Pharmaceutical and medical grade cleanroom several features that make them unique from prototypical cleanroom doors. Particularly, Terra Universal is one of the few cleanroom construction companies that self-manufacture doors specifically for installation in controlled environments, cleanrooms, and bio-pharmaceutical labs. Terra can provide a wide range of outfitting and engineering services to support virtually any facility or compliance requirement. When comparing hygienic versus sterile cleanroom door styles, each model and product family is designed to meet a specific fit and function.

What Features Are Typical of Medical-Grade, Hygienic Doors?

In critical production facilities, entry and exit doors ensure a physical barrier between a controlled indoor environment and the outside world. In the most hygienic of operations, special considerations are required when selecting an appropriate door to maintain a specific air quality classification and to support frequent chemical treatments needed during cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection regimens.

Typical Hygienic Door Features

  • Seamless, gapless, fully welded
  • Easy to clean and wipe down
  • If specified, autoclave friendly door seals
  • High-grade stainless steel construction for durability, easy cleaning
  • Controlled access entry
  • Automatic, hands-free opening

Hermetic vs Hygienic Doors for Aseptic Cleanrooms & Sterile Workflows

Are all medical-grade doors hermetically sealed? The simple answer: no. Hermetically sealed doors imply that the door creates a sealed air barrier between two environments on a shared wall. In contrast, hygienic doors are designed to reduce air transfer and air leakage from a cleanroom, but are not designed to entirely prevent air from flowing under and around the door gaps.

Simply, a hermetic door typically includes all of the same cleanliness characteristics as a hygienic door, but only hermetic doors are designed for precise control and containment of airflow between partitioned rooms in containment or isolation scenarios.

Terra Hygienic Doors imply that the entire door entry system is designed with smooth, impervious, and minimal cracks and crevices for easy cleaning. Hermetic doors share these same features, but have additional air lock features to ensure that the door system creates and maintains air pressure once engaged. Terra offers numerous styles of doors to meet virtually any environmental requirement. For those in need of air sealed doors, Terra Universal is an authorized Dortek hermetic door dealer.

Hermetic Sealing Doors For Sterile Clean Rooms and Surgical Rooms

Hermetic Sealing Hinged Doors by Dortek prevent air leakage in cleanrooms, BSL3 / BSL4 labs, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. A unique wrap-around frame incorporates a neoprene seal that resists chemical treatment, warp, rot, swell or rust. GRP doors are made of glass reinforced plastic, which is a strong and durable material that is resistant to weather and UV rays, which makes it a robust and reliable choice that is easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria.

Hermetic Sealing Sliding Doors are perfect for environments where hygiene and air leakage control are critical. Dortek's hermetic cleanroom doors have a patented track system that creates a perfect seal between the floor and frame (independently tested to be over 99% effective). Door construction encompasses a 60mm thick panel with a hard plastic laminate finish, and a smooth sliding action that reduces air disturbance and mitigates airborne contaminant dispersion. Terra is an authorized Dortek distributor and offers several models in single or bi-parting styles with configurable manual hardware controls and hermetic openers.

For an in depth breakdown of medical grade doors pharmaceutical doors, read the complete guide to cleanroom door features, styles, and configurations.

For assistance with door selection, sizing, or specifications, contact a Terra sales specialist.

Hygienic Automatic Sliding Pharmaceutical Doors ISO 6 - ISO 8

Terra's automatic cleanroom doors facilitate maintained differential pressure inside a cleanroom. A fully concealed drop-down gasket seals the bottom gap, to minimize air leakage and maintain room pressure values. Programming the door after installation is designed for simplicity, and does not require special equipment nor a certified field technician. Stainless steel construction supports a broad spectrum of chemical compatibility and will not shed particulates. Flush mount window panes simplify cleaning and eliminate cracks and crevices between the door frame and viewing the panel to simplify cleaning. Finally, electromagnetic door interlocks ensure that only one door in a room or partition can be at a time. Interlocks prevent nearby doors from opening simultaneously, which would otherwise result in a turbulent transfer of air between dirty and clean air from juxtaposed spaces. enter the room at the same time from different doors. The product is also Leak Rated by UL to maintain cleanroom pressure gradients.

Hygienic Stainless Steel Recessed Automatic Sliding Doors

Terra's recessed automatic doors feature a touchless motion opening that arrives pre-assembled as a complete unit for easy installation. The 304 stainless steel, ANSI compliant doors are well suited for room partitions or to support a larger door when passing through high-volume foot or wheel traffic.

Hygienic Stainless Steel External Mount Automatic Sliding Doors

Terra's external mount automatic sliding doors mount externally to wall surface, which accommodates retrofit construction and easy installation where installing recessed door frames would not be possible. The touchless motion door pad is for hands-free operation with a simple door programming that can be installed without needing special expertise or assistance from an installer or technician.

Hygienic Automatic Sliding Door Features & Construction

Automatic Door Bottom Gasket for Cleanroom Doors

The automatic door bottom helps maintain differential pressure inside the room. It is equipped with a fully concealed drop-down gasket that seals the bottom gap

No Hardwiring Required (Powered Sliding Doors)

Simply insert Terra’s plug into your outlet and the door is ready. Avoid costly and lengthy hardwiring. An electrician is not needed for the install.

Simple Door Programming

Adjustment and troubleshooting can be done by anyone. Programming is simple and doesn't require special equipment or costly field technicians.

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Door Construction

Stainless steel doors provide resistance to chemicals and minimize surface particle shedding. Choose 316L stainless steel as an optional substitute material. 316L stainless steel supports a hollow metal door and doorframe to combine superior corrosion protection with outstanding design and beauty. BioSafe® doors offer excellent compliance to meet the strictest GMP, FDA, and cleanroom requirements.

Flush Mount Window Panes / Viewing Panels

Flush mount dual-pane window design simplifies cleaning. Terra's BioSafe Door viewing windows are constructed of two 1/4” tempered glass panes that are factory-mounted, bonded, and encased in a durable stainless steel frame.

Electromagnetic Door Interlocks

Electromagnetic door interlock systems reduce cross-contamination by ensuring specific doors never open simultaneously. The central control module connects to electronic maglocks, allowing up to 6 interlocking doorways. Maglocks engage with 600lb of holding force and can be easily disabled in case of an emergency.

Leak Rated

Terra cleanroom door assemblies are leak-rated by UL for a tight seal to maintain cleanroom pressure gradients. Unless specifically noted, doors are not hermetically sealed and not intended for spaces mitigating operator exposure to biohazards, chemicals, or nauseating odors

What Types of Facilities Require Hygienic / Sterile Doors?

  • Bio-pharmaceutical facilities
  • Pharmaceutical storage and packaging
  • Pharmaceutical filling stations
  • Pharmaceutical clean room door
  • Sterile compounding pharmacies
  • Operating theaters
  • Hospital ICU room door
  • Automatic doors for sterile environments

Hygienic Pre-Hung Manual Swing Doors

Manual Swing Doors are typically placed between partitions that separate two adjacent spaces of different air pressure, or when a single door separates a clean area or corridor from dirtier adjacent spaces.

Pre-Hung Door Installation

The aluminum and stainless steel pre-hung doors use the same knock-down steel U-frame design. Frames are customizable to various wall thicknesses, and the U-Frame will arrive assembled and fit on stud frame walls. Note, installation does require two or more people to safely and effectively install the door. Before starting installation, make sure the frame opening is the correct width and is perfectly vertical, square and level. If the opening is not correct, it can cause issues with the door fit as well as hardware function.

Hygienic Automatic Aluminum Swing Doors

Terra's aluminum pre-hung automatic doors are pre-assembled to a frame for quick and easy installation, and come with either stainless steel push or pull handles and heavy-duty stainless steel flush-mounted mortise hinges for added durability. To ensure stability and security, all hardware locations are reinforced with internal steel backing plates. The doors also feature an adjustable heavy-duty hydraulic door closure that meets ANSI Grade 1 standards and a continuous three-sided perimeter gasket for a secure seal. Customization options include different lock and lever compatibility, and the door frame can be made thicker upon special request.

BioSafe® Doors for Cleanrooms, Labs, Pharmacies

Terra's BioSafe® cleanroom doors are specially designed for use in the life science industry. They feature a gapless, creviceless design that forgoes lips and ledges that would otherwise be difficult to clean, and thus microbes easily multiply. Rounded corners and seamless welds facilitate easy cleaning, and will not produce contaminants during sterilization. These products also meet or exceed industry standards such as cGMP, IEST, ASTM, and ISO 14644-1.

BioSafe®, CleanSeam™ 316L Stainless Steel Automatic Swing Doors feature flush double-glazed windows that minimize surface area and crevices where contaminants collect. Doors arrive from the factory pre-hung on the durable 316L stainless steel frame for easy and quick install. all seams are welded and ground smooth for a seamless finish. The door is equipped with a concealed seal and pre-hung for easy installation, and all hardware locations are reinforced with steel backing plates. The door also features heavy-duty hinges and a continuous three-sided perimeter gasket.

Need Assistance with Door Selection, Pricing, or Custom Configurations?

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