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Glovebox; USP 797 BioSafe®, 304 Stainless Steel, 49.5" W x 30.5" D x 54" H, 2 Glove Ports, 120 V
  • ISO Rating: ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8
  • Stainless Steel LiftLatches don't strain hinges and eliminates corrosion with plated hardware
  • Perforated rear baffle plates separate the exit filters from the compounding zone without disrupting laminar flow
  • Glove Ports: 10" (254 mm) diameter ports that provide a wide range of motion (order desired gloves separately)
  • Includes externally mounted fluorescent illuminator in main chamber
  • IV Rod: 0.25" (6 mm) stainless steel rod mounted 9" (228 mm) from filter face
  • Pressure Gauge: Two 0 - 0.25" Magnehelic(R)  gauges monitors internal positive pressure in antechamber and main chamber
  • Low-vibration blower with direct-drive, continuous-duty two-speed fan and 99.99% efficient HEPA filter (rated @ 0.3µm particle size); operates at less than 50dBA, average CFM 644 (0.3m^3/s)
  • Air Speed: 100 (low speed); 120 (medium speed); 140 (high speed)
  • Prefilter/Exit filter: Fiberglass/Polyester
  • Complies with USP 797 Compounding Aseptic Isolator (CAI) requirements
  • NOT SUITABLE for use with bio-hazardous powders and other materials.  Call Terra for information on Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolators (CACI), which provide safe containment and ventilation of cytotoxins

Model: USP 797 BioSafe®

Material Type: Stainless Steel

Number of Glove Ports: 2

Chamber Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Window Material: Polycarbonate

Chamber Width: 46"

Chamber Depth: 22"

Chamber Height: 38.5"

Maximum Working Height: 38.5"

Filter: HEPA

Light Fixture: Fluorescent Illuminator

Chamber Dimensions: 46" W x 22" D x 38.5" H

Unit of Measure: EA

Marks & Listings: USP 797

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 5 A, 400 W, 50/60 Hz

Weight, Product: 290 lb

Dimensions, Product: 49.5" W x 30.5" D x 54" H

Weight, Shipping: 489 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 55.5" W x 62" D x 36" H

Package Type: Crate

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Sterile Compounding Laminar Flow Glove Box Isolators

  • Stainless Steel USP 797 BioSafe Compounding Aseptic Isolators USP 797 BioSafe® Compounding Aseptic Isolator

Features and Benefits

Compounding Aseptic Isolator Specifications

More Information

Glovebox Specifications
  • Overall dimensions: 48.25"W x 28.54"D x 53.72"H (1226 x 725 x 1364 mm), nominal, including fan/filter unit; 46.25"W x 22.25"D x 38.74"H (1175 x 565 x 984 mm), chamber exterior, excluding FFU
  • Antechamber: 12.5"W (318 mm)
  • Processing Chamber: 32.5"W x 22.25"D x 38.74"H (826 mm x 565 x 984 mm), with pneumatic tilt-up door, 27.13"W x 31.43"H (689 mm x 798 mm) opening
  • Housing: 304 or 316L stainless steel, or polypropylene
  • Viewing Windows: Polycarbonate, 0.25" (6 mm) thick, with swing access door
  • Glove Ports: 10" (254 mm) diameter (order desired gloves separately)
  • IV Rod: 0.25" (6 mm) stainless steel rod mounted 9" (228 mm), from the filter face Pressure Gauge: 0 - 0.25" Magnehelic® gauges monitor internal positive pressure
  • Lighting: External-mount fluorescent fixture Filter/Fan Unit Specifications
  • Filter/Fan Unit: 24" x 48" (610 mm x 1219 mm), low-vibration impeller blower module with direct-drive, continuous-duty three-speed fan and 99.99% efficient HEPA filter (rated @ 0.3 µm particle size); operates at less than 50dBA
  • Full-load Amps: 4.3 (for 120V, 60Hz)
  • Average CFM: 644 (1094.2 m³/hr)
  • Air Speed: 100 (low speed); 120 (medium speed); 140 (high speed)
  • Watts: 160 @ 90FPM (0.04 m/s)
  • Prefilter/Exit filter: Fiberglass/Polyester

Tilt-Up Access Door

Ergonomic LiftLatches and gas struts simplify daily cleaning of the main compounding chamber and transfer of bulky equipment. A one-piece, thermoplastic gasket seals when the panel is closed and latched.

HEPA-Filtered Antechamber

The antechamber provides an intermediary HEPA-filtered space that prevents cross-contamination of the compounding chamber. A sliding glass door provides separation and maintains a pressure gradient.

IV Bag Rod

The main compounding chamber includes a stainless steel IV rod for suspending IV bags at a convenient height during compounding (hooks not included).

BioSafe®: Terra's Ultimate Cleanliness Rating

Terra's BioSafe products are designed for the most critical applications: no gaps and crevices where microbes colonize, rounded corners for easy disinfection, won't produce contaminants during sterilization, and exceeds cGMP, IEST, ASTM and ISO 14644-1 requirements.

Sliding Transfer Door

A 0.5”-thick tempered glass door glides in a polypropylene track between the antechamber and main chamber, maintaining separation and the USP-prescribed pressure gradient when closed.

Heavy-Duty Quick-Release Door Hinges

The tilt-up front panel pivots on stainless steel hinges that allow the entire panel to be easily detached for maintenance or cleaning; simply disconnect the lift-assist gas struts and slide the door off.

Certification Test Ports

Two ports (normally plugged) allow independent verification of the chamber pressures monitored by the Magnehelic gauges, simplifying certification (the “Ambient” reference port always remains open).

External LED Illuminator

Light fixture mounted outside the glovebox illuminates the interior and is easy to access. The hinged cover lifts up for LED maintenance or replacement.

Continuous Product Improvement

At Terra, we strive to develop and produce the highest quality products for our customers to improve health, safety, performance, and yields. Our product quality is enabled by high-grade manufacturing equipment and processes, 45 years of engineering and application expertise, and our commitment to continuously improve.

Comprehensive Service Provider

Terra’s portfolio of services includes white glove delivery, product installation, equipment certification, validation documentation, cleaning and disinfection services, engineering consultation, and structural seismic analysis

Products Compliant With Your ISO Rating

Provide Terra with your desired ISO rating. We will tailor the product to meet your rating and certify it with the serial numbers appended to your invoice, to be included in your compliance package.
Popular Accessories
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  • High Caliber Hardware

    Seemingly small details like latches, ports, glides and hinges are often overlooked or ignored by other manufacturers, and later become the point of costly recurring maintenance or equipment failure. Terra’s products are made of long lasting, cleanroom compatible, top tier hardware. Individual components are carefully designed and rigorously tested to guarantee the highest quality, durability, and craftsmanship.
  • Sleeve and Glove Assemblies

    Sleeve/glove combinations, available in many materials, allow fast, inexpensive glove replacement without removing sleeves from the glove box port (shown: Hypalon with glove/sleeve connectors).
  • "Sharps" Waste Port

    The side or floor mounted waste port offers easy disposal of sharps or other waste. The 6"-diameter port is flush with the interior of the main chamber and has a 3” flange below the surface for connecting waste containers (includes cover).
  • Powder-Coated Steel Stands

    Stands are all-welded 2"-square steel tubing with white powder-coated finish and chemical-resistant nylon leveling feet. Raise chamber 30" above floor level. Select optional casters for easy positioning.

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