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Wall-Mount Bulk Storage Cabinet
For Gloves and Cleanroom Apparel

Position in gowning area to simplify re-stocking of glove and apparel dispensers (Shown: No. 4105-12)
Doors swing open for easy access
Convenient placement of these wall mount cubicles inside your cleanroom allows for quick access to overstock supplies without having to exit and re-enter the cleanroom working area. Mount them near dispensers for optimum time/cost savings.
  • Eliminates the need for transferring restock materials in and out of the cleanroom, reducing foot traffic, contamination and labor costs
  • 3 storage cubicles in one convenient location
  • Wall-mounted to save valuable floor-space
  • Top-mounted hinges ensure that swing doors always close
  • Hardware is stainless steel
  • Cleanroom-compatible materials
  • Doors swing upward to allow access to 15"W x 12"D x 12"H space
  • Nominal outside dimensions: 49"W x 12.5"D x 12.5"H

    Cleanroom Storage Cabinet, Wall Mount Overstock, 3 Cubbies
    Custom configurations available – call to discuss your requirements!

    Material Cat. # Price
    Acrylic 4105-10 $ 726
    Static-dissipative PVC 4105-11 $ 949
    Polypropylene (transparent SDPVC doors) 4105-12 $ 886

    Select acrylic for a cabinet with high clarity, light weight and strength. Note that acrylic may be damaged by alcohol. Static-dissipative PVC is the best choice in static-sensitive environments. SDPVC is also transparent, and resists damage from many cleaners. White polypropylene is opaque, shielding contents from view. Like SDPVC, this material is stands up to many common cleaning agents, including alcohol.

Modular Wall-Mount Stainless Steel Storage Bin

This convenient storage bin provides ample space for garments, gloves and other apparel or small parts in a cleanroom or gowning area. The wall-mount design keeps benchtops free, and multiple units can be installed side-by-side to accommodate larger storage needs.

Storage compartment is made of 304 stainless steel for cleanliness and easy wipe-down. The chemically resistant static-dissipative PVC door lifts up for easy access.

Dimensions Cat. # Price
24"W x 15"D x 20H" (OD), 22.75"W x 18.5"H (internal clearance) 4105-14 $ 494


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