If you've ever inspected the feet and casters of typical office equipment, most are inhabited by a fine layer of dust, organic matter, and detritus. In most environments, objects that come in contact with the floor are expected to be dirty. In cleanrooms, maintaining ultra clean flooring is a key battleground in preventing the continual spread of contamination from one workstation or work area to another.

The appropriate choice of cleanroom chairs, carts, ladders and other free-standing equipment will ultimately affect the lifespan, ease of cleaning, and overall aesthetic of a cleanroom floor. Casters and leveling feet are particularly important for cleanroom floors with sensitive antibacterial or ESD surface coatings.

Cleanroom Caster Materials Comparison

Polyolefin Cleanroom Wheels

Polyolefin Wheels are an ideal choice for facilities that require aggressive chemicals, oxidizers, solvents, or corrosive chemicals.

Non-marking, non-staining Polyolefin wheels are resistant to most common acids and solvents, an ideal characteristic for biomedical, pharmaceutical, or USFDA food compliance regulations. A stainless steel wheel yoke ensures compatibility for a wide variety of chemicals and will not rust or corrode amid frequent cleaning or sterilization cycles.

Rubber and Hard Rubber Cleanroom Casters

Rubber Wheels are advantageous for traversing debris, low noise/vibration, and preventing scratches and gouges when small objects become trapped or dragged by the wheels. Because rubber is inherently insulative, conductive rubber casters are required for ESD-safe applications.

Rubber wheels tend to perform poorly in cleanroom environments abundant with acids, oils and alcohols. Besides being difficult to clean, chemical exposure can induce degradation, deformation, off-gassing, or particulate shed.

Hard Rubber Wheels are a robust material option that can support a weight capacity exceeding 200 lbs. Hard rubber is recommended for use on Terra's standing desiccators, glove boxes, computer carts, and screen frame storage cabinets.

Polyurethane and Phenolic Casters

Standard Bakelite® Wheels are a heavy-duty option (300 lbs.) ideal for ultra-clean applications, including Terra's Stainless Steel Desiccators. Bakelite is less suitable for critical and sterile environments due to incompatibility with common cleaning and process solvents such as alcohol and acetone.

Polyurethane Wheels are commonly used for chemical transfer carts. Polyurethane casters offer double-bearing assembly and strong raceways for a smooth rolling motion. Casters with a stainless steel locking brake are easy to engage or disengage by means of a hands-free foot pedal. Larger diameter 6" polyurethane wheels are well suited for mobile softwall cleanroom applications.

Phenolic Wheels offer an economical and easy-gliding material compatible with many greases, oils, and mild acids. Phenolic wheels are best suited for smooth concrete floors, but likely to show wear when encountering rough surfaces. When exposed to water, phenolics tend to swell and crack — therefore, phenolic wheels are only recommended for dry environments.

Terra Caster Carts and Stands Material Chart

Application Key
Figure Application
1, 2 Recommended for use on stands used for desiccators, glove boxes, computer cart, reticle and screen frame storage cabinets.
3, 4 Stainless steel finish and Bakelite® wheels make these ideal for ultra-clean applications, including Terra's Stainless Steel Desiccators
5, 6 Standard plate casters used on Terra's acid and chemical carts.
7 Similar to type 5 above, but without brakes.
8 Used on Terra's Softwall Cleanrooms (one required for each support post).
11 Standard caster used on Terra's heavy-duty PureFlow Mobile Storage Systems.
Casters for all Terra Product Carts and Stands (All dimensions are inches)
Casters Chart

Wheels and Casters for Clean Rooms

High Modulus Cleanroom-Approved Casters provide vibration dampening in controlled environments. Each caster includes a nickel horn, resilient tread wheel, dust cover and Celcon bearing. These casters also resist virtually all cleaners, solvents, oils and acids. Not recommended for wet or humid environments.

Cart-Washable Cleanroom-Approved Casters can be washed with the power washers commonly used to clean carts. These casters are grease sealed with zerk fittings in the swivel and axle.

BioSafe Cleanroom Stools, Ladders, and Work Platforms

Cleanroom carts and ladders also require carefully selected materials to support easy removal of debris and chemical disinfection after each use. Non-marking materials prevent scratches and tread marks that incur additional cleaning and maintenance costs.

Terra's BioSafe® product lines cater to sterile applications and surgical environments since they are not affected by heat or harsh wash­down chemicals.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Carts | BioSafe® Ultra-Clean

Stainless steel casters with non-marring, chemical-resistant white Polyolefin wheels are ideal for applications with strict sterilization protocols.

Cleanroom Step Ladder and Work Platform | BioSafe® Heavy-Duty Folding

Terra cleanroom step ladders feature a folding design with wheels that function similar to a suitcase. Non-skid polyurethane levelers engage when upright, thus ensuring stability and safety.

View: BioSafe® Cleanroom Stairs, Ladders, and Platforms

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