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Cleanroom Ceiling Grid

Ceiling grid
Powder-coated steel grid supports standard 24" x 48" fan/filter units, lights, or ceiling panels (order separately)
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Convert a standard office into a cleanroom with a rigid, self-supporting ceiling structure designed to meet ISO 5 – 8 requirements
  • Mounts to existing office walls*
  • Built to accommodate weight and dimensions of standard fan/filter units, lights and panels (order separately)
  • Powder-coated or 304 stainless steel ceiling grid forms a strong, rigid structure—no ceiling suspension or internal support columns required for spans to 20 feet (6096 mm)
  • Customized to your specifications

Installing a modular cleanroom inside an existing room often creates unusable or inaccessible spaces. In many situations, converting the entire unclassified room into a cleanroom is a more economical, space-efficient approach.

Terra's Cleanroom Ceiling Grid turns nearly any room into an ISO 5 – ISO 8 Cleanroom. The grid structure mounts directly to most gypsum or concrete walls below an existing ceiling (requires ≥ 2 feet (610mm) clearance between CleanSpace and existing ceiling.) It can also be mounted on top of walls that lack a ceiling. Versatile mounting ledgers accommodate a wide range of wall materials and stud or other anchoring structure locations.

conversion framework
A. Ceiling grid mounting ledger   D. Grid anchor bolts
B. Wall anchors   E. HEPA Fan/Filter Unit
C. Interlocking ceiling grid joists   F. Ceiling panel

The all-steel interlocking T-joists, fabricated of powder-coated hot-rolled or stainless flat-stock steel, create a strong, rigid structure that supports spans of up to 20 feet (6096 mm), even when loaded to capacity with fan/filter units (FFUs). Larger spans can be reinforced with a single internal column or external ceiling cable.

The openings in the grid are typically 24" x 48" (610 mm x 1219 mm), although some cleanroom designs require bays of 24" x 36" (610 mm x 914 mm) or 24" x 24" (610 mm x 610 mm). The grid is not designed to be walkable.

Call Terra with your dimension and cleanliness requirements. We'll provide detailed drawings and pricing on a system tailor-made to your needs. For ISO 5 and ISO 6 cleanroom conversions, Terra recommends application of BioSafe® Cleanroom Wall Panels, which attach to all wallboard types.

* While we work with your contractor to help you comply with building codes, Terra assumes no responsibility for meeting local building regulations, including fire and seismic codes. Check your local planning department to determine what regulations apply to your installation.

Ordering Information
Ceiling Grid Cat. # Price
Powder-coated steel T-joists, with slide-in dividers, configured to your specifications 6601-83 call TUI
Stainless steel T-joists, with slide-in dividers, configured to your specifications 6601-84 call TUI
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Ceiling Panel Clips

Torsion-spring clips fit over ceiling grid joists, with retaining arms that push snugly against ceiling panels to hold them in place, even when the room operates under positive pressure. Standard-sized clips (either 3-inch or 6-inch) are available that fit over ceiling joists. Clips are also designed to secure panels on either one or both sides of the joist, in case of an FFU in the neighboring bay. Convenient kits containing both types of retaining-arm clips (single- and double-sided) can be ordered.
Ordering Information
Ceiling grid
Three-inch torsion-spring clip fits over ceiling joist. Retaining arm rests against ceiling panel to hold into place
Ceiling Clip Qty Cat. # Price
3"-joist clip, double arm 12 clips 6705-93 $ 69
3"-joist clip, single arm 12 clips 6705-92 $ 66
3"-joist clip, single and double arm 24 clips 6705-96 $ 128
6"-joist clip, double arm 12 clips 6705-95 $ 76
6"-joist clip, single arm 12 clips 6705-94 $ 74
6"-joist clip, single and double arm 24 clips 6705-97 $ 142

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) Calculating Clean Room Cleanliness: How many FFUs and Lights?
This tutorial provides practical tips for correlating the desired cleanliness level (per ISO/FS209 standards) to the required number of fan/filter units (FFUs). Also provides guidelines for specifying lights based on the type of operations being conducted.
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