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Dry Ice Cleaning Isolator

Dry Ice Cleaning Isolator

Dry Ice Cleaning Isolator illustration
Application Requirements
  • Humidity: < 1 ppm(v) water vapor
  • Process Gas: Nitrogen
  • Pressure: 0.1" WG
  • Access: Dual-side air locks. Accordian sleeve gloves. Quick-connect ports for SNO GUN. Optional tilt-up window
  • ESD Safety: Static neutralization in less than 30 sec. (1KV to 100V)

This isolator is designed specifically for use with the SNO-GUN™ II Dry Ice Cleaning System. By maintaining an extremely dry nitrogen environment, it prevents moisture condensation when very cold liquid CO2 is used as a cleaning medium for sensitive parts.

In addition to nitrogen control systems, which must automatically maintain a very low dew point inside the glove box/isolator, this chamber includes a static neutralizing bar to protect parts against ESD (electrostatic discharge) in the dry environment. Quick-connect ports allow easy connection of the SNO GUN to a purified CO2 source.

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