Terra Part # 6600-62
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Terra Part # 6600-62
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Usually ships in 20-26 business days

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Custom-configured product: Terra will quote.

• Explosion-proof ceiling components, control panel, and softwall strips are ordered separately

• Quick Disconnect couplings speed up conduit installation

• Potted fittings in the conduit array isolate each of the components from the rest of the system

• Static-dissipative PVC strips protect against the risk of electrostatic discharge

• Powder-coated steel support frame can be mounted on casters for portability

• Specified height is from the floor to filter face

• FFUs add 13” (330mm) to specified height for overhead clearance

• Allow an additional 11” above FFUs for proper air flow

• Standard height: 7’ (custom heights available)

• Walls over 8’ long require an additional vertical support member

• Proper installation of explosion proof equipment is critical to maintaining the explosion-proof protection aspects of the system. Therefore all wiring for explosion proof systems should be done in the field per local code by a licensed electrician.

• Terra assumes no responsibility for meeting local building regulations, including fire and seismic codes

• Check with your local planning department to see what regulations apply to your installation

Frame Material: Powder-Coated Steel

Overall Dimensions: Custom

Panel Material: Anti-Static Vinyl Soft Panels

Unit of Measure: EA

Package Type: Crate

Manuals & Resources

Explosion-Proof Softwall Modular Cleanroom

Standard Features

  • A NEC Requirements
    Meets NEC requirements for Class I/Division 1 hazardous locations
  • B Explosion-Proof fan/filter units
    Explosion-Proof fan/filter units provide a laminar flow of HEPA- or ULPA-filtered air
  • C Explosion-Proof LED
    Explosion-Proof LED light modules
  • D Power Switch
    Separate power switches for FFUs and lights
  • E Strip Curtains
    Static Dissipative PVC strip curtains provide easy access
  • F Powder-coasted Steel Frame
    Powder-coated steel structure requires no external bracing

Optional Features

  • 1 Casters
    Equip casters to create a mobile equipment enclosure

Softwall Cleanrooms

  • Class 10,000 Clean Room ValuLine Curtain Panel; Clear Polysim Panel, 40 mil, 10'H
  • Softwall Modular Cleanroom Support Frame Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Softwall Modular Cleanroom with Vinyl Curtains Softwall Modular Cleanroom
  • Softwall Modular Cleanroom Easy Install, Rigid Structure
  • Terra Universal IQ-OQ Process
Class 10,000 Clean Room ValuLine
Softwall Modular Cleanroom Support Frame
Softwall Modular Cleanroom with Vinyl Curtains
Softwall Modular Cleanroom

Features and Benefits

Affordable Customization

Affordable customization to unique requirements!

  • Terra's modular designs allow versatile configurations using standard components, whether you need a small equipment enclosure or a multi-suite processing facility
  • Versatile plug-and-play Power Distribution Modules allow addition of ceiling fan/filter units and lights to meet any cleanliness requirement or to upgrade ISO levels or lighting levels after installation
  • Modular frame and panel designs, in several application-specific materials, adapt to any floor plan requirement
  • Automated fan controls simplify pressure balancing, Building Management System (BMS) integration, and certification of large, multi-suite facilities
  • Stand-alone A/C modules or integration with existing air handling system
  • Consultation services available to meet industry-specific regulations, such as USP 797/800 compounding requirements
  • Terra’s full engineering services adapt designs to accommodate unique equipment or facility integration challenges

Call or submit a QuickQuote Form for assistance with a modular cleanroom tailor-made to your application!

Explosion Proof 40W LED Light

UL-listed for Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups C and D areas, this low profile LED light produces 3,600 lumens and operates from 120 to 277VAC, 50/60Hz. The heat-dissipating housing increases the efficiency and lifespan of the LEDs.

Explosion-Proof Control Switches

Power to the lights and fan/filter units is controlled by two separate UL-listed explosion-proof switches.

Explosion-Proof HEPA Fan and Filter Unit

Explosion-proof ULPA fan/filter unit features sealed or non-sparking components, including motor, all-potted conduit and grounded filter screens that meet NEC requirements for Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations.

Explosion-Proof Potted Fittings

Conduit is filled with an expanding cement mixture to isolate explosion-proof components from potential sources of ignition; explosion-proof fittings meet requirements of NEC for Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations.

Quick-Disconnect Conduit Unions

These specialized conduit unions form a tight seal once threaded together, allowing easy assembly of potted conduit in explosion-proof cleanrooms.

Explosion-Proof Power Distribution Module

Explosion-Proof Power Distribution Module (PDM) meets NEC code for a Class I/Division 1 hazardous location; includes all relays, breaks and other cleanroom electrical components

Cleanroom LED Light Panel with Emergency Power Supply, 2' x 2'

Cleanroom LED lights are equipped with emergency back-up batteries to ensure continued operation in the event of a power failure.

Mix and Match Different-Sized Cleanrooms

ValuLine cleanroom design offers a variety of configurations, ideal for both small enclosures and multi-suite facilities. The modular frame and panel structure accommodates equipment and facility demands specific to unique floor plan requirements.

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