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Plastic Glove Box Isolators

Plastic Glove Box Isolators Select among several glove box designs for positive or negative pressure applications, in many application-specific plastics, including chemical-resistant polypropylene and static-dissipative PVC.

New Smart Glovebox™
With onboard RH control
system, available in plastic
and stainless steel

Smart Glovebox
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Terra Plastic Glove Boxes: Specifications and Pricing

Series 100 Glove Box Isolators


Series 100 Glove Box Isolator

Available in acrylic, static-dissipative PVC, polypropylene and polycarbonate, these economical Glove Box Isolators are available with two and four glove ports and accommodate Terra’s complete range of control modules for humidity/dehumidification, particle control, and static neutralization.

Series 200 Glove Boxes


Series 200 Glove Boxes

Designed for negative pressures, these acrylic and polycarbonate chambers have a wall thickness adequate to support 5"WC, making them ideal for ventilation and low-level degassing applications. Vacuum pass-through chambers support vacuum level to 29.9"Hg.

Series 200 Glove Boxes


Series 210 Vacuum Glove Box

These acrylic glove boxes support vacuum level to 29.9" Hg, making them ideal for evacuation of air and backfill with clean, dry process gas. This design allows rapid removal of moisture and oxygen to meet ultra-low humidity and anaerobic processing requirements.

Captair Pyramid Glovebox


Economy Glove Box

Economy Glove Boxes are available with single door side-entry pass-through or double door side-entry airlock and are factory assembled to exacting tolerances using repeating modular sections.

Captair Pyramid Glovebox


Portable Glove Box

This economical, lightweight, portable glove box features a one-piece shell molded of white polyethylene, with a large acrylic panel on the front for a clear view of operations inside.

Captair Pyramid Glovebox


Captair Pyramid Glovebox

Ideal for laboratory and field investigations, this enclosure is designed for effective isolation in a mobile, disposable chamber. Made of flexible PVC, it includes arm openings with cuffed sleeves.
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