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FramelessAcrylicManualDouble Swing83"76" 6709-26 $1,56215-19 Days2
FramelessAcrylicManualSingle Left Swing83"40" 6709-28-L $78115-19 Days3
FramelessAcrylicManualSingle Right Swing83"40" 6709-28-R $78115-19 Days4
FramelessStatic-Dissipative PVCManualDouble Swing83"76" 6709-27 $4,18815-19 Days5
FramelessStatic-Dissipative PVCManualSingle Left Swing83"40" 6709-29-L $2,18415-19 Days6
FramelessStatic-Dissipative PVCManualSingle Right Swing83"40" 6709-29-R $2,18415-19 Days7
FramelessPolycarbonateManualDouble Swing83"76" 6709-23 $1,70415-19 Days8
FramelessPolycarbonateManualSingle Left Swing83"40" 6709-21-L $92415-19 Days9
FramelessPolycarbonateManualSingle Right Swing83"40" 6709-21-R $92415-19 Days10
FramelessTempered GlassManualDouble Swing83"76" 6709-22 $1,56215-19 Days11
FramelessTempered GlassManualSingle Left Swing83"40" 6709-20-L $78115-19 Days12
FramelessTempered GlassManualSingle Right Swing83"40" 6709-20-R $78115-19 Days13
FramelessAcrylicManualDouble Swing83"76" 6709-31 $1,56215-19 Days14
FramelessStatic-Dissipative PVCManualDouble Swing83"76" 6709-32 $4,18815-19 Days15
Door Frame
Door Panel
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Opening Width
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Product Details

• Doors are pre-hung on 304 stainless steel Jambs and Header for easy installation

• Options include Left or Right Swing as well as Double Door options

• Intended for use in positive or negative pressure cleanrooms where air movement is acceptable

• Doors are not hermetically sealed and not intended for spaces mitigating operator exposure to biohazards, chemicals, or nauseating odors

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Door Swing Direction

Door swing direction is easily determined while standing on the SECURE SIDE (key side) or OUTSIDE of the door.

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