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Gowning Room Equipment, Furnishings & Supplies

Terra’s complete line of cleanroom and gowning room equipment includes cleanroom storage systems, racks and shelving, garbing stations, a complete line of cleanroom reusable and disposable garments, and supplies you use every day: wipes, gloves, paper and more! Also browse for handy storage bins, dispensers and waste receptacles that keep your work space clean.

Garb and Parts Dispensers
Garb and parts holders/ dispensers organize safety glasses, gloves, wipers, files, hats, tools and more! Access items quickly & conveniently

Hand Cleaning & Drying Stations
Hand & glove cleaners & dryers are must-haves for clean room environments. Also see our selection of free-standing or wall-mounted sinks

Waste Receptacles
Dispose of cleanroom waste in containers made of clean materials that operate hands-free. BioSafe models are electropolished with quiet, tight-sealing Soft-Close lids

Ladders & Step Stools
Access hard-to-reach areas with these easy-to-roll folding and non-folding ladders and stools. Cleanroom-compatible materials with recessing wheels for personnel safety

Cleanroom Mirror
Self-check your compliance with gowning in these aseptic mirrors, Select flush wall-mount or double-sided free-standing for busy gowning rooms

Gowning Room Benches
Fill your gowning room with sterile and easy-to-clean benches for gowning procedures in a Class-1-compatible cleanroom environment

Garment Racks
We have garment racks in the materials you need, and the sizes to fit your room. Choose from free-standing to wall mount, with sliding or fixed hangers

Garment Storage Cabinets
Versatile storage cabinets let you customize rack & shelf combos to best suit your organizational needs; made of stainless or powder-coated steel

Gowning Platform & Lean Rail
Use convenient cleanroom gowning platforms and lean rails to follow the critical procedure of stepping into coveralls and applying other garments

Wire Shelves: Adjustable, from InterMetro
The modular design of these electropolished wire shelves means versatile configurations. Quickly re-position shelves

Garments, Gloves & Supplies
All products are optimized for use in cleanrooms: paper, notebooks, wipes, gloves and garments from head to toe. Re-order critical supplies here

Carts: Work-In-Process
Safely and cleanly transfer delicate and contamination-sensitive materials with this smooth-rolling cart. Select your design and material

Lab Aids: Stainless Steel Lab Tool Holders
Stainless steel holders give you organized storage of common lab tools, increasing your overall productivity and preserving cleanliness

Shoe Cleaners, Dispensers & Sticky Mats
De-contaminate foot traffic before it compromises your room! Floors are challenging to keep clean & sanitary: see our solutions for shoes & floors

Garment Hamper
Dispose of soiled garments and apparel in these foot-pedal-operated hampers. They are constructed of chemical-resistant polypropylene

Laboratory Sinks
Wall-mount and free-standing stainless steel lab sinks for safe disposal and washing of materials. Pick features including backsplashes and drainboards

Polypropylene Casework
Polypropylene lab casework units act as cleanroom storage space and workstations, or for the handling of acids; they are resistant to chemical damage

Custom Laboratory Casework
Lab cabinets, workstations, tables, shelving systems, countertops and accessories are built to your design and specifications. Choose from a variety of lab-grade materials

Racks: Work-In-Process
Specialized cleanroom WIP storage solutions include HEPA-filtered cabinets, security cage cabinets, & laminar-flow curing/drying cabinets

Technical Resources
What is the proper cleanroom gowning protocol? Find out here, along with other tools & resources to help set-up & maintain a gowning room

Inquiries from Representatives Welcome!
  Terra seeks experienced technical sales partners to represent its product lines, both inside and outside the US. A variety of sales tools support representatives' efforts, including branded catalog and email programs and an online portal that provides visibility of customer activity. More Information . . .
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File Type File Name Publication Date
Video Gowning Procedures
Proper gowning protocol supports compliance with cleanliness standards. We explain and demonstrate these recommendations.
Video Sole Cleaner
Seizes particles from the bottoms of shoes and carts to promote cleanliness and meet ISO requirements.
Tech Resource (PDF) ISO Cleanroom Standards and Federal Standard 209E
Understand the international ISO cleanliness standards (ISO 4, ISO 5, ISO 6, etc.) and how they correlate to the U.S. Fed-Std 209E designations (Class 10, Class 100, Class 1000, etc.). This guide also discusses other key cleanroom recommendations on cleanroom air change and velocity rates, clean room ceiling fan coverage, positive vs. negative internal cleanroom air pressure, and laminar vs. turbulent air flow.
Tech Resource (PDF) Gowning Protocol
How many contaminating particles do you create and how can you avoid it? A practical how-to guide that helps you and your employees comply with proper gowning protocol.
Tech Resource (PDF) Chemical Compatibility Charts
A general guide for various materials and chemicals.
Drawing (PDF) Gowning Room Design
Recommendations on gowning room configuration and equipment locations to support proper gowning protocol while making efficient use of floor space.