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• Fire-rated access panel ("clean" side) carries the UL-10B label for 90-minute fire exposure (suitable for 2-hour wall rating) at a max temperature rise of 450°F (232°C) in 30 minutes

• Continuous-seam CleanSeam welds minimize hard-to-clean cracks

• Heavy-duty, double-wall door construction prevents chamber misalignment and door damage when operators apply excessive force to an interlocked door

• Fire-rated 10” x 10” (254 x 254mm) viewing window allows convenient monitoring of pass-through contents

• Recessed pull-to-open latch withstands up to 50 lbs. of force without damaging the catch, interlock, or door frame

• Rugged mechanical interlock prevents cross-contamination by allowing only one door at a time to open

• Spring-action, self-closing door simplify operation, minimize the chance of contamination

• "Dirty" side door is a non-fire-rated door, with static-dissipative PVC window, stainless steel frame, and LiftLatch

• 304 Stainless Steel

Marks & Listings: CE, UL, ULC, UL 10B Fire Rated

Inside Dimensions: 24" W x 24" D x 24" H ID

Dimensions, Product: 26" W x 28" D x 26" H

Weight, Product: 50 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 32" W x 34" D x 42" H

Weight, Shipping: 83 lb

Package Type: Crate

Unit of Measure: EA

Features and Benefits

Critical Dimensions

Fire-Rated Pass-Through Chambers Without Windows

Chambers Tailored to Your Requirements

Modifications are no problem, as long as you keep these points in mind to retain the UL-B fire-rating:

  • Door thickness cannot be modified
  • Window dimensions cannot be modified
  • Pass-through chamber width and height dimensions other than what is shown in the ordering chart are possible, but are restricted to the outside dimensional (OD) range between 24"W x 18"H and 36"W x 48"H

Discuss your specific needs with a Terra Product Specialist.

Fire-Rated Pass-Through Installation

Fire-rated doors are designed to be mounted flush with the wall, with the body of the pass-through extending into the unclassified room (see illustration).

Access Clearances
  • Width = (Nominal Chamber Width) – 1.88"
  • Depth = (Nominal Chamber Depth) – 0.12"
  • Height = (Nominal Chamber Height) – 1.25"
  • Wall Cut-Out = Add 0.5" to chamber width and add 0.5" to chamber height
Pass-Through Support Brackets

Terra offers support brackets and hardware to ensure secure mounting (order separately). In most cases, a bracket kit provides ample support. Select support brackets for 36"D (914 mm) wall-mount models to brace the larger chamber. Two brackets are recommended for wide chambers (installed side-by-side on the wall).

Fire-Rated Pass-Through Glass Window

The wire-free glass-ceramic incorporate a surface-applied, fire-rated film and is impact rated for additional safety. These windows feature a high level of clarity and offer protection from either side.

Pass-Through Chamber Interlock

Terra’s automatic mechanical interlock prevents cross-contamination by allowing one door to be open at a time. Encased in stainless steel, the mechanism is rated for millions of operations, more than enough to last the lifetime of the pass-through.

Spring-Loaded Fire-Rated Passthrough Hinge

Spring-loaded hinges provide the self-closing capability required in a fire-rated wall. Automatic closing doors also simplify operation for operators with hands full.

Insulated Fire-Rated Pass-Through Door

Terra’s fire-rated door meets UL 10B requirements for 90-minute fire exposure, including hose-stream testing. The inside of the door is lined with 2”-thick SuperWool® Plus insulation to reduce heat transfer from elevated room temperatures.

Recessed Pass-Through Paddle Latch

The recessed paddle latch withstands up to 50 lbs. of force and can be easily operated with gloved hands. The positive latch mechanism ensures that the door always latches and remains secure.

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Passthrough Chamber Door Stop
    This stainless steel door stop limits the arc of the pass-through door's swing to 90°, preventing damage to wall, door latch and other components. Door stops can be adjusted to allow other angles.
  • Support Brackets for Pass-Through Chambers
    Stainless steel support brackets are recommended for pass-throughs deeper than 24". Brackets fasten to the wall and the body of the chamber rests upon the horizontal bar; no fasteners are used on the pass-through itself.
  • Electropolish Finish
    Electropolishing increases corrosion resistance, improves ease of cleaning, and provides a smooth and bright finish.

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