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120 V44"29"Aluminum Slats4" per secYes 6705-12C-AS 64626 $17,54920-30 Days2
120 V46"29"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-12C 64302 $15,02920-30 Days3
120 V59"71"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-13C 64304 $25,70020-30 Days4
120 V62"68"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-13 41467 $19,6151-3 Days5
120 V69"52"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-10C 64300 $22,68020-30 Days6
120 V84"63"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-30C 64616 $29,78620-30 Days7
120 V84"72"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-31C 64617 $33,71520-30 Days8
220 V44"29"Aluminum Slats4" per secYes 6705-12C-AS-220 64627 $17,54920-30 Days9
220 V46"29"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-12C-220 64303 $15,02920-30 Days10
220 V59"71"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-13C-220 64305 $25,70020-30 Days11
220 V69"52"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-10C-220 64301 $22,68020-30 Days12
220 V84"63"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-30C-220 64618 $29,78620-30 Days13
220 V84"72"Aluminum Slats4" per secNo 6705-31C-220 64621 $33,71520-30 Days14
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Product Details

• Segmented aluminum roll-up door design requires no door clearance

• Optimizes valuable cleanroom floor space

• Touch-activated control panel offers a smooth, cleanable surface as well as emergency stop and lock-out capabilities

• Bi-directional motor and disc brake ensure smooth, accurate door motion and full braking power in the event of a power failure

• Electronic key-switch door interlock prevents cross contamination

• Pressure-sensitive safety circuits on each door automatically stop door motion and return door to full open position if an object hits the door bottom

• For equipment transfer only (not for personnel entry/exit)

Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers

Standard Features

  • A Touch panel
    Touch panel controls feature an emergency stop and pass-through lock-out functionality
  • B Viewing window
    Side viewing window (static dissipative PVC)
  • C Safety circuit
    Safety circuit halts door motion if path is obstructed

Not Shown: Iris reader - Iris reader or security card system available for operational security

Not Shown: ULPA-filtered - ULPA-filtered air shower dislodges particles

Roll-Up Door Pass Through Chambers

  • Video Overview of Cleanroom Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chamber
  • Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Touch Panel Roll-Up Passthrough Touch Panel
  • Cleanroom Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chamber with Cart Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers
  • Roll-Up Door Pass-Throughs Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chamber
  • Pass-Through, Roll-Up, SS, 63.75''W x 50.125''D x 104.875''H, Floor Mount w/Brackets Roll-Up Door Pass-Through, 64''W x 50''D x 105''H
Video Overview of Cleanroom Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Roll-Up Door Pass-Throughs

Roll-Up Door Pass-Throughs

Optional ULPA-Filtered Air Shower

The optional air shower includes a blower isolated inside the control unit above the access doors. When a door is closed, the unit activates the blower, which forces intake air through an ULPA filter into dual vertical stainless steel exhaust manifolds inside the pass-through chamber. Openings in these manifolds provide a cleansing wash of clean air to remove loose particles from items before they enter the cleanroom. Air exits the Pass-Through through exhaust vents on the "dirty" side. A time delay maintains air shower operation for 60 seconds after the door is closed.

Due to the intermittent operation of this unit the ULPA filter is rated for over five years of operation under normal conditions. As the filter nears the end of its service life, the increasing backpressure will cause louder fan operation. To replace the filter, simply remove the screws that hold the "dirty" side front panel in place; the cylindrical filter is easily accessible inside.

Safety Pressure Sensor

The pressure-sensitive safety mechanism along the bottom edge of each roll-up door sends a signal to immediately reverse door direction when it detects an obstruction.

Automatic Electronic Interlock

The electronic interlock allows only one door at at time to open, preventing cleanroom cross-contamination. Side windows allow personnel to view opposing door status and chamber contents.

Touch Panel

The flat touch interface is easy to clean and operated by gloved personnel and impervious to moisture; includes emergency stop.

Door Position Sensors

Laser sensors mounted on the ceiling of the chamber monitor the position of the doors for proper interlock sequencing.

Interlock Override Switch

Key switches allow the door interlock to be disabled for chamber cleaning and maintenance.

Eliminates Swing Clearance

Roll-up door design requires no swing clearance, conserving valuable cleanroom floorspace. Many sizes accommodate all types of equipment.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Versatile Mounting Locations
    Cleanroom air curtains are useful over any of type and size of opening to control temperature and/or contamination

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