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EZ-UP Cleanroom®: Internal Frame Enclosure

EZ-UP Cleanroom with internal frame, shown with optional swing door, casters,
LED lights and HEPA fan/filter units mounted on support frame (order separately)

EZ-UP Cleanrooms for Other Applications
External Frame EZ-UP Cleanrooms feature smooth internal surfaces that are easy to wipe down and sterilize, making them ideal for aseptic operations.
Suspended Frame EZ-UP Cleanrooms provide an economical, dust-free enclosure for large operations – ideal for warehouses and other unclassified production environments.
Particle Containment Rooms enclose your dirtiest operations inside your cleanest ones! Ideal for containing contaminants created by temporary maintenance operations performed inside a cleanroom.
EZ-UP Cleanrooms offer the most competitive pricing available without compromising on performance!

Terra’s unique EZ-UP Cleanroom provides a low-cost alternative to conventional modular cleanrooms for situations that require fast, easy installation. Several versatile configurations let you design a system for a wide range of requirements, from a portable, cost-effective, dust-free equipment enclosure to a cleanroom that meets ISO 8 particle and air change requirements and supports aseptic bio-pharmaceutical processing.

Internal Frame EZ-UP Cleanrooms (shown above) provide an internal powder-coated steel support frame, with zippered end pieces and an RF-welded vinyl enclosure.

All designs employ adjustable frame systems that stretch the RF-welded material taught, creating a rigid panel that's easy to clean and sterlize.

  • Unique modular system combines low cost and fast delivery for a range of isolation and containment applications
  • Easy-assemble units take hours, not days or weeks, to install
  • Versatile frame stretches to create rigid panels for effective cleaning and sterilization
  • 40 mil fire-resistant, anti-static vinyl offers both cleanliness and durability
  • Fan/filter modules provide HEPA-filtered inlet air to the locations you require to meet cleanliness requirements to ISO 8 or provide negative-pressure containment of particles or vapors
  • Other options include swing or zippered doors, strip shield entries, rapid-action automatic doors (for large equipment transfer), access ports and LED light strips

EZ-UP Cleanroom Ordering Information

Pressure-Safe Sealed Internal Frame (with Pressure Control)
These units include powder-coated 2” square tube support frame with end panels zippered to RF-welded enclosure panels. All panels are flame-resistant, anti-static vinyl with nominal 40 mil thickness. Side panels feature 2”-wide embedded steel bar at floor level that maintains internal positive or negative pressure up to 2”WC; mounting holes allow attachment to floors, if desired. 

Select Fan/Filter Units, LED strip lights, access door, exhust vents, and other options below. These models can also be configured for controlled temperature and humidity; specify air conditioning module and/or temperature and humidity controls, if required.

Softwall Internal Frame (without Pressure Control)
Includes frame and 40-mil anti-static vinyl panels listed above, but panels end approximately 6” above the floor, allowing air to escape without air vents. Parting strip shields, included on one end panel, provide a convenient entry. Select  optional features below, including LED lights and casters. NOTE: softwall panels do not maintain pressure, temperature or humidity control.

Pre-Configured Systems
Models below include one or two HEPA Fan/Filter Units (depending on room size) configured for horizontal flow, as in the photo above, to meet ISO 8 requirements, along with LED strip lights and an entry way: 40 mil anti-static parting strip shields for softwall rooms, and frameless dissipative PVC swing door for Pressure-Safe rooms. Call for other sizes or ISO requirements.
EZ-UP Cleanroom Style 8'W x 8'D 8'W x 12'D
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Pressure-Safe (8.5'H)
Holds positive or negative pressure
6604-55-ISO8-0808 $ 8,339 6604-55-ISO8-0812 $ 10,675
Softwall Panels (9'H)
Panels extend 6" above floor
6604-56-ISO8-0808 $ 5,315 6604-56-ISO8-0812 $ 6,907
Call for pricing on other sizes up to 12' x 16'. When ordering, specify length/width dimensions.

EZ-UP Cleanroom Kits

Prices below include EZ-UP powder-coated steel frame with vinyl panels with zipper along end panels and vinyl panel frame attachment system. Frame adjusts to pull panels taught, creating smooth, easy-clean internal surfaces. Order swing door, as well as desired quantity of FFUs, FFU frames, and LED light strips, separately.
Internal Frame EZ-UP Cleanroom Kits*
Size: WxD, ft Internal Frame EZ-UP Floor-Mount Kit
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
6 x 8 6604-55-0608 Price 6604-49-0608 Price
6 x 12 6604-55-0612 Price 6604-49-0612 Price
8 x 8 6604-55-0808 Price 6604-49-0808 Price
8 x 12 6604-55-0812 Price 6604-49-0812 Price
8 x 16 6604-55-0816 Price 6604-49-0816 Price
10 x 8 6604-55-1008 Price 6604-49-1008 Price
10 x 12 6604-55-1012 Price 6604-49-1012 Price
10 x 16 6604-55-1016 Price 6604-49-1016 Price
12 x 8 6604-55-1208 Price 6604-49-1208 Price
12 x 12 6604-55-1212 Price 6604-49-1212 Price
12 x 16 6604-55-1216 Price 6604-49-1216 Price
* Zippered end pieces and RF-sealed middle pieces made of 40 mil anti-static, flame-resistant vinyl; all panels 8.5'H (frames adjustable between 7'8" and 9')

Accessories Cat. # Price
Fan/Filter Unit Support Frame
Positions up to two Fan/Filter Units for horizontal flow of micro-filtered air.
6604-60 Price
Fan/Filter Unit
Provides up to 800 CFM of 99.99% efficient HEPA filtration of air into the EZ-UP Cleanroom. Up to two can be installed on frame support above.
6601-24-H $ 677
Zippered Entry
80"H vertical zipper provides economical entry
into Pressure-Safe EZ-UP Cleanrooms.
6604-61 Price
See door options below

Panel Seam Types

Industrial-Grade Molded Zippers

RF Welding

Industrial-Grade Molded Zippers allow rapid joining of modular panels, reducing weight, bulk and installation time. Available on external-frame and suspended-frame models, these YKK #5 molded zippers feature a positive tracking design that virtually eliminates misfeeds or jams.

Best of all, zippered panels are stocked for immediate shipping in three standard widths and can be joined to form any length enclosure you require.

Zippers are included standard on all end pieces and both ends of center panels of rooms above. To assemble a room, drape the center panel over the support frame and use zippers to attach the two end panels.

RF Welding creates a seamless panel that eliminates cracks and crevices that can collect particles and harbor germs, making this the ideal design for bio/pharmaceutical, medical and other aseptic applications.

Designed to rigorous military and medical requirements, this process uses latest-generation radio-frequency track welders and computer-driven cutting machines to fuse seamless panels up to 100-feet long.  The result: large-capacity enclosures that are easy to wipe down and sterilize.

RF-welded panels can be specified for any of the configurations below, creating a BioSafe® enclosure that’s easy to sterilize.

All center panels of rooms above are RF welded to form a single cover that drapes over the support frame. Zippers on each end attach the two end panels.

Typical Internal-Frame Configuration: includes two 10'W zippered end pieces, two 10'W x 9' middle pieces, and optional HEPA air handler and module A/C unit (ordering information below)

Options and Accessories

Frameless Swing Doors
Frameless Swing Doors are center-mounted along one width dimension, as shown in photo above. Includes mounting frame. Door requires that frame be set at a fixed height between 8' and 9'; specify when ordering.

Door Panel Material Single Door
81"H x 36"W
(2057 mm x 914 mm)
Cat. # Price
Acrylic* 6710-33 Price
6710-32 Price
*Acrylic is damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents



Strip Shield Doors provide convenient, inexpensive access for applications that don’t require pressure or temperature control.  Strip shields, made of 60-mil material, come standard in 8” (203 mm) widths, with 2” (51 mm) overlap. They are made of static-dissipative PVC for enhanced particle and static control. 4'-wide strip shield entry is provided on all Softwall EZ-UP Cleanrooms above (standard location: centered mounted along one width dimension). Use ordering information below to specify additional strip shield entries.

For Ceiling
Static-Dissipative PVC, 60 mil
Resistivity: 10^7 ohms/sq
Polysim, 40 mil
Cat. # $/ Linear Ft. Cat. # $/ Linear Ft.
Up to 8 ft. 1320S-08 Price 1320-67 Price
Up to 10 ft. 1320S-10 Price 1320-71 Price



CleanSeal® High-Speed Roll-Up Doors are ideal for transferring large containers in and out of the cleanroom. Made of non-porous, non-shedding, non-absorptive PC-coated curtain, these units exceed cGMP, FDA and EMEA requirements. They withstand both negative and positive pressure and include a safety mechanism that halts door motion when obstructions are present. Suitable for use on internal frame and suspended frame models.

Standard Door Cat. # Price
6' x 8'
1829 mm x 2438 mm
6710-53A Price



HEPA Air Handler Meets Contamination or Containment Requirements
This system provides 3000 CFM (5100 m3/hr) of high-volume flow of HEPA-filtered air to maintain clean conditions inside the EZ-UP Cleanroom. This micro-filtered air is ducted to inlet locations you specify in any of the configurations above. For convention cleanroom configurations, inlets are positioned on the ceiling of the enclosure, and make-up air exits through modular exhaust registers installed along the floor. Alternatively, inlets can be installed along a wall to provide horizontal air movement.

This unit can also be installed for exhaust ventilation, allowing safe containment of hazardous powders or bacteria introduced inside the enclosure.

Select as many 12”-diameter inlet ports as your application requires, up to ten per air handler. Call for more information on configurations required to meet specific ISO cleanliness
standards (to ISO 7).

  Cat. # Price
High-Capacity Exhaust Fan 120VAC 6710-68 Price
208VAC 6710-68-220 Price
HEPA Filter (two required)
99.99% efficient @0.3µm particles
2100-20 Price
Inlet Duct Port
Each kit includes dual flanges that secure a 12"-diameter x 3"H flange for connection to inlet air duct. Can be positioned at any desired location on any EZ-UP Cleanroom.
6604-62 Price
Exhaust Vents
Specify one per inlet duct to provide safe pressure release. Vinyl flap opens and closes to prevent overpressures. Specify desired location when ordering.
6604-63 Price

Air Conditioning
Terra provides several A/C solutions: modular air conditioning units recirculates cooled air through the enclosure, and, for larger enclosures, split units mount the heat-generating compressor on the roof of your facility and drop cool air to the EZ-UP cleanroom. More information…

Cleanroom Casters
Stainless steel swivel casters feature nonshedding polyurethane wheels. Capacity: 300 lbs. (136 kg.) each. Order one per vertical post. Price includes installation. Casters raise the frame 7.125" (181 mm). If casters are ordered, the frame will be made shorter to keep the floor to filter face dimension to specification.
CAUTION: Casters are intended to allow movement only on smooth floors and require that personnel support each cleanroom upright during motion.
Cat. # Price
6704-08 Price
wheel caster
6" (152 mm) -diameter locking caster

Data/Power Cable Feed-Through
Mounts to 10”-diameter cut-out on EZ-UP Cleanroom to accommodate a variety of cable feed-throughs (feed-through hardware not included). Panel material: white polypropylene.

Cat. # Price
1695-17 Price



Cleanroom Talk-Through
Economical, mechanical device transmits sound through transparent polycarbonate and Mylar diaphragms to allow clear communication. Requires a 7.75”-diameter cut-out.

Cat. # Price
5050-50 $ 337



LED Light Strips
This low-cost, low-energy lighting system attaches to the internal frame or plastic panel to provide bright illumination (15,375 lumens for 25 feet of double-stacked LED strips, equivalent to four fluorescent T8 bulbs). Price is per linear foot (25-foot minimum). Includes power supply.

Cat. # Price
3800-40 Price



File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) EZ-UP Cleanroom® Internal Frame, Doc. 1788-34
Installation instructions for Terra's EZ-UP Cleanroom with internal steel frame and softwall panels. See the step-by-step process with helpful photos and drawings.
24-hour sales and tech phone support, M - F
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