Terra Part # 6712-06
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Terra Part # 6712-06
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Product Details
  • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 8
  • Manual Hermetic Sealing Hinged Doors used in critical environments with a concern for preventing air leakage control
  • Certified hermetic sealing: Class 3 /4 according to EN 12207:2000 (air permeability certificate)
  • Unique wrap-around frame with an incorporated neoprene seal provides a perfect door seal
  • Independently tested air leakage available; results up to 250 pa pressure differential
  • Available in 10 widths and two heights; Contact a Terra Product Specialist about custom sizes
  • Application Environments: cleanrooms, labs, BSL3 and BSL4 labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing and areas requiring a hygienic well-sealing door
  • Features of Dortek Hygienic GRP Hermetic Swing Doors
  • Single action left or right swing
  • 40mm overall thickness
  • Timber-free construction; non-porous and non-shedding
  • Easy-to-clean design will not harbor bacteria
  • Water resistant and chemical resistant material will not warp, rot, swell or rust
  • High density closed cell CFC and HFC free core (PIR) 35mm thick core
  • Finish: Smooth, seamless gelcoat finish with integral color and stainless steel surround
  • Frame: 4 Sided, one piece, 304 grade stainless steel
  • Various standard colors
  • Compression perimeter seal in steel frame profile
  • Factory fitted ironmongery
  • Flush finish panels available
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.65 W/mK
  • Standard Door Blade Sizes:
  • Widths: 525mm,625mm, 725mm, 825mm, 925mm, 1025mm, 1125mm, 1225mm, 1325mm, 1425mm
  • Heights: 2040mm, 2440mm
  • Non-standard sizes available upon request
  • Color choices:
  • 337 BS-00-E-55 White
  • BS-00-A-01 Silver Grey
  • BS-08-E-51 Golden Yellow
  • BS-10-B15 Off White
  • BS-10-E-53 Canary Yellow
  • BS-18-B-25 Dark Admiralty Grey
  • BS-18-E-50 Sky Blue
  • Dortek Bright Orange
  • Dortek Light Aircraft Grey
  • Dortek Mid Blue Dortek Manilla
  • Dortek Poppy Red
  • Dortek Super White
  • RAL 4009 Pastel Violet
  • RAL 5015 Sky Blue
  • RAL 5024 Pastel Blue
  • RAL 6019 Pastel Green
  • RAL 6021 Pale Green
  • RAL 6027 Light Green
  • RAL 6033 Mint Turquoise
  • RAL 9010 Pure White
  • When ordering, choose:
  • Door size and swing handling (right or left)
  • Color
  • Frame type
  • Options: flush panel, lead lined

Operation: Manual

ISO Class: ISO 7

Unit of Measure: EA

Pre-Hung Manual Swing Doors

  • Dortek Doors Video Dortek Cleanrooom Doors Video
Dortek Doors Video

Features and Benefits

100% Waterproof and Chemical Resistant

Dortek FRP Hygienic doors made with seamless fiberglass for a smooth encapsulation unaffected by water, steam, chlorine, H2O2, chemicals, and other solvents

Certified Hermetic Sealing

Dortek Hermetic Doors are air leakage tested to 250 pa and Class 3 /4 according to EN 12207:2000 certified hermetic sealing; ideal in cleanroom, healthcare and life science environments

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