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BenchtopPolystyrene113"10"8"0.3 ft³ 1539-15 57122 $10315-25 Days2
BenchtopCopolyester Clear112.5"15.5"7.5"0.7 ft³ 1538-08 54905 $17315-25 Days3
BenchtopCopolyester Clear and Blue112.5"15.5"7.5"0.7 ft³ 1538-09 54906 $17515-25 Days4
BenchtopCopolyester Clear and Blue112.5"15.5"7.5"0.7 ft³ 1538-10 54908 $17515-25 Days5
BenchtopCopolyester Amber112.5"15.5"7.5"0.7 ft³ 1538-11 54909 $19715-25 Days6
BenchtopCopolyester112.5"15.5"7.5"0.7 ft³ 1538-12 54911 $22915-25 Days7
BenchtopCopolyester Amber112.5"15.5"7.5"0.7 ft³ 1538-13 54912 $26115-25 Days8
BenchtopCopolyester Clear112.5"15.5"11.5"1.2 ft³ 3618-54 55019 $34615-25 Days9
BenchtopCopolyester Amber112.5"15.5"11.5"1.2 ft³ 3618-56 55021 $36515-25 Days10
BenchtopCopolyester Clear112.5"15.5"11.5"1.2 ft³ 3618-55 55028 $39415-25 Days11
BenchtopCopolyester Amber112.5"15.5"11.5"1.2 ft³ 3618-57 55030 $39815-25 Days12
BenchtopCopolyester Clear112.5"15.5"11.5"1.2 ft³ 3618-50 55031 $54715-25 Days13
BenchtopCopolyester Amber112.5"15.5"11.5"1.2 ft³ 3618-52 55034 $56315-25 Days14
BenchtopCopolyester Clear112.5"15.5"11.5"1.2 ft³ 3618-51 55035 $62715-25 Days15
BenchtopCopolyester Amber112.5"15.5"11.5"1.2 ft³ 3618-53 55038 $64815-25 Days16
BenchtopCopolyester Clear112.5"15.5"11.5"1.2 ft³ 1538-29 55097 $62715-25 Days17
BenchtopPolystyrene113"10"14"0.3 ft³ 1539-16 57123 $19415-25 Days18
BenchtopCopolyester Clear113"16"16"1.6 ft³ 1539-10 57144 $66615-25 Days19
BenchtopCopolyester Amber113"16"16"1.6 ft³ 1539-11 57146 $68015-25 Days20
BenchtopCopolyester Clear113"16"16"1.6 ft³ 1539-12 57149 $71615-25 Days21
BenchtopCopolyester Clear113"16"16"1.6 ft³ 1539-13 57152 $73415-25 Days22
BenchtopCopolyester Clear120"16"13"1.9 ft³ 1539-22 57167 $61515-25 Days23
BenchtopCopolyester Clear120"16"13"1.9 ft³ 1539-23 57168 $66115-25 Days24
BenchtopCopolyester Clear and Blue120"16"13"1.9 ft³ 1539-24 57169 $61515-25 Days25
BenchtopCopolyester Blue120"16"13"1.9 ft³ 1539-25 57171 $61515-25 Days26
BenchtopCopolyester Clear and Blue113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-26 57172 $61515-25 Days27
BenchtopCopolyester Blue113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-27 57174 $61515-25 Days28
BenchtopCopolyester Clear113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-28 57176 $61515-25 Days29
BenchtopCopolyester Amber113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-29 57177 $65115-25 Days30
BenchtopCopolyester Clear120"16"13"1.9 ft³ 1539-30 57180 $84815-25 Days31
BenchtopCopolyester Clear and Blue120"16"13"1.9 ft³ 1539-32 57182 $84815-25 Days32
BenchtopCopolyester Clear and Blue120"16"13"1.9 ft³ 1539-33 57184 $90515-25 Days33
BenchtopCopolyester Blue120"16"13"1.9 ft³ 1539-34 57185 $84815-25 Days34
BenchtopCopolyester Clear and Blue113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-35 57186 $84815-25 Days35
BenchtopCopolyester Clear and Blue113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-36 57187 $90515-25 Days36
BenchtopCopolyester Blue113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-37 57188 $84815-25 Days37
BenchtopCopolyester Blue113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-38 57189 $90515-25 Days38
BenchtopCopolyester Amber113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-39 57190 $85715-25 Days39
BenchtopCopolyester113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-40 57191 $91715-25 Days40
BenchtopCopolyester Clear113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-41 57192 $84815-25 Days41
BenchtopCopolyester Clear113"16"20"1.9 ft³ 1539-42 57193 $90515-25 Days42
BenchtopCopolyester113"16"16"1.6 ft³ 1539-43 57201 $48415-25 Days43
BenchtopCopolyester Clear113"16"16"1.6 ft³ 1539-44 57202 $44215-25 Days44
BenchtopCopolyester Amber113"16"16"1.6 ft³ 1539-45 57203 $48515-25 Days45
BenchtopCopolyester Amber113"16"16"1.6 ft³ 1539-46 57204 $45715-25 Days46
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Product Details

• To maintain RH levels as low as 7%, purchase nitrogen generator catalog number 2700-99

• To maintain RH levels below 1%, purchase nitrogen generator catalog number 2700-12B

• Cost-effective and compact

• Units range from 0.74 - 1.9 cubic feet of dry, dust-free storage space for moisture-sensitive products

• Two configurations for use with either desiccant or nitrogen

• Portable and stackable with interlocking ridges; stack up to 3 units high

• Use with tamper-evident seals or small padlocks (door opens to the left)

• Amber color models reduce visible light penetration by 50%

• Durastar® copolyester plastic material blocks 99% of UV light

• Resists stains, chemicals and fine cracks

• Patented seal design provides excellent moisture protection

• End caps (located at top and bottom) have a lip for carrying

• Includes one removable perforated shelf

• Door-mounted hygrometer dial

Portable and Benchtop Desiccators

  • BEL-ART Secador Desiccator Cabinet Clear with Blue Caps Open BEL-ART Secador Desiccator Cabinet Clear with Blue Caps
BEL-ART Secador Desiccator Cabinet Clear with Blue Caps Open

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Bel-Art Copolyester Secador Desiccator

The attractive design and construction of the Secador line of desiccator cabinets assure easy and reliable storage of moisture and UV sensitive products. Choose from an extensive selection of sizes, styles and colors to meet your dry storage needs.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Bel-Art Desi-Can Reusable Desiccant Canister
    Bel-Art Desi-Can™ aluminum desiccant canister conveniently fits into spaces such as toolboxes or instrument cases to guard against rust. Monitor desiccant through the viewing window to check moisture saturation.
  • Disposable Desiccant Cartridge
    Transparent polystyrene dish allows silica gel examination: beads turn pink when saturated with moisture. Easy to regenerate in glass or porcelain jar at 150ºC (300ºF). Non-toxic, non-corrosive and inert.
  • Bel-Art Disposable Desiccant Cartridges
    Bel-Art silica 100 mm desiccant cartridges protect materials from moisture and can be regenerated by applying dry heat. When silica is saturated with moisture, it turns pink. Cartridges are non-toxic, non-corrosive and inert.
  • Desiccant Cartridges, 200mm

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