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Cleanroom; BioSafe®, Compounding, USP-797, 304 Stainless Steel Panels, 12' x 12' x 8'

• Containment Room Dimensions: 8' W x 12' D x 8' H (2438 x 3658 x 2438mm)

• Ante-room Dimensions: 4' W x 12' D x 8' H (1219 x 3658 x 2438mm)

• Specified internal height is 8' (2438 mm) from the floor to filter face. FFUs add 15” (381 mm) overhead clearance to this measurement. To assure proper air flow and installation, allow an additional 13” (330 mm) between the top of the FFUs and the ceiling or other overhead obstruction (total of 26" - 660 mm - between the cleanroom filter face and the surrounding facility ceiling)

• Materials: Double-wall, insulated 304 Stainless Steel panels with radius corners provide clean, ISO 5-compatible interior surfaces that are easy to clean and sterilize

• Meets USP compliance with Environmental Control System, which monitors room pressures, temperature and humidity

• No floor included; room should be installed on a flat, sealed, non-particulating, non-porous, crevice-free surface, which can be caulked to the clean room frame to form a seal

• Air exhaust vents are adjustable to allow pressure balancing

• Request UL Listing Declaration (order separately) for cleanroom electrical system, which helps meet municipal and other permitting requirements that may apply

• Compliance Notice: this clean room is built to the specifications of USP 797 as published in USP 40-NF 35; however, because practice standards vary from state to state and depend on compounding operations, Terra recommends consultation to evaluate suitability for your application

• Includes:

• (4) Room Side Replaceable HEPA Fan Filter Unit

• (5) LED Light Panels

• (1) Duplex outlet 115VAC/60Hz

• (1) Power Distribution Module

• (2) Stainless Steel swing doors with partial view windows

• (1) Tempered glass viewing window per compounding room

• FDA-approved silicone sealant for caulking internal seams

Application: USP 797 (Sterile)

Frame Material: Stainless Steel

Height: 8'

Depth: 12'

Width: 12'

Overall Dimensions: 12' x 12' x 8'

Panel Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Unit of Measure: EA

Marks & Listings: UL, ULC

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz

Weight, Shipping: 1,650 lb

Manuals & Resources

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  1. Double stacked cleanroom LED strip lights installed to the ceiling of a cleanroom  |  3800-40A displayed
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  2. 2' x 4' Cleanroom LED Panel Light with emergency backup battery and battery test switch  |  3800-47 displayed
    LED Light Panel with Built-In Emergency Battery, 2' x 4', Cleanroom-Grade Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping
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  3. Shown: Stainless Steel WhisperFlow Vertical Laminar Flow Hood (FFU sold separately)  |  1688-91B-48-SS-220 displayed
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  4. Stainless Steel Pedestal Foot Valve Sink  |  1372-90 displayed
    Pedestal Sink; USP 797, 304 Stainless Steel, Foot Pedal, Eagle Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping
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  5. Pedestal Electronic-Eye Sensor Sink  |  1372-91 displayed
    Pedestal Sink; USP 797, 304 Stainless Steel, Eye Sensor, Eagle Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping
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  6. Specifically designed for use in critical cleanroom and gowning room environments.  |  9600-60C displayed
    BioSafe® Hand Washer/Dryer; 304 Stainless Steel, 1 Sink, 24" W x 25" D x 40" H, 120 V Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping
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  7. Smart Control Panel; Tier 1 System with 2.4" Graphic Console
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  8. Cleanroom control panel with Tier 2 system monitors and controls up to 100 FFUs in 8 rooms; 6 inputs for pressure/RH/temp sensors, plus FFU performance alarm  |  6607-02 displayed
    Smart Control Panel; Tier 2 System with 3.5" Graphic Console Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping
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  9. Cleanroom control panel with built-in Tier 3 touchscreen console; datalogging (pressure/temp/RH) and FFU control for up to 12 rooms, 120 FFUs  |  6607-03 displayed
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  10. Cleanroom control panel with built-in Tier 4 touchscreen console; datalogging (pressure/temp/RH) and FFU control for up to 16 rooms, 200 FFUs  |  6607-04 displayed
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  11. Differential pressure sensor by SensoScientific® records and sends data to a standard access point that can be assessed by any Wi-Fi enabled network  |  6607-10 displayed
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  13.  |  6600-33 displayed
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  14. FasTrak 24-7 Expediting Service
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  15. Qualification Documentation (IQ/OQ) for Terra Universal System
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  16. White Glove Freight Service
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  17. Cleanroom Cleaning Service
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  18. Equipment Testing
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  19. USP 797/800 Consultation
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  20. Cleanroom Installation Information
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  21. Floor Survey Service
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  22. Duplex power outlet: 120VAC shown.  |  6704-34 displayed
    Duplex Power Outlet; Installed; 120VAC, 50/60Hz Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping
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  23. Room-Side Replaceable (RSR) WhisperFlow Fan/Filter Units allow filter replacement from inside of the cleanroom  |  6601-24A-UR displayed
    Fan Filter Unit; WhisperFlow, RSR, 2'x4', HEPA, 120 V, Powder-Coated Steel Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping
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  24. Night service switch, shown mounted on Modular Hardwall Cleanroom panel, puts FFUs in low-energy mode during off-hours  |  6601-70 displayed
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  25. Measure and control both positive and negative low air or gas pressures  |  6600-86 displayed
    Differential Pressure Gauge; -0.25-0-0.25" WC, Magnehelic®, Installed in Cleanroom Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping
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  26. 2'W x 4'D LED panel mounted in Terra Universal Cleanroom; choose models with dimmable brightness and adjustable color temperature for perfect lighting  |  3800-41 displayed
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  27.  |  6703-81 displayed
    Cleanroom Ceiling Panel; 2' x 4', Polypropylene Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping
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  28.  |  6703-81 displayed
    Cleanroom Ceiling Panel; 2' x 2', Polypropylene Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping
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Features and Benefits

USP Cleanroom Customization
USP 800 BioSafe Cleanroom, Custom Floor Plan

Affordable customization to unique requirements!

  • Terra’s modular designs allow versatile configurations using standard components, whether you need a small compounding enclosure or a multi-suite processing facility (shown: Stainless steel USP 800 multi-room hazardous materials cleanroom with plastic hardwall ISO 8 transition room)
  • Versatile plug-and-play Power Distribution Modules allow addition of ceiling fan/filter units and lights to meet any cleanliness requirement or to upgrade ISO levels or lighting levels after installation
  • Modular frame and panel designs, in several application-specific materials, adapt to any floor plan requirement
  • Automated fan controls simplify pressure balancing, Building Management System (BMS) integration, and certification of large, multi-suite facilities
  • Stand-alone A/C modules or integration with existing air handling system
  • Negative-pressure plenums and exhaust fans accommodate hazardous materials compounding requirements (USP 800)
  • Consultation services available to meet USP 797 and 800 and FDA/cGMP requirements
  • Terra’s full engineering services adapt designs to accommodate unique equipment or facility integration challenges

Call or submit a QuickQuote Form for assistance with a modular cleanroom tailor-made to your application!

BioSafe Cleanrooms: No Pre-Assembly

How can Terra offer industry-leading lead times and pricing? Our advanced cleanroom design doesn’t require factory pre-assembly; each components fits together perfectly, ensuring seamless on-site installation

Long Running FFU Motors

Terra’s filter fan unit motors are rated for 5 years of continuous, 24/7 operation, if the HEPA filters are consistently replaced. To accurately monitor your HEPA filter’s saturation levels, purchase Terra’s audible and visual filter replacement alarm system.

Cleanroom LED Light Panel

LED panels mount flush on ceiling grid, have longer life, and use less energy (emitting less heat) than conventional fluorescent lights.

Smooth Interior Walls

Smooth steel BioSafe cleanroom panels with radius corners simplify cleaning and stand up to biocides and disinfectants. Cleanrooms constructed with medical-grade and USP-compliant material.

Sterile Buffer Room

Swing door separates ISO 7 Buffer room from ISO 8 Anteroom; ceiling HEPA fan/filters meet USP particle and pressure differential requirements.

Biosafe Cleanroom Control Panel

Standard control panel includes centralized on/off control of lights and FFUs; displays differential pressue in the anteroom and buffer (compounding) room.

Biosafe Cleanroom Exhaust Vents

Adjustable exhaust vents help balance internal room pressure inside BioSafe cleanrooms.

Framed Double-Flush Cleanroom Window for Pharmaceutical Compounding Rooms

Dual-pane window sits flush with wall surface, design is free of cracks and crevices where contaminants can aggregate. Design meets USP and medical-grade requirements.

BioSafe®: Terra's Ultimate Cleanliness Rating

Terra's BioSafe products are designed for life science applications: no gaps and crevices where microbes can colonize, rounded corners for easy disinfection, won't produce contaminants during sterilization, and exceed cGMP, IEST, ASTM and ISO 14644-1 requirements.

Cleanroom LED Light Panel with Emergency Power Supply, 2' x 2'

Cleanroom LED lights are equipped with emergency back-up batteries to ensure continued operation in the event of a power failure.

WhisperFlow Quiet Operation Reduces Distracting Background Noise

Exposure to loud noises can lower the ability to focus on work and listen selectively, which may also lead to safety issues. Typical AC units can be annoyingly loud, measuring in the range of 70 dB (comparable to a vacuum cleaner). Terra’s WhisperFlow design produces far lower noise levels for a quiet environment comparable to a library. At 90 ft/min output, units measure under 50 dB from only 1 ft away (roughly 75% quieter than 70dB).

Seismic Safe Cleanroom Design

Terra’s modular cleanrooms are designed with seismic safety in mind. Rigid steel frames and ceiling grids are designed with sufficient factors of safety to provide vertical and lateral strength recommended by professional engineers. Both hardwall and softwall designs can be installed to adhere to local seismic codes. Optional seismic and structural calculations can be drafted and stamped by a licensed PE to help meet municipal permitting requirements.

Continuous Product Improvement

At Terra, we strive to develop and produce the highest quality products for our customers to improve health, safety, performance, and yields. Our product quality is enabled by high-grade manufacturing equipment and processes, 45 years of engineering and application expertise, and our commitment to continuously improve.

High-Throughput Cleanroom Manufacturing

Over the past 5 years, Terra has manufactured nearly 1,500 UL-approved cleanrooms at industry-leading build times. Terra’s versatile modular cleanroom frame and panel designs adapt to any floor plan requirement. The UL-rated and scalable plug-and-play power distribution system further simplifies installment of FFU's and lights to cleanrooms of any size.

4,000 Worldwide Cleanrooms

Since 1976, Terra has designed and manufactured over 4,000 cleanrooms for companies at the leading edge of high technology

Complete Order Transparency

Using Terra’s OnTrak system, our customers can view real-time production updates, receive shipment notifications and track their orders until they arrive at their facility

Comprehensive Service Provider

Terra’s portfolio of services includes white glove delivery, product installation, equipment certification, validation documentation, cleaning and disinfection services, engineering consultation, and structural seismic analysis

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Lighthouse Handheld Airborne Particle Counters
    Lightouse portfolio of handheld airborne particle counters ensure accurate readings of cleanrooms and critical environments
  • Germicidal UV Lamp Sanitizes Labs, Cleanrooms
    UV-C Germicidal Lamp installs on a cleanroom ceiling grid for line-of-sight room disinfection; safety occupancy sensor prevents personnel exposure.
  • WhisperFlow Laminar Fan and Filter Units (FFUs)
    Equipment enclosures can be equipped with any number of fan/filter units to provide laminar airflow with HEPA or ULPA filtration
  • In-Wall Utilities Plumbing
    Plumbing for utilities can be easily installed within the BioSafe wall panels
  • Roll-Up Door Pas-Through Chamber
    Roll-Up Door Pass-Throughs with interlocked doors
  • Cleanroom Access and Automated Fan Controls
    Standard panel include pressure gauge, on/off and night switches; security system adds access restriction; automated fan system monitors and controls fan speed, pressure, temperature and RH.
  • BioSafe Pass-through Chambers
    Pass-through chambers, available for BioSafe Cleanrooms, include interlocked doors that allow contamination-free sample transfer.

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  • FasTrak 24/7 provides a 24/7 commitment to meet the shipping date YOU specify, regardless of quoted lead times.
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  • FasTrak 24/7 guarantees* to meet the agreed-to specified ship date.

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 * Terra's FasTrak services limited guarantee: to ship on the ESD or date specified OR to refund up to 100% of FasTrak charges. This guarantee covers no direct, special, consequential or other damages and is strictly limited to up to 100% of the amount paid for FasTrak service. When a specified ship date is missed due to factors outside Terra's control (vendor performance, deliveries by shipping companies, etc.) and random factors such as accidents, the credit of up to 100% of the FasTrak 24/7 may not apply. FasTrak service requested after order placement will be quoted and accepted based on available time remaining before required ship date.

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