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Specimen Pass-Through Cabinet

Cabinet with self-closing door used to receive
biological samples for lab analysis (shown: No. 2640-97)
  • Spring-loaded doors are self-closing
  • Cabinet components made of stainless steel
  • Interlock doors prevent both doors from being open simultaneously
  • Latch- or key-locking cabinets ensure security
  • Pass-through chambers include frame
  • 12-year warranty

Labs and clinics that collect and analyze biological samples, such as blood, urine or tissue, use pass-through cabinets to safely and securely transport specimens between rooms. Patients can conveniently deposit their sample containers in these chambers, while maintaining privacy. An internal shelf platform holds sample bottles for pick up by personnel.

Interlocking doors ensure that both doors are not open at the same time and the spring-loaded hinges make sure that the doors fully close after use. These pass-throughs are available with either a latch lock or key lock for privacy and security. All components are made of durable, cleanroom-compatible stainless steel, including the pinned door hinges.

Specimen Pass-Through Cabinets
Outside Dimensions
W x D x H
Inside Clearance
W x D x H
Wall Cut-Out Cat. # Price
13.75" x 6" x 12.625"
(349 x 152 x 321 mm)
11" x 4.75" x 10"
(279 x 121 x 254 mm)
11.5"W x 10.75"H 2640-97 $ 531

Fire-Rated Specimen Pass-Through Cabinet
Shown: No. 1993-71A

Fire-Rated Specimen Pass-Through Cabinets

  • Fire-rated access panels carry the UL-10B label for 90-minute fire exposure (maximum temperature rise to 250°F (121°C) in 30 minutes)
  • Suitable for 2-hour fire-rated walls
  • Interlock mechanism only allows one side to be open at a time
  • Self-closing doors on both sides
  • Chemical-resistant construction and durable latches
canada and us Ul logo      Testing Standards:
     ANSI/UL 10B

These pass-through chambers are designed specifically for installation in a fire-rated wall. Each chamber features a 2.56" (65 mm) -thick, 304 stainless steel door with a pull handle. The one-inch flange allows for mounting on any typical wall material.

Fire-Rated Specimen Pass-Through Cabinets
Outside Dimensions
Inside Clearance
Cat. # Price
12 x 14.5 x 12
(305 x 368 x 305)
9.8 x 12 x 10.6
(249 x 305 x 269)
1993-71A Price
* For wall cut-out, add 0.5" (13 mm) to width and height.

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