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Desiccator; Copolyester, 13.4" W x 16.3" D x 8.4" H OD, Clear, Secador 1.0
Product Details
  • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 8
  • Moisture absorbed by use of desiccants, such as silica, activated charcoal, gel beads, etc.
  • Interchangeable and stackable up to 3 units with interlocking ridges and built-in carrying handles
  • Large doors maximize access, and allow placement for tamper-evident seal or small padlocks
  • Perforated shelves aid dry air circulation for a dust free environment
  • Holds: (20) 12oz.  Soda cans
  • Internal Volume: 0.74 cu, ft
  • Number of Shelves: 1 fixed shelf
  • Manual operation and monitoring
  • Durastar(R)  copolyester plastic material blocks 99% of UV light from penetrating interior of cabinet, resists stains, chemicals and fine cracks
  • Easy to see door-mounted hygrometer dial for convenient tracking of humidity (RH)
  • Compact footprint ideal for limited spaces

Chamber Dimensions: 12.5"W x 15.5"D x 7.5"H

Material: Copolyester Clear

Opening Dimensions: 4.5"W x 8.9"D

Number of Chambers: 1

Model: Secador 1.0

Design: Benchtop

Chamber Width: 12.5"

Chamber Depth: 15.5"

Chamber Height: 7.5"

Humidity Control: Desiccant

Chamber Volume: 0.7 ft³

Door Design: ValuLine

ISO Class: ISO 8

Unit of Measure: EA

Weight, Product: 8 lb

Dimensions, Product: 13.4" W x 16.3" D x 8.4" H

Weight, Shipping: 13.25 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 19.4" W x 22.3" D x 14.4" H

Package Type: Box

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ISO 7 Smart® Desiccator Cabinet on Automatic Height Adjustable Workstation

Automatic height adjusting workstations allow users to quickly alternate between comfortable sitting and standing positions while performing different tasks with heavy equipment on the workspace, such as this Smart® Desiccator Cabinet connected to a Nitrogen Generator.
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