of a power failure.

Mix and Match Different-Sized Cleanrooms

ValuLine cleanroom design offers a variety of configurations, ideal for both small enclosures and multi-suite facilities. The modular frame and panel structure accommodates equipment and facility demands specific to unique floor plan requirements.

HEPA Fan Filter Unit with Integrated LED Light and Ionizer

FFU with built-in LED and ionizing bar provides HEPA filtered air and neutralization of static charges. Removable filter is accessible from inside the hood/cleanroom for easy replacement and servicing. Includes internal baffling plate and diffuser panel.

Long Running FFU Motors

Terra’s filter fan unit motors are rated for 5 years of continuous, 24/7 operation, if the HEPA filters are consistently replaced. To accurately monitor your HEPA filter’s saturation levels, purchase Terra’s audible and visual filter replacement alarm system.

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Cleanroom Grade Locking Casters
    Stainless steel swivel casters with non-shedding polyurethane wheels allow for clean and easy repositioning of softwall cleanrooms.

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