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Benchtop Static Dissipative PVC 1 Chamber 16.625" 15.125" 11.75" 3949-30C$5621-3 Days
Benchtop Static Dissipative PVC 3 Chambers 16.625" 15.125" 11.75" 3949-32C$1,1781-3 Days
Benchtop Static Dissipative PVC 2 Chambers 16.625" 15.125" 11.75" 3949-31C$8361-3 Days
Benchtop Acrylic 1 Chamber 15" 15.125" 11.75" 3949-25C$4331-3 Days
Benchtop Acrylic 3 Chambers 16.625" 15.125" 11.75" 3949-27C$9071-3 Days
Benchtop Acrylic 2 Chambers 16.625" 15.125" 11.75" 3949-26C$6461-3 Days
Floor Static Dissipative PVC 4 Chambers 16.625" 15.125" 11.75" 3949-33C$1,5241-3 Days
Floor Static Dissipative PVC 8 Chambers 17.125" 15.25" 11.75" 3949-39C$3,0991-3 Days
Floor Static Dissipative PVC 6 Chambers 17.125" 15.25" 11.75" 3949-38C$2,2831-3 Days
Floor Static Dissipative PVC 10 Chambers 17.125" 15.25" 11.75" 3949-40C$3,7911-3 Days
Floor Static Dissipative PVC 5 Chambers 16.625" 15.125" 11.75" 3949-34C$1,8641-3 Days
Floor Acrylic 4 Chambers 16.625" 15.125" 11.75" 3949-28C$1,1741-3 Days
Floor Acrylic 8 Chambers 17.125" 15.25" 11.75" 3949-36C$2,3871-3 Days
Floor Acrylic 6 Chambers 17.125" 15.25" 11.75" 3949-35C$1,7571-3 Days
Floor Acrylic 10 Chambers 17.125" 15.25" 11.75" 3949-37C$2,9191-3 Days
Floor Acrylic 5 Chambers 16.625" 15.125" 11.75" 3949-29C$1,4361-3 Days
Number of Chambers
Chamber Width
Chamber Depth
Chamber Height
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Product Details

• Economical dry storage cabinets designed for nitrogen gas purging

• Includes port for installing Terra flowmeter (order separately)

• Add the optional Smart control module for automatic RH set-point maintenance

• Chrome-plated hinges and chrome-plated racks for shelves and trays (order separately)

• Nitrogen circulates through slots in the chamber walls

• Expansion latches provide a positive seal without scraping like rotary-style latches

• Reinforced doors with closed cell gasketing maintain a tight seal and prevent warping

• Chemical-resistant, static-dissipative PVC interior protects against static discharges

• Long term storage, limited access nitrogen-purged desiccators.

• Acrylic or static-dissipative PVC

• 1 to 10 chambers; Floor or benchtop

• Full cabinet RH control, flowmeter or automatic controller

• Thermohygrometer and chrome plated shelf racks included

• Widths 19.125-36.5", Depth 16", Heights 13.25-61.25"

ValuLine™ ES Desiccators

Standard Features

  • A Grounding terminal
    Grounding terminal (SDPVC models)
  • B Thermohygrometer
  • C Expansion latch
    Expansion latch
  • D Chrome-plated hinges
    Chrome-plated hinges
  • E Range of Materials
    Material: acrylic (E1) or static-dissipative pvc (E2)
  • F Chrome-plated wire racks
    Chrome-plated wire racks
  • G Reinforced doors
    Reinforced doors

Optional Features

  • 1 Flowmeter
    Regulates nitrogen flow into the cabinet
  • 2 Relief/Bleed Valve
    Relief/Bleed Valve

Not Shown: Powder-coated stands - Powder-coated stands

Not Shown: Nitrogen Generator - Nitrogen Generator

General Purpose Desiccators

  • ValuLine Desiccators by Terra
  • Smart Module with LED Display
  • ValuLine™ Desiccators from Terra Universal

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Desiccator Essentials

Desiccator Cabinets: Frequently Asked Questions

What are desiccators and why are they used?

The term “desiccator” commonly refers to two types of equipment and ranges of applications.

Desiccator drying enclosures use vacuum or desiccant, sometimes in conjunction with a fan, to remove moisture adsorbed into the surface layer of a sensitive sample. These enclosures are typically fairly small cylindrical or round glass vessels and are commonly used in life science laboratories to dry biological or pharmaceutical samples.

Desiccator cabinets are typically larger units, often with multiple chambers, used to prevent moisture exposure during storage of sensitive parts. Because storage applications must allow periodic parts access, desiccator cabinets typically include one of more doors and rely either on a desiccant material (regenerating silica gel or molecular sieve) or nitrogen purging to maintain dry conditions.

What are the advantages of nitrogen-purged storage desiccators?

A purge of purified nitrogen is generally preferred in a large desiccator cabinet because such systems achieve a uniformly low-humidity storage environment more quickly than desiccant-based systems, particularly where ultra-low RH levels are required. Nitrogen can be fed into multiple locations in a large cabinet, often using a rear plenum as a distribution chamber. A mixing fan increases humidity uniformity inside the cabinet and promotes moisture dilution. Nitrogen-purged desiccators also prevent contact with oxygen, making them ideal for anaerobic applications.

Desiccant-based systems are preferable in facilities that lack a nitrogen source. However, because desiccant requires a periodic regeneration (heating) cycle, these desiccators cannot provide continuous moisture protection unless equipped with a redundant desiccant module. They are also typically unable to provide ultra-low humidity levels and require a longer RH recovery time when the cabinet is exposed to moisture.

What is RH recovery time?

RH recovery time is the time required to recover a low relative humidity set point when an access door is opened to part retrieval.

The acceptable RH set point depends on industry and application. Many semiconductor and optical sensing devices feature electronics that require a storage environment of less than 10%RH and are degraded by exposure of just a few minutes to moisture substantially above this level. Unfortunately, desiccators can require up to an hour to retain a 10%RH set point, particularly if ambient humidity is very high. If a door is opened again before set point is attained, parts may be exposed to unacceptable moisture levels for hours!

For such critical applications, Terra provides a number of high-efficiency nitrogen-purged desiccators, including the IsoDry line, which ensures RH uniformity and fast recovery time. In large, multi-chamber desiccators, Terra’s NitroPlex system even performs humidity monitoring and control in each chamber independently.

Improved low-RH recovery also reduces nitrogen costs.

How much nitrogen does a desiccator typically consume?

Equipped with an automated gas control system, such as Terra’s Dual Purge and NitroWatch controllers, desiccators consume on average less than five cubic feet of nitrogen per hour, allowing a single 5’ pressurized liquid nitrogen tank to operate a large cabinet continuously for 2-3 days, depending on frequency of access and recovery time.

To eliminate dependence of nitrogen tanks, Terra offers Nitrogen Generators that produce up to 99% pure nitrogen from compressed air.

How can desiccators prevent static-related problems like electro-static discharge?
Even the slightest static discharge can spell disaster for delicate electronic or semiconductor components. Because the dangers of ESD (electrostatic discharge) are amplified in a low humidity environment, Terra strongly urges that you consider these measures as part of your static control program:

  1. Static-Dissipative PVC or Acrylic, commonly used in storage enclosures, is a prolific static generator. Wiping an acrylic desiccator generates surface charges that can discharge onto ESD-sensitive components. Static-dissipative PVC prevents this danger. This material not only dissipates static charges safely but also eliminates the particle attraction that static charges create. Surfaces stay clean, inside and out, making this material perfect for use in cleanrooms. Because static-dissipative PVC is transparent and highly durable, it can be used in place of acrylic in nearly any application, desiccators included. It features a surface resistivity of approximately 10^7 ohms per square and is completely noncontaminating—with no measurable outgassing—and it resists a wide range of chemicals. Note: To protect Static-Dissipative PVC surfaces, desiccators made of this material must include stainless steel shields installed at the bottom of each chamber.
  2. Static-Neutralizing Ionizing Nozzles By ionizing nitrogen molecules as they pass through the desiccator plenum wall, ionizing nozzles neutralize electrostatic charges on all interior surfaces. They provide practical ESD control for charged nonconductive materials, which cannot dissipate charges to ground. And because they eliminate static attractive forces, they help control contamination: in a statically neutral environment, any airborne particles that enter a desiccator are more likely to remain airborne and to be purged out of the cabinet.
  3. Conductive Shelves, Shields and Trays For smaller components that can be stored on shelves, Terra's grounded stainless steel shelving provide a 100% ESD-safe enclosure. Grounded conductive plates (such as shelves) create a Faraday cage that prevents penetration of static charges. Because these conductive units are removable, they also protect your sensitive components from ESD as you transport them from one location to another.

Creating a low-humidity environment requires careful material choice

Acrylic and other plastics bear a weakness known as hygroscopy. Plastic surfaces naturally accumulate liquid molecules through adsorption, collecting moisture from the atmosphere that clings to its surface in a thin coat. While this might not present an issue for simple operations, it can be a challenge in moisture-sensitive applications.

A potential solution to the issue of humidity in small acrylic enclosures, such as glove boxes and desiccators, is the use of N2. Nitrogen is a dry gas commonly pumped into a chamber to lower the relative humidity and purge moisture to protect the materials inside. But constantly using a high flow of nitrogen gas can be expensive, and for critical applications requiring minimal humidity, compensating for an inherently moisture-attractive material can expend a ghastly amount of N2.

Stainless Steel Advantages for Critical Humidity Applications

Regardless of the type of gas blowing across acrylic, air cannot dislodge moisture particles from its surface or prevent air and liquid molecules from permeating the glued edges of an acrylic chamber. For applications requiring the strictest low-humidity environments, stainless steel provides moisture-impermeable protection as well as corrosion and chemical resistance. And while stainless steel will protect the atmospheric conditions of the environment within the chamber, optional properties for steel types can provide further benefit.

The best resistance to humidity comes from electropolishing, a procedure that removes the top layer of the stainless steel surface. The process entails an electrochemical removal of metal impurities, including carbon, silica and free iron, and it leaves a highly reflective nickel and chromium surface. Electropolishing eliminates the grainy texture of standard stainless steel, which can retain trace amounts of moisture or pathogens that escape cleaning. As a result, the surface has a smooth texture at a microscopic level, and liquid molecules have nowhere to hide.

Moisture Protection in Every Industry

Terra manufactures desiccators specially configured for ICs, tote boxes, IC carrier reels, and other common microelectronics and electronics parts. Not only does desiccator storage eliminate damage that can be immediately detected, but it also prevents “dwell effect” – the more costly damage that doesn’t emerge until ICs or other components are installed in more complex assemblies, such as medical devices, that are more difficult to repair or replace.

Chemical Samples

Desiccators provide an inert gas environment for storing volatile chemicals. They can also be used for slow, controlled drying, and are available with customized heating capabilities. Use of a nitrogen or other inert process gas eliminates reactions caused by oxygen exposure.

Biological Samples

The dry, inert environment inside a desiccator is ideal for storage of forensic materials, DNA samples, and biological cultures. Easy-clean BioSafe® stainless steel desiccator cabinets are ideal for use with materials that require a sterile environment.


Dry storage inhibits growth of organic contaminants and retards other chemical reactions that degrade pharmaceuticals.

Many More!

Clean, dry storage environments for everything from archival records to archeological samples—call to discuss your application!

Stainless Steel-Reinforced Doors

Stainless steel reinforcing bar provides added rigidity and durability to plastic doors.


Displays internal temperature and relative humidity (one included on each cabinet).

Closed-Cell Door Gasket on Reinforced Door

Closed-cell door gasket maintains internal positive pressure when purged with dry gas, and stainless steel reinforcements extend door life

Static-Dissipative PVC Plating

Terra's SDPVC features bonded dissipative layers that resist abrasion. SDPVC desiccators retain their surface resistivity of 106 - 108 ohms/square indefinitely (unlike spray-on coatings that can wear off after a few years), protecting your materials against ESD damage. Further, the control of static charges eliminates particle attractions, helping maintain clean surfaces.

Relief-Bleed Valve

One way-valve relieves pressure and releases moisture-laden air

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • 3-inch Diameter Caster Set
    Casters are easily retrofitted for mobility. Products can be rolled out of the way when cleaning or relocated as workflow changes.
  • Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
    Provides a convenient record of storage conditions inside a Desiccator chamber-adjustable logging interval (hours to months), USB port for easy data download in several formats.
  • Flowmeter, 1-10 SCFH, 2'' scale
    Suitable for total pressures up to 100 psig and temperatures up to 150°F.
  • Smart Module with LED Display
    Smart Module with LED display automatically monitors and maintains low-RH set point to protect delicate samples and conserve nitrogen – takes only seconds to program!
  • Available Stainless Steel Shelves and Trays
    Adjustable, non-contaminating shelves and trays slide on stainless steel racks, allowing easy parts access (one perforated shelf included)
  • Nitrogen Generator
    Terra’s Nitrogen Generators provide a continuous, reliable supply of clean, dry nitrogen up to 99% pure to eliminate dependence on bulky canisters to operate desiccators and glove boxes.
  • Small Powder-Coated Steel Desiccator Stand, 4"H
    Small 4"H powder-coated steel desiccator stand adjusts to fit cabinet snugly; optional casters simplify positioning and cleaning. Also available in stainless steel and 12" height.
  • Relief-Bleed Valve
    One way-valve relieves pressure and releases moisture-laden air

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