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AluminumTempered GlassAutomaticAutomatic Bi-Part84"60" 5555-01A 72995 $7,12710-12 Days2
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AluminumTempered GlassAutomaticAutomatic Right Sliding84"42" 5555-00A-RS 72994 $6,11210-12 Days3
Clearance In stock
Powder-Coated AluminumStatic-Dissipative PVCAutomaticLeft Sliding80"34" 5555-06B-LS-PC 74788 $7,42810-15 Days4
Powder-Coated AluminumStatic-Dissipative PVCAutomaticLeft Sliding80"40" 5555-07B-LS-PC 74785 $7,49710-15 Days5
Powder-Coated AluminumStatic-Dissipative PVCAutomaticLeft Sliding80"46" 5555-08B-LS-PC 74790 $7,56810-15 Days6
Powder-Coated AluminumStatic-Dissipative PVCAutomaticDouble Bi-Parting80"80" 5555-10B-PC 74792 $8,76510-15 Days7
Powder-Coated AluminumStatic-Dissipative PVCAutomaticRight Sliding80"34" 5555-06B-RS-PC 74789 $7,42810-15 Days8
Powder-Coated AluminumStatic-Dissipative PVCAutomaticRight Sliding80"40" 5555-07B-RS-PC 74786 $7,49710-15 Days9
Powder-Coated AluminumStatic-Dissipative PVCAutomaticRight Sliding80"46" 5555-08B-RS-PC 74791 $7,56810-15 Days10
Powder-Coated AluminumTempered GlassAutomaticLeft Sliding80"34" 5555-02B-LS-PC 74488 $7,13410-15 Days11
Powder-Coated AluminumTempered GlassAutomaticLeft Sliding80"40" 5555-00B-LS-PC 74485 $7,20310-15 Days12
Powder-Coated AluminumTempered GlassAutomaticLeft Sliding80"46" 5555-03B-LS-PC 74490 $7,27310-15 Days13
Powder-Coated AluminumTempered GlassAutomaticDouble Bi-Parting80"80" 5555-04B-PC 74492 $8,47210-15 Days14
Powder-Coated AluminumTempered GlassAutomaticDouble Bi-Parting80"60" 5555-01B-PC 74487 $8,40010-15 Days15
Powder-Coated AluminumTempered GlassAutomaticRight Sliding80"34" 5555-02B-RS-PC 74489 $7,13410-15 Days16
Powder-Coated AluminumTempered GlassAutomaticRight Sliding80"40" 5555-00B-RS-PC 74486 $7,20310-15 Days17
Powder-Coated AluminumTempered GlassAutomaticRight Sliding80"46" 5555-03B-RS-PC 74491 $7,27310-15 Days18
Door Frame
Door Panel
Opening Action
Opening Height
Opening Width
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Custom-configured product: Terra will quote.
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Product Details

• Door Frame and track are installed inside existing wall cutout/partition

• Touchless motion door pad for hands-free operation

• Well suited for room partitions or openings larger than desired door size; can be configured to include side lights for additional visibility

• Elastomeric door seals and fiberglass reinforced timing belt ensures cleanliness, durability and uniform closing

• Microprocessor controller continually monitors door position with adjustable opening and closing speed, distance and speed of braking reduces opening and time delay

• Auto reverse on obstruction; slow speed search for obstruction

• Load-bearing wheels made of cast urethane for long-lasting, smooth and trouble-free operation

• Adjustable anti-riser wheels lock each door in its overhead track

• Doors undergo life testing to a minimum of one million cycles

• Static-dissipative PVC door panels enhance static and particle control, stand up to cleaning agents, minimize obstructive sight lines and reduce claustrophobic sensation in small rooms

• Quick installation with pre-assembled header and panel sub-assemblies

• ANSI compliant

• See overall dimensions below; adequate clearance required for door opening

• Custom sizes and configurations, including swing and folding doors, available; call Terra to discuss your requirements!


  • Terra Universal BioSafe Doors Video Terra Universal BioSafe® Doors
  • Short video showing the cleanroom automatic door Cleanroom Automatic Doors
Terra Universal BioSafe Doors Video
Short video showing the cleanroom automatic door

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Automatic Sliding Doors

More Information

  • Construction: Clear anodized aluminum frames are easy to clean and sterilize (other frame colors optional)
  • Position Switch: Single or Dual (optional)
  • Alarm Contacts: Optional
  • Transom: Optional
  • Threshold Configuration: Standard no-threshold design allows easy transfer of carts and other items; thresholds available on optional basis
  • Emergency Power Options: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS); extended operation Fly Open Box; One time operation
  • Locking options (2-Point locking standard): 3-Point Locks, Lock position indicators, Armored strikes, Electric Solenoid Lock (Fail Safe/Fail Secure), Access Control Locking with surface or recessed panic hardware
  • Design: Bi-Part or Single Slide
  • Breakout: Sliding Panels Only
  • Jamb Dimension: 1 3/4" x 4 1/2" 1 3/4" x 6"
  • Finish: Clear Special Finish Available
  • Panels: Static-dissipative PVC
  • Locking: Single Point Bottom Rail Deadlock(s) Electric Locking
  • Controls: Touchless or biometric keypad Biometric or card key reader
  • Sensors: 2 SU-100s / Stanguard 2 Wizards
  • Drive System: ¼ HP DC gear driven motor, twin ¼ HP DC gear driven motors (optional)
  • Material: Door Panel options (special quote): tempered glass, polycarbonate
  • Compliance: UL, cUL, ANSI A156.10, UBC, BOCA, ICBO, NFPA 101
  • STANLEY SU-100 MOTION SENSORS: Uni-directional function reduces length of time door stays open by detecting approaching traffic; saves energy by preserving loss of heat and air conditioning
  • Stan-Guard® Threshold Sensor: Configurable Options: threshold sensor and doorway holding beam detects and holds the door open for people and objects until area is clear
  • Security Options: Security access options include card readers, biometric readers, passcode readers and overhead cameras; call Terra for more information
  • Battery Backup: Extends operation of automatic doors up to 1.5 hours in event of power outage or failure (optional)

Door Sliding Direction

Door sliding direction is easily determined while standing on the SECURE SIDE (key side) or OUTSIDE of the door.

Clean and Durable Powder Coat Finish

Terra’s signature white powder coat finish provides a high quality, durable barrier to protect against corrosion, plus a clean and attractive aesthetic. The advanced heat-fused formulation exceeds ASTM and ISO paint standards to resist chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing.

Continuous Product Improvement

At Terra, we strive to develop and produce the highest quality products for our customers to improve health, safety, performance, and yields. Our product quality is enabled by high-grade manufacturing equipment and processes, 45 years of engineering and application expertise, and our commitment to continuously improve.

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