Terra Part # 6601-89-0408
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Wall Panel; CPVC, 4'W x 8'H, Smooth White, Takiron
Product Details
  • Hygienic wall cladding provides a solution to convert exisiting walls into cleanroom compliance ones with minimal disruption
  • Ideal for construction and renovation projects to address corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning
  • Applications include medical, pharmaceutical, cleanroom, food and beverage, and many others
  • Scratch and dent resistant wall panels are durable with minimal maintenance
  • Robust impact resistance that will not flake or chip
  • Cleanroom chlorinated PVC wall panel is ideal for converting walls to meet ISO cleanliness specifications
  • The CPVC panel is Non-porous, has a smooth surface finish, and also chemical resistant (including cleaning and sterilizing agents)
  • Panels will not rot, rust, corrode, and is stain resistant
  • Panels require heat welding, the panels are seamless, creating a moisture impermeable seal
  • These panels are durable and strong enough to handle high-pressure washing and direct steam
  • Meets requirements of ASTM E-84, D 638, D 790, D 256, D 648
  • Panel thickness: 0.079" (2mm)
  • Particle emission ISO class 5 - 8 per ISO 14644-1
  • Each panel (1), requires the use of (2) Adhesive Tape pieces, and the use of (2) Adhesive Caulk for application.

Type: Wall System

Material: CPVC

Panel Height: 8'

Unit of Measure: EA

Dimensions, Product: 48" W x 0.079" D x 96" H

Weight, Shipping: 30 lb

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  1. Adhesive Tape, for Cleanroom Conversion, CPVC, Wall Panel
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  2. Adhesive Caulk, for Cleanroom Conversion, CPVC, Wall Panel
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  3. Heat Weld Coil, for Cleanroom Conversion, CPVC, Wall Panel
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  4. In-Corner, PVC, R Shape
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  5. Out-Corner, PVC, R Shape
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  6. Corner Panel, 90 R Shape, 8'H
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Features and Benefits

Learn More: ISO, cGMP and FDA Certifications

Tips for Passing ISO, cGMP, FDA and Other Certifications

Know your ISO requirement
A Terra product specialist can offer general design advice or make a consultation referral. Regulated industries such as pharmaceutical compounding maintain clear requirements for ISO cleanliness and related cleanroom characteristics. Other operations may require a certification consultant to specify these design requirements based on specific operations being performed.

Either way, make sure you know the applicable performance requirements before you select a room design or cleanliness level.
FFU Ceiling Coverage and Air Change Rate
ISO specifies permissible particle counts for each cleanliness level but not how many fan/filter units are required to meet these target values. Other organizations, including the Institute for Environmental Science, provide recommended ranges for FFU ceiling coverage.
Terra recommends the high value within each range, which in most cases accommodates typical contamination loads presented by personnel and equipment. Modular Power Distribution Modules make it easy to add as requirements change – plug-and-play connections eliminate the need for hard-wiring by an electrician.
Cleanroom Design and Materials
A Terra Product Specialist will advise on the proper panel and other component materials to meet specific requirements for ISO compatibility, sterilization, chemical resistance, static safety, and other environmental concerns.
Environmental Control and Documentation
Adjustable exhaust vents and manual FFU speed controls on all Terra cleanrooms allow regulation of air change rates. For centralized display and control, select low-cost automated FFU speed controls, which also allow remote Building Management System (BMS) fan control and even dynamic fan adjustment in response to programmed pressure levels. Air pressure, temperature, and humidity data are logged for a traceable operating history.

Modular cleanrooms are available with stand-alone air conditioning modules or can be integrated with existing A/C systems. Humidification and De-humidification systems meet specific RH requirements.

Scratch and Dent Resistant

Avoid costly shut downs from wall materials cracking and flaking. CPVC wall cladding will not crack, chip, or flake. They are extremely durable and impact resistant

Smooth, Easy to Clean Surfaces

When panels are heat welded, they become seamless and smooth, preventing gaps and crevices where contaminants can collect. Provides superior hygiene and infection control

FM 4882 Approved Panels

FM 4882 approved panels are low-smoke emittance and will not allow self-propagation of a fire. FM 4882 combines FM 4880 and ASTM E84 standards

Variety of Accessories for GMP Requirements

Terra offers pre-formed corners and trim pieces to speed up installation and maintain smooth, hygienic surfaces. Options include 90 degree and 3-way transition

Simple GMP Cleanroom Wall Installation

Position double-sided tape. Step 2: Apply the adhesive. Step 3: Fit the wall panels in place. Step 4: Weld the panels together to ensure a clean, sealed, and smooth surface

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