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Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure

Model shown: Mini-Environment Enclosure; Static-Dissipative PVC (Cat. No.
2003-21) with HEPA filtration module
Features Key

A HEPA filtration module provides vertical laminar airflow
B Enclosure panels available in acrylic, dissipative PVC, polycarbonate and stainless steel
C Front access doors with stainless steel reinforced frame
D Side access doors
  Options include glove ports, iris ports, microscope bellows, fluorescent light, and ionization bar

  • A particle-free, static-safe environment for microelectronic equipment, balances, scales and other sensitive equipment
  • Interchangeable access ports (order separately) let you configure the optimal enclosure for your application—
    • Solid Panels
    • Glove Ports
    • Iris Ports
    • Access Doors
    • Microscope Bellows
    • Custom Interface Modules
    • 304 Stainless Steel Frame
  • Select application-compatible material: acrylic, stainless steel, polycarbonate, static-dissipative PVC (custom materials available)
  • Optional HEPA filter/fan unit provides industry-leading quiet operation and low vibration
  • Two-piece stand isolates work station from blower vibration
  • Terra customizes to your requirements for special dimensions, cut-outs, low/high temperature and humidity control
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Mini-Environment Enclosures Corresponding Side Access Door*
Material   Right Side Left Side
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
Acrylic** 2003-20 Price 2003-25 Price 2003-30 Price
Static-Dissipative PVC 2003-21 Price 2003-26 Price 2003-31 Price
Polycarbonate 2003-22 Price 2003-27 Price 2003-32 Price
304 Stainless Steel 2003-23 Price 2003-28 Price 2003-33 Price
* Front access doors included (as in photos above). Side doors feature stainless
steel frame and chrome-plated lift latch. Opening: 15"W x 21"H
(381 mm x 533 mm)

Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure
Shown with Iris Adapter
Cat. # 1694-54, $240/Each
(requires pair of No. 1694-52 ports)
Shown with Glove Ports
Cat. # 1694-52, $128/Each

Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure

Glove Port Cover
No. 1694-53 $150/Each
(requires pair of No. 1694-52 ports)

These Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosures provide a controlled environment for delicate process equipment. Each includes dual front doors for easy access. The bottomless design allows convenient placement over equipment; select the optional spill tray if a bottom is required. Standard size: 49"W x 25"D x 30.25"H (1245 mm x 635 mm x 768 mm), without filter/fan module. Door opening: 22.38"W x 22.25"H (568 mm x 565 mm), for each door.

Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure
Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosure


Filter/Fan Units (120VAC, 50/60Hz)
Includes 99.99% efficient HEPA filter. Adds 13" (330 mm) to height. Exit slots provided for air release.

Cat. # Price
6601-24-H $ 677

Spill Tray
2"H (51 mm) tray safely contains chemical spills and is easy to clean.

Cat. # Price
Stainless Steel 2003-35 Price
Polypropylene 2003-36 Price


Microscope Bellows
Indicate desired location

Cat. # Price
1681-53 Price

Fluorescent Illuminator

38.88"L x 5"W x 3"H (988 mm x 127 mm x 76 mm); dissipative PVC housing. 120VAC, 60Hz. Other voltages and special lighting available, including germicidal UV.

Cat. # Price
2400-40 Price


Ionizing Bar

Cat. # Price
22"L (559 mm)
4 emitters
2005-06A Price
44"L (1118 mm)
8 emitters
2005-07A Price
(installed below Filter/Fan)
Safe static neutralization.

Cat. # Price
33" Long
(838 mm)
2005-38 Price
44" Long
(1118 mm)
2005-37 Price

Vibration-Isolation Work Station
Two-piece stand isolates fan vibrations.

Vibration-Isolation Work Station

One- and two-piece stands place the work surface 32" (813 mm) above the floor and feature recessed legs made of powder-coated steel. Two-piece Vibration-isolated Stands separate the work surface from the Mini-environment support.
Vibration -Isolated Work Surface
Surface Material 2-Piece Isolated Stands 1-Piece Non-Isolated
Stand and Work Surface
Hood Stand Work Surface
Cat.# Price Cat.# Price Cat.# Price
Clean Laminate 2003-40 Price
2003-45 Price
2003-50 Price
Conductive Laminate 2003-40 Price 2003-46 Price 2003-51 Price
Polypropylene 2003-40 Price 2003-47 Price 2003-52 Price
Stainless Steel, Solid 2003-40 Price 2003-48 Price 2003-53 Price
Stainless Steel, Perf. 2003-40 Price 2003-49 Price 2003-54 Price
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