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BioSafe Heavy-Duty Folding Cleanroom Step Ladder and Work Platform

heavy-duty folding step ladder heavy-duty folding step ladder
No. 2805-97 3-step ladder No. 2805-98 3-step ladder with
service platform
heavy-duty folding step ladder
No. 2805-79 3-step ladder with platform and removable service shelf
(shown at left)
  • BioSafe stainless steel construction provides smooth, easy-clean surfaces for use in cleanroom and aseptic rooms
  • Folding design for easy moving: wheels like a suitcase, hangs on the wall for easy, space-efficient storage
  • Non-skid polyurethane levelers engage when upright, ensuring stability and safety
  • Top service platform (No. 2805-98 and 2805-79) provides secure footing, and service shelf (included on 2805-79) supports tools; ideal for filter change-outs and other cleanroom maintenance operations
  • Load capacity: 375 lbs.; meets OSHA safety standards
heavy-duty folding step ladder
Removable 23.75"W x 15"D service shelf (included on No. 2805-79)

heavy-duty folding step ladder
A cleanroom-compatible, heavy-duty work platform that you collapse and wheel away!
heavy-duty folding step ladder heavy-duty folding step ladder
Three-step stainless steel foldong step stool OSHA-compliance labeling etched in cleanroom-compatible stainless steel.

These heavy-duty step ladders are compliant with OSHA's Part 1926-1053 safety requirements for Type IAA special-duty industrial ladders. They are ideal for repair work or other out-of-reach tasks that could require the use of tools. They can safely handle up to 375 pounds of weight. Fold and wheel these ladders for easy transit throughout your cleanroom; fold and store when not in use.

The 304 stainless steel provides excellent corrosion resistance. All seams are welded to minimize particle traps and maximize strength.

A convenient hand rail allows you to maintain your balance while climbing up the steps, or standing on them.

Ordering Information
BioSafe Heavy-Duty Cleanroom Folding Step Ladder

Top Platform
W” x D” (mm)

O.D.: Open
W” x D” x H" (mm)
O.D.: Folded
W” x D” x H" (mm)
lbs (kg)
Cat. # Price
3-Step 11 x 7
(279 x 432)
21 x 27 x 49
(533 x 686 x 1245)
21 x 6.5 x 48
(533 x 165 x 1219)
2805-97 $ 2,421

3-Step with
Service Platform

25 x 15
(635 x 381)
30 x 36 x 77
(762 x 914 x 1956)
30 x 16.5 x 79
(762 x 419 x 2007)
2805-98 $ 3,021
3-Step with Platform
and Removable Shelf
22 x 11.5
(559 x 292)
32.5 x 28 x 64.5
(825 x 711 x 1638)
32.5 x 13.5 x 67
(825 x 342 x 1702)
2805-79 $ 2,721

step ladder dimensions
step ladder dimensions
No. 2805-97 see also, Standard-Capacity
Folding Step Ladders . . .
No. 2805-98 see also, Standard-Capacity
Folding Step Ladders . . .

step ladder dimensions

No. 2805-79; see also Standard-Capacity
Folding Step Ladders . . .

wheeled step stool open

wheeled step stool closed

Low-profile polyurethane wheels allow easy transfer
of step ladder (shown: No. 2805-97).


non-skid leveling foot Replacement Non-Skid Leveling Feet (for No. 2805-97)
  • Standard on Folding Ladders
  • Increase safety on slick surfaces
  • 2.5" diameter x 1"H (polyurethane disk)/ 3.25"H (including stainless steel threaded stem)
  • Noncontaminating, acid-resistant foot
Cat. # Price
2805-99 $ 24

grounding chain Grounding Chain
Bracket allow easy installation on Terra step stools and ladders to provide a ground connection when used on conductive flooring.

Cat. # Price
2805-61 $ 109
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