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Wet Cleaning Station

  • Self-contained, easy-to-clean system includes sliding access shield and fluorescent illuminator
  • Select polypropylene or 304 stainless steel shell
  • Polypropylene stations are ideal for acid and caustic chemistries
  • 304 stainless steel Wet Cleaning Stations are ideal for applications using solvents or flammables; complete explosion-proof bench available
  • Select optional accessories for your cleaning processes:
  • Custom engineered to meet specific cleaning application requirements

Fan/filter models below are UL and UL-Canadian listed.

Wet Processing Cabinet
Polypropylene station shown with optional
gooseneck faucets and spray guns.

  FEATURES & BENEFITS | Wet Cleaning Station
Alt Text
Sinks and Tanks
Wet cleaning cabinet sink enclosure safely isolates and contains fluids. Surface perforations allow drainage into collection tanks below the counter.
Spray Guns: N2 & DI Water
Handy spray guns are ready sources of nitrogen or deionized water installed in locations to suit your process requirements.
Gooseneck Faucet
Angled to dispense water in a focused stream, this faucet is made of chemical-resistant PVC. Tip is tapered for tube connection.

Adjustable Rear Baffles
Adjust air flow direction, speed and volume by changing position of the easy-to-reach baffle plates at the rear of the station countertop.

Adjustable Transparent Sash
The PVC sliding shield protects workers from contact with chemical fumes. Variable positioning helps control laminar air speeds.

Bottom Storage
Spacious storage area under the work surface holds reserve chemicals or carboys. Access doors easily slide open or closed.

Ordering Information

Wet Cleaning Stations, standard height =72" (1829 mm)
inches (mm)
Work Area
W" x D"
Polypropylene 304 Stainless Steel
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
72 x 24
(1829 x 610)
7018-00 $ 25,256 7018-01 $ 37,824
96 x 24
(2438 x 610)
7018-02 $ 30,024 7018-03 $ 45,370
Fan/Filter Units
inches (mm)
Avg. CFM
Power With
HEPA Filter
ULPA Filter
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
48 x 24
(1219 x 610)
120VAC, 50/60Hz
220VAC, 50Hz
6601-24-H $ 776 6601-24-U $ 876
6601-24-H-220 $ 854 6601-24-U-220 $ 964
36 x 24
(914 x 610)
120VAC, 50/60Hz
220VAC, 50Hz
6601-23-H $ 776 6601-23-U $ 876
6601-23-H-220 $ 854 6601-23-U-220 $ 964
Ionizing Bar
Click to see Ionizing Bar
Cat. # Price
2005-37 $ 859
Note: All models listed above include an adjustable PVC sliding sash (to restrict airflow to the work area), a static pressure exhaust meter (to monitor the pressure differential in the exhaust line) , and a fluorescent illuminator.

Wet Processing Cabinet
An alternate deck configuration showing gooseneck faucet, sinks, perforated work surface and spray guns.

Wet Processing Cabinet
304 Stainless Steel Wet Cleaning Cabinet shown with optional wafer boats.

wet station illust Airflow color Key
These self-contained Wet Cleaning Stations provide the perfect turnkey solution for a wide range of cleaning requirements. Add sinks, gooseneck faucets and spray guns for nitrogen and deionized water to accommodate the needs of your workflow.

The standard models include a reinforced cabinet of the specified size and material, a sliding access shield, and a fluorescent illuminator. Support posts with polypropylene leveling feet provide stable positioning. Select optional 4" (102 mm) -diameter retractable casters for convenient mobility.

A raised lip surrounds the work area to prevent floor spills.

Easy on/off push buttons control the light and optional filter unit and a backpressure gauge monitors the exhaust flow.

Optional carboys can be placed within the storage cabinet to collect all draining fluid for safe removal, as well as monitor fluid level through a sight glass or installed automated sensor.

The optional ducted fan/filter module provides a vertical laminar flow of HEPA-filtered air for particle-sensitive applications. HEPA is rated at 99.99% efficient for particles 0.3 um. Exhaust fumes can be ducted through a 10" (254 mm)-diameter flange located on the top of the cabinet (see airflow illustration). Specify other desired flange diameter or location.

Terra’s Wet Cleaning Station can be manufactured with all explosion-proof components, including fan/filter unit and overhead LED illuminator, for hazardous applications. Talk to a Product Specialist for more details.

Construction: All stress-relieved white polypropylene, 0.5" (13 mm) thick or all 304 stainless steel. Standard plumbing is PVC (specify 304 stainless steel or other desired material)
Exhaust: Ducted through a standard 10" (254 mm)-diameter flange positioned at the top rear of the cabinet (see airflow illustration). Specify other desired flange diameter or location
Storage Cabinet: 70"W (1778 mm) or 92"W x 42"D x 12"H (2337 mm x 1067 mm x 305 mm); dual sliding doors
Drain: 2" NPT female, located at bottom of sub-deck plenum
Power: 120VAC, 60Hz or 220VAC, 50Hz, depending on component selection. Power outlets available for process equipment
Illuminator: Fluorescent, 3,150 lumens. Does not disturb air
Controls: Power switches for fluorescent light and fan/filter unit. Back-pressure gauge monitors exhaust flow
Dimensions: 84" (2137 mm) or 108"W x 43"D x 72"H (2743 mm x 1092 mm x 1829 mm), nominal
Fan/Filter Unit: Optional FFU generates 650 CFM (1104.4 m³/hr) of air at filter pressure drop from 0.350" to 0.795" W.G. at 90 FPM (0.5 m/s). Noise factor: 50 dBA. Filter type: 99.99% efficient HEPA

Carboys (Reservoirs)

Carboys reservoir
No. 2800-75, shown with
optional liquid level sensor
  • Safely contains chemicals draining from a sink or overflow plenum in a Terra wet station
  • Includes sight glass to monitor liquid level (electronic liquid level sensors available)
  • Casters and quick connect/disconnect fittings included to simplify carboy removal and emptying
  • Select among three materials to meet chemical compatibility requirements

These liquid carboys catch and safely contain acids, solvents and other process chemicals draining from tanks, plenum chambers, and vessels installed in a Terra Wet Processing Station or Cabinet.

Select polypropylene, PVDF or stainless steel construction to meet chemical compatibility requirements, in any of three standard sizes. All models include a sight glass made of Teflon tubing, low-profile nylon-ball casters, and quick connect/disconnect fittings for easy detachment and removal.

Liquid Carboys, includes handles that extend total of 3.5" (89 mm) past indicated length
Material Tank Dimensions, OD
inches (mm)
gallons (L)
Cat. # Price
Polypropylene 13 W x 13 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 330 x 292)
2800-75 $ 1,561
Polypropylene 13 W x 18 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 457 x 292)
2800-76 $ 1,738
Polypropylene 13 W x 25 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 635 x 292)
2800-77 $ 2,581
Stainless Steel 13 W x 12 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 305 x 292)
2800-78 $ 1,721
Stainless Steel 13 W x 17 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 432 x 292)
2800-79 $ 1,914
Stainless Steel 13 W x 24 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 610 x 292)
2800-80 $ 2,966
PVDF 13 W x 13 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 330 x 292)
2800-81 $ 1,784
PVDF 13 W x 18 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 457 x 292)
2800-82 $ 1,985
PVDF 13 W x 25 L x 11.5 H
(330 x 635 x 292)
2800-83 $ 2,952
Quick Connect Fitting for Carboy 2800-84 Call TUI
Sight Glass for Overflow Carboy 2800-85 Call TUI

Liquid Level Sensor
Includes installation of electronic sensors on any
of the carboys above (must be ordered together).

Cat. # Price
2800-86 $ 756
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