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ValuLine™ Cleanroom; Hardwall, Clear Acrylic Panels, 10'W x 6'D x 8'H
Product Details
  • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 7, ISO 8
  • Terra's ValuLine acrylic-paneled cleanrooms feature the same cleanliness, strength and durability of powder-coated steel frames, the same stainless steel wall trim and modularity as Terra's Standard cleanrooms.  ValuLine rooms reduce costs with simple on-off power supply units and without the top trim and power status indicators on Standard line rooms.
  •   www.planner5d.com/b2b/terra/v/?key=18d2cd252e9a374e5c4a402477574b20&viewMode=3d
  • Steel frame – posts and beams of 2” (51 mm) square tubing, powder coated
  • Steel ceiling grid – joists and cross members 3” (76 mm) T-bars
  • Acrylic wall and door panels
  • (1) Door, cleanroom with door closer – 36” x 81”, powder-coated aluminum door frame, UL leak-rated (6710-14A-L-PC)
  • (1) LED Light Module – 4000 lumens, 5 color temps, 40 W, 120-277 VAC (3800-41C-VL)
  • (1) Power Supply Unit – Switched power to six FFU/light receptacles, 20W 120 VAC (Not shown)(6600-20B-VL)
  • Ceiling Panels -- 2' x 4', white polypropylene as required to fill ceiling grid
  • HEPA Fan/Filter Units to meet desired ISO cleanliness rating (ISO 7-8 shown on model)*
  • Top trim with power status indicator indicators*
  •         * These items are shown on 3D model, but are not included in base price
  • All electrical components are UL and UL-C listed
  • Electrical system UL Listing Declaration available (order separately), to help meet permit requirements
  • Rooms ship disassembled with assembly instructions.  Two assemblers make the process easier
  • FFUs and lights plug into Power Supply Units. Power Supply Units plug into US wall receptacles. Each PSU provides ceiling power and a non-switched GFI outlet on a wall post and requires a dedicated 20 A circuit.
  • FFUs add 13” (330 mm) overhead to height. Additional 9” to 11” (230 to 280 mm) clearance is required for air flow and installation. Total clearance required above filter face is 22” to 24” (560 to 610 mm)
  • Ships palletized to fit through 36" doorway. Forklift, lift gate and pallet jacks may be required
  • Terra assumes no responsibility for meeting local building regulations, including fire and seismic codes
  • Check your local planning department for regulations applying to your installation

Frame Material: Powder-Coated Steel

Height: 8'

Depth: 6'

Width: 10'

Overall Dimensions: 10' x 6' x 8'

Panel Material: Clear Acrylic

Unit of Measure: EA

Marks & Listings: UL, ULC

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 18 A, 2,160 W, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions, Product: 124" W x 75" D x 96" H

Weight, Shipping: 1,986 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 133" W x 65" D x 36" H

Package Type: Skid

Manuals & Resources
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  1. Inward swinging left-handed door assembly; default door configuration for ValuLine hardwall cleanrooms.  |  6710-14A-L-PC-VL displayed
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  2. 2' x 4' Cleanroom LED Panel Light with emergency backup battery and battery test switch  |  3800-47 displayed
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  3. 2' x 2' Cleanroom LED light panel with emergency battery back-up in case of power failure  |  3800-48 displayed
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  4. WhisperFlow Fan/Filter Units feature internal baffling and anodized aluminum diffuser panels provide quiet, uniform air fow  |  6601-24-H displayed
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  5. Adapter facilities cove flooring installation within modular hardwall cleanrooms  |  6603-72 displayed
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  6. Specify sprinkler location in accordance with local fire code  |  6600-90 displayed
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  7. ValuLine™ air conditioning unit connected to a cleanroom's fan filter units  |  6600-14 displayed
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  8. ValuLine™ air conditioning unit connected to a cleanroom's fan filter units  |  6600-14 displayed
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  9. One retaining arm holds panel on one side of ceiling joist.  |  6705-92 displayed
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  10. Two retaining arms hold panels on both sides of ceiling joist  |  6705-93 displayed
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  11. Differential pressure sensor by SensoScientific® records and sends data to a standard access point that can be assessed by any Wi-Fi enabled network  |  6607-10 displayed
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  12. Silicone sealant is RTV food grade  |  3052-30 displayed
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  13. Service, ISO 7 Rating Declaration
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  14. Warranty; 2 Year, Terra-Manufactured Product, Parts
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  15. Warranty; 3 Year, Terra-Manufactured Product, Parts
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  16.  |  6600-33 displayed
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  17. FasTrak 24-7 Expediting Service
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  18. Qualification Documentation (IQ/OQ) for Terra Universal System
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  19. White Glove Freight Service
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  20. Cleanroom Installation Information
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  21. Cleanroom Cleaning Service
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  22. Equipment Testing
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  23. Floor Survey Service
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  24. High Efficiency Particle Filter is rated  99.99% efficient @ 0.3 µm diameter particles  |  6601-25 displayed
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  25. MERV 7 pre-filter for Terra Fan Filter Units (FFUs)  |  6601-34 displayed
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  26.  |  6600-20B-VL displayed
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Hardwall Cleanrooms

  • Portable HEPA Filtration System Watch Terra's Portable HEPA Filtration System Video
Portable HEPA Filtration System

Features and Benefits

Learn More: Valuline vs. Standard Cleanrooms

How are Terra Universal’s ValuLine and standard cleanrooms different? Is the standard line cleaner?

Ordering Information

Both cleanroom lines meet the same quality standards for design and materials while also providing essentially the same airflow, which is based on the configuration of fan/filter units.

However, Terra’s standard cleanrooms utilize Power Distribution Modules, which can accommodate more FFUs and light fixtures than the basic power supply included on ValuLine cleanrooms. PDMs also feature quick-connect fittings and a better control panel. ValuLine cleanrooms do not include the decorative top trim and status indicator lights included on standard line cleanrooms.

Each standard line cleanroom is built-to-order, can be made in virtually any reasonable size and can use alternative materials such as stainless steel frames. ValuLine cleanrooms are preconfigured from standard components to produce ten standard sizes from 6’ x 6’ up to 12’ x 12’ in each of two heights (7’ and 8’), allowing shorter lead times.

Fan / Filter Units with HEPA Filter
Model Nominal
Avg. CFM 
@ MS
High speed Airflow
Medium speed Airflow
Low speed Airflow
High speed
Run Amps (watts)
@ 60Hz
Medium speed
Run Amps (watts)
@ 60Hz
Low speed
Run Amps (watts)
@ 60Hz
2 x 4 23.63 x 47.63 x 13
(600 x 1210 x 332)
2 x 3 23.63 x 35.63 x 13
(600 x 905 x 332)
2 x 2 23.63 x 23.63 x 13 
(600 x 600 x 332)

Accredited Technical Cleanroom Expertise

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