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BioSafe® All-Steel Biopharmaceutical Modular Cleanrooms

These double-wall modular steel cleanrooms are ideal for bio/pharmaceutical applications that require an easy-clean, aseptic environment. Completely free-standing, they require no external supports and can be specified and installed in a fraction of the time, at a fraction the cost, of conventional fixed-installation biopharmaceutical clean rooms.

Available in 304/316L stainless or powder-coated steel, these cleanrooms feature smooth internal surfaces without cracks or crevices that can harbor germ colonies. Clean room accessories include UV modules, air conditioning, humidification/dehumidification modules, and HEPA/ULPA fan/filter units (FFUs) to meet cleanliness requirements to Class 10/ISO 3.

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Terra cleanroom walls are made of durable, easy-to-clean, ISO-grade materials, as specified in FDA guidance documents. Combined with your cGMP processes, they will help you comply with operational requirements.
Automated FFU control systems help meet FDA and other compliance regulations. Add options including environmental monitoring and data logging. Click for details
BioSafe®: Terra's Ultimate Cleanliness Rating
Terra's BioSafe products meet design and material standards that go far beyond conventional cleanroom requirements.

Developed specifically for aseptic requirements in bio-pharmaceutical cleanrooms, these items incorporate a range of features that minimize particle generation and accumulation and inhibit microbial growth. Learn more . . .

Declaration of UL Listing
Includes declaration of system listing under UL File E472687, including all high-voltage Modular Cleanroom electrical components integrated into Power Distribution System (Terra Nos. 6600-29B-P, 6600-29B-S, 6600-29B-B, 6600-29B-P-220, 6600-29B-S-220, 6600-29B-S-220, 6600-27, 6600-27-220). UL listing helps meet municipal and other permitting requirements that may apply.
Cat. # Price
6600-33 call TUI

BioSafe Cleanroom Specifications and Ordering Information

BioSafe Panel Designs
Modular double-wall powder-coated or 304/316L stainless steel panels form the backbone of the BioSafe Cleanroom, providing a freestanding, cleanable structure that converts any space into a particle-free, aseptic environment. Glass panels add full visibility and open up the working environment, eliminating the sense of cramped, confined spaces.
  Powder Containment System
CleanZone™ filtration modules draw chemical powders away from the operator into retention filters, while overhead HEPA filtration maintains a particle-free environment for packaging, weighing, and other contamination-sensitive operations.

Multi-Room Configurations
Modular, pre-engineered panels allow complex, multi-suite configurations with antechambers, access doors and corridors, and gowning areas.
  BioSafe Cleanroom Accessories
power and gas connections, sterilization modules, humidity controls and fire safety solutions.

Ceiling Grid
The versatile ceiling grid accommodates HEPA and ULPA fan/filter units (FFUs) as well as fluorescent light and ionizing modules.
  BioSafe Pass-Throughs and Air Showers
a complete line of interlocked chambers that prevent contamination during personnel or material transfer.

HVAC and Air Control
The versatile HVAC air circulation system allows economical recycling of cooled, filtered air to maintain a constant sub-ambient internal temperature. The remote FFU control system simplifies air pressure balancing, and a variety of high-volume air handlers maintain negative pressure often required in BSL-2 applications.
  Installation and Certification Services
include 3rd party validation of cleanliness rating, filter integrity, and pressure levels

File Type File Name Publication Date
Video On-Site Hardwall Cleanroom Installation
Video showing installation of a hardwall, modular cleanroom at a customer site. The room is tested at the factory, then shipped overseas to be installed. Framing, paneling and utilities are assembled according to the customer specifications.
Video BioSafe® Pass-Throughs
Showing the optimal cleanroom pass-through chamber for aseptic operations, this video provides an overview of the features and benefits of BioSafe pass-throughs.
Video Modular BioSafe® Hardwall Cleanroom
Installation of a double-wall modular steel cleanrooms, that are ideal for bio/pharmaceutical applications requiring an aseptic environment that stands up to harsh chemicals used for cleaning. This video steps you through the cleanroom's features.
Video Modular BioSafe® Cleanroom Installation Test
Time-lapse installation of a modular BioSafe steel cleanroom with windows, an exit swing door, entryway airshower and 50% ceiling coverage of fan/filter units.
White Paper (PDF) BSL Explanation
Understand Biological Safety Levels (BSL) by reading this summary of the CDC's specifications for working with infectious agents.
Tech Resource (PDF) Calculating Clean Room Cleanliness: How many FFUs and Lights?
This tutorial provides practical tips for correlating the desired cleanliness level (per ISO/FS209 standards) to the required number of fan/filter units (FFUs). Also provides guidelines for specifying lights based on the type of operations being conducted.
Manual (PDF) BioSafe Cleanroom: Doc. # 1800-80
This user guide describes the operation and maintenance of the BioSafe cleanroom and gives details pertaining to installation. Learn maintenance tips and see a list of specifications.
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