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Pass-Through Chambers and Air Showers

Roll-Up Door Pass-Through, installed in 304 SS BioSafe® Cleanroom
Terra offers the industry’s widest range of specialized pass-through chambers to eliminate contamination during transfer of materials in and out of the cleanroom. All are available for mounting in a BioSafe® room.

Roll-Up Door Pass-Throughs are ideal for cart transfer. Their rapid-response doors open and close at the push of a button. Electronic interlocks prevent both doors from opening at once.

CleanSeam™ Wall-Mount Pass-Throughs come with continuous-seam welds the minimize particle influx when a door is opened. They are available in 304/316L stainless or powder-coated steel to match the BioSafe panel style.

BioSafe Pass-Throughs feature double-wall 304/316L stainless steel construction with smooth interiors and a seamless, lipless design to each cleaning and sterilization. The interlock is housed in a separate, isolated chamber to reduce cracks that can collect germs and particles.

Air Showers include adjustable nozzles that direct high-velocity, HEPA-filtered air at personnel and materials as they enter the cleanroom. Control system interlocks the access doors and allows adjustment of cycle time.

Specialty Pass-Throughs include designs with high-velocity air showers, refrigeration, UV sterilization lights, and fire-rated doors.

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