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Shown: Labconco BioSafety Cabinet with optional base cabinet, duct work and remote blower (sold separately) | 3651-61 displayed
Biosafety Cabinet; Purifier Logic+, Class II B2, 48" W, UV Lamp, Base Stand, Labconco, 115 V

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    Customize Biosafety Cabinet; Purifier Logic+, Class II B2, 48" W, UV Lamp, Base Stand, Labconco, 115 V


    Optional add-ons designed to enhance your system
    Biosafety Cabinet; Purifier Logic+, Class II B2, 48
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    Blower Transition Adapter for Coated Steel Remote Blower, Duct Nominal Diameter: 12
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    Vacu-Pass Cord and Cable Port Kit
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    IV Bar; 4', for Purifier Logic+ Biosafety Cabinet
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