UV Storage Cabinet

Terra Universal's newest UVC cabinets with HEPA filtration increase storage capacity and improve contamination control for large items and bulk garments. HEPA filtered cabinets with far-UVC light are well equipped to dry, store, and passively decontaminate a wide variety of instruments, garments, devices, and shared gear that can otherwise be difficult to wipe down or sanitize with liquid disinfectants.

How Do HEPA Filters and UV Reduce Surface Contamination and Improve Air Quality?

What is the Advantage of UVC Decontamination for Garments or Reusable PPE?

UVC and HEPA filtration combination cabinets are an ideal decontamination alternative for devices and garments. Because UV decontamination does not require water, hand wipes, aggressive chemicals, or abrasive spin cycles, it's ideal for garments and devices with bacterial protection layers, integrated electronics, or thin-film coatings.

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Laundering Causes Fabric Degradation and Lower Bacterial Ratings for Reusable Protective Garments

Laundering is typically the solution for decontaminating and washing larger garments, coats, jackets, and reusable PPE. Problematically, laundering tends to degrade and diminish the protective performance of fabrics with bioburden-resistant designs or anti-bacterial properties.

The ability of a fabric to repel and suppress bacteria is measurable via the bacterial filtration efficacy (BFE) test. During a BFE test, a garment or gown is subjected to an aerosolized bacterial stream. Bacterial counts are tested upstream before passing through the material and measured again after passing through the test material.

A BFE rating indicates the percentage of bacteria intercepted by the fabric material. A 99% BFE indicates that 99% of the test particles were not able to penetrate the garment. BFE is a crucial benchmark for virtually all garments designed to prevent the spread of infectious or opportunistic airborne pathogens. As part of the larger picture, BFE is just one testing benchmark required for critical PPE garments authorized within healthcare, infectious disease control, and hazardous environments.

Degradation and Bacterial Filtration Declines Associated with Laundering

Fabric degradation as a result of laundering, even when only observable at a submicron level, does have implications on the continued performance of a garment and its ability to inhibit bacterial penetration.

Laundering creates micro-fissures and material degradation after numerous washes. Testing by Kimberly Clark indicates that the filtration efficiency of the reusable garments was typically less than 70%. 100% of the worn sterile reusable garments tested showed a decline in BFE after washing.

When considering reusable garment decontamination methods, UV light provides a number of advantages for laundering everyday garments. Particularly, UV light is able to eradicate or reduce bacterial burdens without incurring damage associated with requiring water, heat, or friction.

Terra Universal UV Sterilizing Cabinet and HEPA Filtration Features

Terra's Extra-large UV / HEPA Decontamination Cabinets are ideal for hospitals, assisted living homes, schools, manufacturing facilities, pharmacies, warehouses, retail environments, or emergency response fields where shared items and tools require day-to-day decontamination.

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Far-UVC Germicidal Lamps

A germicidal UV-C lamp protects against the growth of bacteria, mold, and viruses, including COVID-19. Terra's germicidal lamps include Far-UVC technology which is recognized by the FDA to efficiently and safely inactivate airborne human coronaviruses. UV-C lamps mounted at the top left and right inside a cabinet sterilize air throughout the chamber when storing PPE, tools, wipes, process equipment, and other materials. For compatible materials, UV sterilization is a simpler decontamination process that can minimize unnecessary wear, water damage, micro-tears, or shrinkage.

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Door Features & Cabinet Storage Capacity

UV Storage Cabinet

Large double door cabinets and spacious interior support up to 30 large garments. Racking is available for additional storage of helmets, face shields, facemasks, and devices that require extensive decontamination before and after each use. The sloped cabinet top minimizes particle retention and improves visibility to monitor cleanliness.

SD-PVC Viewing Windows with UVC Shielding

Static-dissipative PVC (SD-PVC) is a material that attenuates or prevents the accumulation of static charges. Because standard garments and gowns tend to generate static when donning and doffing, SD-PVC materials prevent triboelectric charging caused by friction between an object and the cabinet enclosure. SD-PVC materials have the additional benefit of retaining their electrical properties and will not wear off after years of use, unlike antistatic coatings or films. SD-PVC inhibits favorable chemical properties for maintaining cleaning regimens and is compatible with most chemical cleaning agents. The fully enclosed environment and UVC shielded windows ensure that UV energy is safely contained during sterilization cycles.

Static Dissipative PVC vs Acrylic

Cleanroom-Grade HEPA Fan Filter Units

UV Storage Cabinet

Terra's UL-listed HEPA Fan Filter Units (FFU's) are manufactured to the highest standards to reduce the risk of damage, injuries, and electrical hazards. The HEPA filtration system mounted inside the top compartment provides a clean, positive-pressure enclosure to help dry items inside and prevent contaminated air from entering the cabinet.

The integrated Fan Filter Unit (FFU) features a 3-speed switch for low/medium/high settings with an average airflow velocity of 90+ ft/min at 640+ CFM. A HEPA filter continuously circulates clean air to the chamber and removes 99.97% of all airborne contamination larger than 0.3 microns.

Stainless Steel Interior Finish

UV Storage Cabinet

Mirror-finish stainless steel interior reflects light for 360-degree exposure. Stainless steel is easy to clean, will not off-gas, and resists oxidation in the presence of water and most chemical sterilants.

UL Listed Components

Terra customers appreciate the peace of mind offered by Terra's UL-listed components and safety features. UL specification ensures that each component is manufactured and assembled with the market's highest standards for fire and safety ratings.

Safety and Protective Features

The status indicator light glows continuously when the cabinet is plugged in and turned on to confirm the unit is operational. To prevent radiation exposure during operation, a door kill switch stops UV operation when the door is open, ensuring safe operation.

Where Can I Buy UV Sterilization Cabinets?

Terra Universal manufactures a wide selection of UV sterilization cabinets with many available sizes, configurations, racking, and decontamination features. Terra specialists are available via phone, webchat, or email to help you configure a cabinet with appropriate size, storage configuration, and UV or HEPA modules.