Cleanroom garments are an essential component of any controlled environment, as they help to protect both the product and the individual wearing them from contamination. ISO-rated cleanroom garments are a specific type of protective clothing that meet the standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

In this article, we will take a closer look at ISO-rated cleanroom garments and the role they play in maintaining cleanliness in controlled environments. We will also discuss the different types of ISO-rated cleanroom garments available, as well as the factors to consider when choosing the right ones for your cleanroom. Whether you work in a pharmaceutical laboratory, a semiconductor manufacturing facility, or any other type of cleanroom, understanding the importance of ISO-rated cleanroom garments is crucial for ensuring the integrity of your products and processes.

Disposable Cleanroom Garments

Cleanroom packaged disposable garments make the storage, disposal, and replenishment of garment supplies achievable without requiring a 24/7 laundry operation. Disposable coveralls are generally made from Tyvek, polypropylene, or a similar microporous material.

Reusable Cleanroom Garments

Reusable cleanroom garments might provide a more sustainable alternative to disposable garments. Reusable garments are well suited for most labs and many cleanrooms with moderate cleanliness requirements. It should be noted that cleanroom laundering can have a variety of degenerative effects on cleanroom garments including shedding or fraying of the garment fibers, and performance declines among protective layers or coatings.

ISO Class 7 | ISO Class 8 Cleanroom Garments

For ISO 7 or ISO 8 cleanrooms, cleanroom frocks, along with shoe covers, masks, and a single pair of gloves, are usually acceptable. For static-sensitive operations, reusable garments are made of Gore-Tex or an application-specific fabric like Fedora Maxima ESD.

ISO Class 6 Cleanroom Garments

Cleanroom classified as ISO 6 or cleaner calls for more coverage… typically coveralls are made from nonwoven materials like Gore-Tex or Tyvek, along with hoods, double gloves, and booties.

ISO Class 5 Cleanroom Garments (Or Cleaner)

For ISO 5 or cleaner environments that involve sterile or hazardous tasks, pre-packaged garments support high-throughput activities without the need to recycle and relaunder used garments.

IsoClean materials are biologically and chemically inert white Tyvek®, ensuring maximum particle containment, maximum liquid shielding, and minimum shedding.

ProClean garments are made of ProShield® 2 fabric, a microporous polypropylene film laminated to a polypropylene non-woven substrate that is three times cleaner than traditional disposables

ISO 5 Gowning Room Air Showers

Facilities maintaining ISO 5 and cleaner conditions commonly install an air shower, or filtered air curtain, to remove any loose particles from personnel immediately prior to entering the cleanroom.

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