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120 V PVC 316L Stainless Steel Flush Wall 30" 30" 30" 2635-21B-2-316-R 69428 $23,74616-26 Days2
120 V PVC 316L Stainless Steel Flush Wall 24" 24" 24" 2635-10B-2-316-R 69421 $21,65416-26 Days3
120 V PVC 316L Stainless Steel Flush Wall 24" 24" 48" 2635-14B-2-316-R 69425 $24,00016-26 Days4
120 V PVC 316L Stainless Steel Flush Wall 24" 24" 36" 2635-13B-2-316-R 69424 $23,90816-26 Days5
120 V PVC 316L Stainless Steel Flush Wall 24" 36" 24" 2635-11B-2-316-R 69422 $22,62316-26 Days6
120 V PVC 316L Stainless Steel Flush Wall 36" 36" 24" 2635-12B-2-316-R 69423 $23,79016-26 Days7
120 V PVC 316L Stainless Steel Flush Wall 36" 36" 48" 2635-16B-2-316-R 69427 $29,03016-26 Days8
120 V PVC 316L Stainless Steel Flush Wall 36" 36" 36" 2635-15B-2-316-R 69426 $27,22916-26 Days9
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Product Details

• Provides a dry, cold environment for transferring temperature-sensitive samples

• Integrated 1050 BTU closed-loop refrigeration module designed to maintain temperatures as low as 5°C

• Temperature controller automatically maintains the set-point programmed by the user

• Includes all of the features of a standard Smart® Pass-through in addition to the refrigeration module

• Double-wall, stainless steel chamber insulated with ½"-thick polyurethane foam

• Continuous-seam 316-stainless steel welding

• CleanMount® system allows fast installation without any fasteners, flush with the wall surface

• Electronic door interlock automatically prevents cross-contamination by preventing both doors from opening simultaneously

• LED status bar above the door alerts personnel that the interlock is engaged

• Wireless alert-chimes ring when a pass-through door is left open

• 316-stainless steel, ergonomic LiftLatches ensure a snug door seal and spring open with a smooth pull

• Non-outgassing gasket mechanically adheres to the stainless steel door to form a tight-fitting, uniform seal

• Static-dissipative PVC windows are chemical-resistant and eliminate static-cling that attracts particles

• Wall braces are included with each pass-through to support the increased weight of the refrigerated chamber

Marks & Listings: UL, ULC

Smart® CleanMount® Refrigerated Pass-Through Chambers

  • Smart® Pass-Through Chambers by Terra Universal
  • Refrigerated Smart passthrough chamber with 90 degree corner for pharmacy cleanroom Refrigerated Smart® Passthrough with 90 Degree Corner to Transfer Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Smart pass-thru pharmacy refrigerator for sterile pharmaceutical cleanroom Smart® Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerator for USP797 Sterile Pharmaceutical Cleanroom
  • Cleanroom Pass-Through Chamber Video Overview Cleanroom Pass-Through Features and Selection Guide
  • this video shows how the hands-free operation of the automatic pass-through door minimizes the potential for touch contamination Hands-Free, Automatic Pass-Through Door
Refrigerated Smart passthrough chamber with 90 degree corner for pharmacy cleanroom
Smart pass-thru pharmacy refrigerator for sterile pharmaceutical cleanroom
Cleanroom Pass-Through Chamber Video Overview
this video shows how the hands-free operation of the automatic pass-through door minimizes the potential for touch contamination

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

CleanMount Basics

CleanMount CleanSeam Pass-Through Chamber

CleanMount™ Design Allows Servicing or Replacement without Cleanroom Shutdown!
The simplicity of this CleanMount clamping system makes removal of the pass-through chamber just as easy as installation. If the wall cut-out framing is properly sealed prior to installation, the pass-through can be quickly removed and replaced without ever having to shut down the cleanroom. Maintain the positive-pressure differential and protect the cleanroom environment by sealing off the "dirty side" with plastic sheeting prior to removal. Loosen the lag bolt so that the pass-through lifts out of the wall without contaminating the room. Once out, the pass-through can be serviced, modified, or even replaced with an upgraded version to accommodate new applications.
A - Inside of flush-mount bracket on opposing side
B - Bolt guide extending from nut welded to opposing bracket
C - Mounting bolt (one, two or three per side, depending on chamber height) - standard sizes accommodate any wall thicknesses
D - Mounting bracket
E - Bracket cover
F - Standard wall (masonry or drywall)
Finish cut-out framing to minimize contamination exposure during servicing Terra's quick-mount system installs in under five minutes, regardless of wall thickness and without contamination
Access Clearances 
Width = W (nominal) – 1.88”
Depth = D (nominal) – 0.12”
Height = H (nominal) – 1.25”

Interlock Status Lights

A green light bar indicates the door is available for use, with the electronic interlock disengaged. The bar turns red when the opposing door is open to indicate the electronic interlock is engaged.

Wireless Door Alert

Alarm bell rings when its assigned door is open (two bells per chamber); plugs into a standard wall outlet.

CleanMount™ Quick Install System

Clean-Mount™ clamping design allows pass-through installation flush against a cleanroom wall in a few minutes, without drilling into the finished wall; mounting brackets clamp flush against walls of any thickness.

Easy Installation Simplifies Cleanroom Commissioning

Installing conventional passthroughs can be very messy, making it impossible to perform while a cleanroom is operational. Terra’s innovative CleanMount® fastening system changes that, allowing for clean installation without drilling or penetrating the cleanroom wall. Framing a CleanMount® passthrough chamber on a finished cut-out eliminates the need for cleanroom shut-down during installation or service.

Rerigerated Pass-through Chamber

The interior of the Refrigerated Smart Pass-through includes a ceiling-mounted fan unit that distributes the conditioned air from the condenser above. A drain tube is ported through the wall to carry condensation outside of the transfer chamber.

Flush-Mount Design Prevents Dust Accumulation

CleanMount® pass-throughs hug the cleanroom wall, eliminating gaps that collect germs and particle and making them ideal for critical bio/pharmaceutical cleanroom use.

Stainless Steel-Reinforced Removable Pass-Through Door

The stainless steel-reinforced CleanMount® doors lift off for easy replacement or more thorough cleaning/decontamination.

CleanMount® Lipless Chamber Eliminates Clearance Obstructions

Instead of welded seams, the corners of the CleanMount® pass-through interior are coved to eliminate dust and germ traps. The lipless opening presents no clearance obstructions and further simplifies cleaning.

Highest Standards For Electronic Components

Terra’s electronic components are designed and built to the highest standards required by defense and semiconductor industries for long-term reliability and protection against damage, injuries, and electrical hazards.

Continuous Product Improvement

At Terra, we strive to develop and produce the highest quality products for our customers to improve health, safety, performance, and yields. We accomplish this by harnessing high-grade manufacturing equipment and processes, 45 years of engineering and application expertise, and our will to continuously improve.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Video Camera
    Interior HD video camera records continuously or upon door-opening; can also be used for remote monitoring the transfer chamber.
  • Iris Scanner
    Fully automated iris scanner for secure, hands-free access (includes datalogging and optional secondary keycard reader).
  • Intercom System
    Built-in intercom system lets users easily call and communicate between rooms. No more shouting or awkward sign language.
  • LCD Message Panel
    Displays critical environmental information related to the interior chamber such as temperature and relative humidity (customizable).
  • Support Brackets for Pass-Through Chambers
    Stainless steel support brackets are recommended for pass-throughs deeper than 24". Brackets fasten to the wall and the body of the chamber rests upon the horizontal bar; no fasteners are used on the pass-through itself.
  • Removable CleanMount Pass-Through Racks and Shelves
    Stainless steel CleanMount racks and shelves can be removed for cleaning and sterilization; won't produce contaminants like chrome-plated steel systems.
  • Electropolish Finish
    Electropolishing increases corrosion resistance, improves ease of cleaning, and provides a smooth and bright finish.
  • Available UV & LED lights
    Lights are recessed with a transparent lens for easy cleaning; UV-C module neutrailizes microbes using a timed disinfection cycle.

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