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    Nitrogen Generators
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    1 Voltage3 Width2 Depth3 Height3 Flow Rate @ 97% purity, 100 psig3 Flow Rate @ 98% purity, 100 psig3 Flow Rate @ 99% purity, 100 psig

    • Nitrogen generator eliminates the need for costly nitrogen gas cylinders
    • Nitrogen membrane technology produces up to 99.5% pure medical grade dry nitrogen
    • Ideal for continuous Nitrogen gas supply to desiccators, gloveboxes, incubators, and more
    • Provides complete control over rate and purity of nitrogen gas from 95% to 99.5% purity
    • Compact design allows set-up wherever there's a compressed air supply
    Voltage: 120 V
    Width: 18", 24", 20"
    Depth: 18", 12"
    Height: 81.25", 49.25", 35.5"
    Flow Rate @ 97% purity, 100 psig: 685 ft³/hr, 205 ft³/hr, 26 ft³/hr
    Flow Rate @ 98% purity, 100 psig: 500 ft³/hr, 150 ft³/hr, 18 ft³/hr
    Flow Rate @ 99% purity, 100 psig: 290 ft³/hr, 88 ft³/hr, 10 ft³/hr
  2. High-Capacity Nitrogen Generators
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    2700-PP-02 72981
    Some ship in 25 - 29 days
    2 Voltage

    • Turnkey solution supplies high-volume of 99% pure nitrogen
    • Compressor processs clean, dry air for nitrogen production
    • 60 gallon nitrogen holding tank ensures ready supply at all times
    • Gives user control of production rate and purity
    Voltage: 120 V, 240 V
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5 products meet your criteria.

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Nitrogen Generators by Terra Universal

Portable Nitrogen Generator, Medium Size for Multiple Desiccator Cabinets or Gloveboxes

Nitrogen membrane separation technology produces up to 99% pure dry nitrogen, eliminating the need for expensive nitrogen tank services. This medium size N2 generator provides output suitable for two 10-chamber desiccators or two 4-port gloveboxes.

Different N2 Generator Options to Meet Your Needs

Choose among 3 different sizes of portable nitrogen generator designs to meet your N2 requirements. Suitable for both industrial and commercial applications.

Compact Nitrogen Generator, Large Size for Multiple Large Desiccator Cabinets or Gloveboxes

Compact nitrogen generator produces 99.5% pure N2 gas on demand, eliminating the need for costly nitrogen tanks. This large size N2 generator provides output suitable for six 10-chamber desiccators or six 4-port gloveboxes.

Small Nitrogen Generator for Single Glovebox or Desiccator Cabinet

Compact membrane nitrogen generator allows set-up wherever there's a compressed air supply. This small configuration provides output suitable for a single laboratory glovebox or 3-4 chamber desiccator.

High-Capacity Nitrogen Generator

High-capacity nitrogen generator system includes holding tank for a continuous gas supply without continuous operation (order compressor separately).

Nitrogen Membrane Airflow Diagram

No power required! Simply connect to compressed air supply. Nitrogen membranes and filters separate oxygen, moisture, and particles to produce up to 99.5% pure medical grade Nitrogen gas.

USP Compliant Medical Grade Nitrogen

Terra's Nitrogen gas generator is third-party certified to USP 30 NF 25 for ≥ 99% pure medical grade nitrogen

Clean and Durable Powder Coat Finish

Terra’s signature white powder coat finish provides a clean aesthetic plus durable barrier to protect against corrosion. The formulation exceeds ASTM and ISO paint standards for hardness, thickness, humidity resistance, gloss and impact testing.

Nitrogen Generators

  • High-Capacity Nitrogen Generator with Storage Tank High-Capacity Nitrogen Generator
  • nitrogen purge cabinet with automatic humidity control and nitrogen generator A Reliable Nitrogen Source for Desiccator Cabinets

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