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Cleanroom Barrier Walls and Hardwall Panels

Barrier Walls
Tempered glass panels create a secure, dust-free partition for ultra-low temperature pharmaceutical storage
Barrier Walls
304 stainless steel panel with tempered glass viewing windows, used to create a barrier between an access corridor and adjacent containment rooms
Curtain Wall
Ceiling-mounted anti-static strip shields create a separate antechamber inside a softwall cleanroom
Order strip shields and curtain panels
These versatile panels provide an economical way to divide a cleanroom or laboratory in multiple cleanliness zones or to create a dust-free area in an otherwise unclassified work space.

Terra’s modular cleanroom panels serve as barrier walls that enable modification of existing space to multiple purposes.

Softwall Strips and Panels
These anti-static vinyl panels keep contaminants in or out. Use them as an economical dust containment enclosure for process equipment. In conjunction with ceiling-mounted fan/filter modules, they can also create a dust-free clean zone—an economical clean room inside a conventional office space.

Softwall panels can be specified in any height to 10 feet (3048 mm); select the suspended T-Grid Mount to install them on a standard ceiling grid. Ordering information.

Hardwall Panels
Configured in 4-foot (1219 mm), quick-connect sections in heights up to 10 feet (3048 mm), these panels include a versatile leveling system to compensate for floor irregularities. End pieces allow adjustment to nearly any span and attachment to various wall types. Select a design and material to meet your requirements.

Plastic Panels
Powder-coated steel frames support rigid plastic panels that provide full visibility and light transmittal. Static-dissipative PVC helps eliminate electro-static discharge and particle attraction. Polycarbonate offers excellent thermal and chemical resistance. Acrylic combines strength and low cost.

BioSafe® Panels
These double-wall steel structures provide smooth surfaces and caulked seams to facilitate cleaning and sterilization. Foam insulation reduces transmission of noise and vibration.

Tempered Glass Panels
Easy to clean and sterilize, these sturdy structures combine cleanroom compatibility with showcase aesthetics. Rugged steel supports can be bolted to the existing floor to ensure seismic safety.

Ordering Information
All panels are available in height to 10 feet (3048 mm). Floor anchors are recommended for spans over 10 feet (3048 mm) and in all BioSafe® and tempered glass walls.

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  Cat. # Price
Hardwall Plastic Barrier Walls
Acrylic 6602-55 Call TUI
Static-Dissipative PVC 6602-56 Call TUI
Polycarbonate 6602-57 Call TUI
BioSafe® Barrier Walls
Powder-Coated Steel (white) 6602-58 Call TUI
304 Stainless Steel 6602-59 Call TUI
316L Stainless Steel 6602-60 Call TUI
Tempered Glass Walls 6602-61 Call TUI
Terra cleanroom walls are made of durable, easy-to-clean, ISO-grade materials, as specified in FDA guidance documents. Combined with your cGMP processes, they will help you comply with operational requirements.
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