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48" Optional 8" 115 V Optional 303480001 3651-60$13,50525-29 Days
48" Optional 8" 115 V Included 303481001 3651-62$14,07325-29 Days
48" Optional 8" 230 V Optional 303480011 3651-60-220$13,50525-29 Days
48" Optional 8" 230 V Optional 303480111 3651-61-220$14,08125-29 Days
48" Optional 8" 230 V Included 303481011 3651-62-220$14,07325-29 Days
48" Included 8" 115 V Optional 303480101 3651-61$14,08125-29 Days
48" Included 8" 115 V Included 303481101 3651-63$14,64925-29 Days
48" Included 8" 230 V Included 303481111 3651-63-220$14,64925-29 Days
72" Optional 8" 115 V Optional 303680001 3651-64$15,71825-29 Days
72" Optional 8" 115 V Optional 303680101 3651-65$16,31525-29 Days
72" Optional 8" 230 V Optional 303680011 3651-64-220$15,71825-29 Days
72" Optional 8" 230 V Optional 303680111 3651-65-220$16,31525-29 Days
72" Included 8" 115 V Included 303681001 3651-66$16,27825-29 Days
72" Included 8" 115 V Included 303681101 3651-67$16,87225-29 Days
72" Included 8" 230 V Included 303681111 3651-67-220$16,87225-29 Days
72" Included 8" 230 V Included 303681011 3651-66-220$16,27825-29 Days
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UV Lamp
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• Class II Type B2 biological safety cabinet for containment of hazardous agents while supplying HEPA-filtered airflow over the work surface

• Designed for 100% exhaust; no recirculation of contaminated air

• Airflow inlet grilles positioned around the sash opening to reduce turbulence

• Contain-Air™ Negative Pressure Channel draws air in along the top of the sash

• Constant Airflow Profile™ (CAP) technology automatically adjusts airflow volume as HEPA filters become saturated

• MyLogic™ full-color LCD display shows “Filter Life Remaining” bar graph and other useful information; menus are controlled by exterior switches

• Meets Class 5 conditions per ISO 14644-1 and 2

• Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) uses 60% less energy, is 50% quieter and generates less heat

• Smart-Start™ System allows start-up settings to be preprogrammed

• Includes fluorescent lighting mounted behind the glass sash

• User-programmable lockout system requires a code to operate the cabinet

• ¼”-tempered glass sash with working opening 8""-high for optimal airflow

• Features both supply and exhaust HEPA filters for particle control

• Stainless steel interior for corrosion-resistance and cleanliness

• All controls are ADA-compliant

• Smooth, inclined inlet grille provides comfortable arm support

• Includes interior duplex outlet, hidden behind a flush-mounted cover

• Requires connection to dedicated exhaust system with remote blower (separately available)

Biosafety Cabinets

  • Biological Safety Cabinets Biological Safety Cabinets
Biological Safety Cabinets

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Class II B2 BSC Specifications

Labconco Purifier Logic+ Class II B2 Biological Safety Cabinets

  • Unit Dimensions 4': 54.3"w x 31.2"d x 72.6"h (1379.22 x 792.48 x 1844.04 mm) 6': 78.3"w x 31.2"d x 100.1-106.1"h (1988.82 x 792.48 x 2542.54-2694.94 mm)
  • Material Stainless steel inlet grille with Reserve-Air™ Secondary Airflow Slots*; removable, seamless type 304 stainless steel, dished work surface with lift out knobs; powder-coated steel exterior
  • Electrical 115 volts, 60 Hz, 12 amps, Domestic 230 volts, 50/60 Hz, 8 amps, North America
  • Nominal Width 4' and 6' models
  • Sash Opening 8'
  • Exhaust Volume 665 CFM (4' models) 998 CFM (6' models)
  • Lighting Fluorescent
  • Air Circulation 0%
  • Noise level < 63 dBA
  • Heat Load 990 BTU/hour (4' models)
  • Inflow/Downflow Velocity 105 feet per minute (fpm) (0.5 m/sec)/ 55 fpm (0.3 m/sec)
  • Includes 10' (3 m) power cord with plug
  • Compliance NSF International and ETL Listed; meets Class 5 conditions per ISO 14644-1 and 2 (formerly Class 100)

Stainless Steel Vertical Laminar Flow Hood with Shield

The backbone of the energy-efficient system is a low-energy, PLC-controlled HEPA filtration system that meets ISO 5 particle standards. Advanced baffling technology ensures uniform airflow across the filter face.

Counterweighted, Anti-Racking Sash

The sash is angled at 10° for improved ergonomics without introducing glare. During operation, an alarm will be activated if the sash is opened too far, compromising airflow.

ADA-Compliant Touchpad Controls

The touchpad controls, mounted on the right-hand side of the hood, allow operators to manually toggle the blowers, lights, and power receptacles.

Inclined, Ergonomic Inlet Grille

The curved inlet grille provides comfortable support for the operator’s forearms while working within the hood. The airflow inlet pattern is designed to compensate for any airflow restrictions caused by the operator blocking the slots.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Labconco Telescoping Base Stand
    Ergonomically designed and energy efficient, these biosafety cabinets provide safety and comfort to users working with hazardous particulates that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containment.
  • Hydraulic Lift Base Stand
    Unlike telescoping base stands that are locked in position, a hydraulic base stand can be adjusted as needed to best suit the heights of different operators.
  • Hydraulic Lift Base Stands by Labconco
    Available with electric or manual lift mechanisms, these height-adjustable stands offer optimal flexibility for operators and ADA-compliance.

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